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Chapter One: A Story in Progress

I began writing the story below about two years ago. The main character, Sir William (though he is referred to as 'the man' in the beginning) threatens the female lead, Anne, with spankings. I never worked further on it because until I read Renee's blog I didn't realize that other people were into spanking fiction even if it was mentioned a few times and not the focus. So, read and let me know what you think. I have over 12k written so far but I'll complete it faster if there is an interest. I've never shared my writing online other than ghost written articles and poetry so all feedback is asked for! (I'm hormonal today though so I may not read your replies until the eagle lands)

Warning: This story contains adult themes and may not be suitable for all audiences.

Chapter 1

Anne pulled her dark hair back into a bun and away from her neck. The sun was beating down upon her and she had four more rows of vegetables to tend to. She huffed and reached through the brush for an overlooked treasure. A strong, pungent odor filled her nostrils as a strong arm grabbed her shoulders. A large hand held a cloth to her face and she bit down into the flesh. Try as she might she could not fight against her unseen attacker. Anne squirmed against the cloth but could not move away. Her legs grew heavy and her arms soon followed. She screamed in utter terror as the world closed in on her and she was met with a wall of blackness.

Anne opened her eyes and found herself lying on a small cot in a windowless room. Though she was not bound her legs were numb and she could not even wiggle her toes. She tried to lift her right foot and then her left but was unable to. Her fingers tingled as if they had fallen asleep but to her amazement she could move them freely. Anne closed her eyes and opened them again. She was not alone in the room."Where am I?"

The man stood up from his spot in the corner. He was the tallest man she had ever seen. He was dressed in black from head to toe and had no identifying armor on. His hair was pulