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Chapter 2 & 3: Anne's Story

Okay so here are the next two chapters. This is still very 'raw' meaning not so polished and I still have a ways to go. At the moment the spanking does not occur until much later on though the threat is there. I have set aside some time this weekend to really work on it and I see it being available in its entirety by September. <3 Thank you for the feedback so far!

*Warning - The post below contains a vivid memory of a sexual attack. It is not grossly documented but if this sort of scene offends you please do not continue. It is a recall though and not focused on for long. I do not feel I should warn you that it contains the idea of spanking because isn't that why you are here in the first place? *

Chapter 2

Anne awoke to the man sitting in the chair next to her. He appeared to not have moved since the previous night. Anne glanced towards the door. “I must attend to myself.”

The man nodded. “Must I remind you to keep quiet?”

Anne shook her head. The very vivid image of Evan stroking his beard was enough. “No, sir, I will do as you say.”

“Do what you must and return here.” He gestured towards the door.

“Thank you.” Anne stood and made her way to the back of the hall. She relieved herself and rinsed her face with cool water from the basin. As she straightened she felt something press against her spine. She gasped and searched for something to protect herself with.

“Though you have no price you must not be so good for your overprotective guide to leave his sight.”

Anne took a deep breath.

“If you scream, pretty, I will carve out your kidneys.”

She closed her mouth and swallowed. “What do you intend to do with me, sir?”

“Do not over think my intentions. I simply want those lovely thighs wrapped around my body.”

Anne gagged. “I would rather eat raw liver.”

She was turned around slowly and could now clearly see that damned black beard being handled in front of her.

Evan smiled. “You will do exactly as I say. We are going to walk down the hall and through the main room. If you open your mouth or gesture to anyone I will not think twice about slicing you to pieces.”

Anne looked down. “What have you done with the man I was with?”

Evan grabbed her chin and titled it up to meet his greedy eyes. “He has been disposed of.”

Anne shuddered. She did not want to cooperate with this piece of filth but at least she may be able to escape if someone in the main room could see her predicament. “I will do what you say, sir.”

Evan grinned as he looked over her dress. “Walk my pretty.”

Anne walked down the hall and into the main room. No one would catch her eye. No one glanced her way. Anne was fuming inside. How dare they pay her no mind! She grew more and more desperate with each step towards the door.

Evan opened the main door and gestured for Anne to walk through.

Anne paused only a moment before following his command. She felt his arm wrap around her waist and she gagged again. “Your touch disgusts me.”

“Your thighs have no tongue. Perhaps I will wrap my cloak around your mouth to keep it that way.”

Anne swayed and was pinched hard on the arm. “I will find a way to get away from you.”

“You and I have business sir, and now it is not to your liking.” The tall man was standing in front of them.

Anne blinked but kept her mouth shut.

Evan sneered. “Why is this woman so important to you, sir?”

“That is of no concern of yours. Let her go or we will quarrel.” The man was staring above Anne’s head.

Evan moved the dagger from the small of Anne's back to point it at the man. “Your death will be on her.”

The man pulled his sword and twisted his wrist so smoothly that Evan seemed to admire it before he was out cold on the ground.  He slid the sword back to his waist.

“I have never seen a man quarrel without killing his opponent.” Anne was in awe as he reached for her arm.

“Do not mistake did not for could not.” The man led her around the inn.

“He said dirty, nasty things to me.” Anne bit her lower lip as she walked unsteadily towards the horse.

The man picked her up and placed her on his horse before mounting. “Did you enjoy those things?”

Anne spit on the ground. “No!”

“Then do not think of them again.” The man sounded tired.

Anne huffed. “He touched me.”

The man urged the steed on and they were off to the next village. “Did you enjoy his touch?”

Anne scoffed. “I do not enjoy being touched by a man.”

“Do you enjoy the touch of a woman then?” Though the man was behind her she would have bet he was smiling.

Anne stifled. “That is such an awful thing to say!”

“You must enjoy your own touch, then?” He still sounded as if she amused him.

“What things are you thinking of, sir?” Anne let out a deep sigh.

“If you do not enjoy anyone touching you then perhaps you should look inside yourself.”

“You have no knowledge of the things that I have seen in my life, sir.”

The man snorted. “You are but a child. You have no knowledge of the things that I have seen.”

Anne craned her neck to look up at him and was deeply surprised to see his dark green eyes looking down at her. “Perhaps you would ask what I have seen, sir.”

“What things then?”

Anne looked back at the trail. “It is a rather long story, sir, and I doubt that I can tell it with nothing to warm me.”

“Then perhaps I shall hear it another time.”

“What purpose do you intend to use me for?”

“You will find out.”

Anne turned her head. “That answer does not satisfy me!”

“I do not intend to do so.”

Anne narrowed her eyes. “Then what use of me?”

“Perhaps I intend to carry you off into the woods and slaughter you like a deer.”

Anne faced front again. “If that were so you would have done so by now.”

“Do not mistake my courtesy for affection.”

“Since you have shown me none I do not.”

“I can see why you have no husband.”

Anne balked. “You have made no attempt to distinguish me from any other woman how dare you say that of me!”

“Then distinguish yourself.”

Anne shook her head. “You are a piece of filth.”

“You have made no attempt to distinguish me from any other man so I must say that your view is titled.”

“I have no comment to that, sir.” Anne was growing weary of this. She was not used to talking to anyone especially not a man.

“For that I am grateful.” He pulled up on the reigns.

Anne spun her body around to face him. “I have done nothing to you and do not know you, sir. Tell me now, what use am I?!”

The man slowed then stopped the horse. “Have you lost your mind? Turn around and do not address me until I tell you to.”

Anne raised an eyebrow. “I do not take orders from you.”

The man narrowed his eyes at her. “What could you have done that your father never disciplined you?”

Anne was confused. Her father had not spoken to her in years. She looked up at him. “I do not understand, sir.”

“You were not taught to listen to a man and I want to know why.” He kept his eyes on hers. “Has no one told you what happens to women who sass?”

“I do not sass. I do not have ties to you, sir, and so I will not take orders.” Anne shrugged.

“You will turn around and you will do what I tell you to or your cheeks are going to be as red as my bag.”

Anne held a hand up to her face and scrunched her nose. She could not tell if he was bluffing or not.

“I am not speaking of those cheeks.”

Anne's eyes went wide and she immediately turned around. “You are saying that to scare me.”

“Try me.” The man adjusted the reigns again.

“I will not.” Anne ran her hand down over the horse's mane and tried to stop the thoughts that were barreling through her head. The thought of him doing such a barbaric thing to her made her nervous and something else. It was something that felt like excitement.

*Warning - The post below contains a vivid memory of a sexual attack. It is not grossly documented but if this sort of scene offends you please do not continue. It is a recall though and not focused on for long. Do not click below if the nature offends you*

Chapter 3

Anne cringed as he tied her arms up over her head. “You tie me as if I could think of escaping in the middle of the night and in the middle of nowhere!”

The man said nothing as he drew the rope tighter.

“Do you not understand how very sore my arms will be in the morning?”

The man grunted. “That is not my concern.”

Anne struggled against the bonds. He had tied her to a tree and then led the slack to his belt. “You are not an honorable man.”

The man leaned over Anne so that they were face to face only inches apart. “You will speak only respectful words to me from here on out. Do I make myself clear?”

“What if I do not?” Anne scrunched her face.

“Then your arms are not the only things that will be sore in the morning.”

Anne narrowed her eyes up at him. “Twice you have made mention of such discipline and you have yet to follow through, I think perhaps you are bluffing.”

The man raised an eyebrow. “Twice you have challenged me. I suspect that my idea of discipline does more to you than you are willing to admit.”

Anne's jaw dropped. “That thought is very disgusting!”

“Then I am going to say this only one more time, are you listening?”

Anne nodded.

“If you utter one more disrespectful word to me I am going to pull you across my lap like a babe and take my belt to your hind until you have learned your lesson. Now do you understand?”

Anne blinked back tears. Part of her still wanted to see if his words were true. “I understand, sir.”

The man lay down on his back and sipped from a flask in his overcoat.

Anne turned her head and watched him. “I am cold.”

The man shrugged. “What concern is that of mine?”

“May I please have a sip, sir?”

The man sat up and brought the flask to her lips. “Small.  It is strong.”

Anne felt it bite the back of her throat and welcomed the flush it sent through her body. She blinked up at him. “Thank you, sir.”

He lay back down. “It will hit you hard.”

Anne tried to adjust her body against the blanket beneath her but her arms were beginning to ache. The flush had turned to a flame that was licking along her conscious. “I am in an odd spot.”

He glanced over as he took another sip. “That spot on the ground?”

Anne felt the heat rise to her head and she felt dizzy. “I am in an odd spot in my thoughts, sir.”

“Explain yourself.”

“I am not a typical woman.”

“From what I can see you are still a child.”

Anne opened and closed her eyes. “I am a woman.”

“Your physical age has nothing to do with that.”

“With what my eyes have seen and my body has been through I assure you, sir, I am a woman.”

“With no husband at your side how can you make such a statement?”

Anne huffed and tried to think. “I was attacked. Do you know what kind of slime has the audacity to attack a child?” Anne was caught up in her thoughts. She had never repeated this story to anyone. No one had ever asked her about that night. Not her friends and certainly not her family. “These horrible men came to my village.” She shuddered as the tears began to fall. “I do not know if I can continue.”

The man sat up so that Anne could see his face. “Can I assume that this is the first time you are about to tell it?”

“No one has ever asked, sir.” Her voice was soft and slightly slurred. She took a deep breath. “I was working in the barn one night. My sister had just headed back towards my house. I heard something in the distance. It was a strange sound. One that I was not used to. My father used to tell us about men who would raid from far away villages to gain information, animals, and coin but I always thought they were to scare my sister and I from venturing out at night. My father did not make up these tales and I immediately knew that something awful was about to occur.” Anne blinked back tears.

She closed her eyes and opened them. "They came in force. I could not tell you how many but I can remember every thread of the tab-bard those barbarians wore. It was a golden yellow with a crest done all in black.”

Anne sniffled again. “Three men came into the barn. I was scared and hiding behind one of the horses. They saw me and pulled me out into the hay.” She blinked several times to try and stop the images that were flooding her. Her tears were now running freely down her cheeks. “They kicked me. They kicked my legs. They pulled at my arms. I was terrified. I cried out. I screamed. They laughed. I could smell their horrible tobacco and sweat stench. They were in my face." She shuddered again. "The louder I screamed the more they laughed. There were three of them.”

The man gave her another sip from his flask. “Tell me.”

“They went under my skirts.” Anne sobered. “They pushed things inside of me. It was deep inside of me. It hurt more than anything I had felt. They used their fingers, the back of their swords, their man hoods.”

“Do you remember what they looked like?”

Anne nodded. “I remember every detail. I can still picture their hateful eyes and the sneers upon their lips. I could taste the sweat upon their brows as it dripped into my mouth. I hate them!” She could not brush the tears away. “So I screamed. I screamed louder than I ever have and that boy! That boy that you might have killed – he came and he brought help. The men of my village were finally able to scare them away.”

“Did your father carry you back to your house?”

“No!” Anne began to shake. “No. No one would touch me. They left me in the barn all alone. My sister came hours later to bathe me and help me home.” Anne began to cough. “I was destroyed. Not worthy of marriage. I was no longer worthy of living.”

“And yet you believe that I am wrong from taking you away from a village who abandoned you when you needed them the most?”

Anne cried out. “I hate them more than I hate those men!”

“Then perhaps I did you a favor.”

Anne frowned. “I guess that depends on what you plan to do with me.”

The man leaned down so that he was eye to eye with her. “You are going to have to trust me.”

“I trust no one.”

“Then this is going to prove to be a difficult journey for you.”

“How can I trust a man who kidnapped me?”

“What do you have to lose? Your village did not care for you. Your parents would not speak to you and you are not worthy of a husband.”

Anne took a deep breath. “Then why do you have me tied up?”

 “I cannot explain my purpose to you just yet but I need you to listen and to stay here. If I untie you surely you will run. These woods are not safe.”

“I am over two days away from my village. Please untie me,sir. I will not stray.” Anne pleaded with her eyes.

“I will not.” The man moved back and lay down. “We will talk more in the morning.”

Anne choked back more tears. She looked up at the trees and wondered if the man that lay less than a foot away from her could be an honorable man. He had saved her from the fox man and had yet to do anything to harm her. Could she honestly allow the man that had stolen her away from her village to be looked at as more of a monster than the men who had hurt her? Anne tried again to get into a better position but that only tugged at the rope.

The man looked over at her and opened one eye. "What are you doing?"

"Please, sir, I cannot possibly sleep in such a position." Anne tried to lie down but her arms prevented it.

"That is your troubles not mine." He opened his other eye and leaned upon his elbow.

"Then you are a-" The man moved with such speed that Anne immediately closed her mouth as she recalled his earlier threat. She bit her lip as he paused; his hand dangling above the rope. “No. No! I have changed my mind. I like my arms where they are and thank you."

"Once." He held up one finger as he moved back to the ground. "Just once, I am going to forgive the thoughts that were about to spill out of your clumsy mouth."

Anne nodded as he adjusted the rope and closed his eyes. For one intense moment she had been certain that she had gone too far and that he was about to prove his earlier statements true. It did terrify her but the thought still captivated her. For a man that she did not know to show this much interest in her it seemed overwhelming that he would not seek coin and did not appear to want her for an unsavory reason. Certainly if he had wanted to hurt her he would have done it by now and not threatened to show her discipline. Anne found her head growing heavier and heavier until she finally fell into a dreamless sleep.


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  1. I am loving it. Can't wait to find out why he kidnapped her! I'm so happy you're writing!

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    1. Thanks Slightly Naughty! *grins and giggles* I'm so glad that it's being enjoyed. Now I have to finish it!

  3. I don't read a lot of fiction but I started this and it is really good. It reminds me of a grown up, slightly naughty version of "The Princess Bride."

    Keep on...will certainly look forward to the rest.

    1. :P One of my favorite movies of ALL time. Thank you for the compliment.

  4. Please keep writing. I am enjoying your story very much.

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    1. *blush* I'm so glad you like it. You're like my best spanking friend. LOL :D

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  7. Wonderful :) Looking forward to the rest!

  8. Oh brother, you better write quick!

    1. I stopped posting the story only because I am working with Blushing Books to get it published. I will keep you all updated. I feel like a tease. :(
      I just never thought that my work would be good enough. You have no idea how awesome this feeling is!!!! I am still so surprised at the ease. Will keep you all updated. You all rock so much!


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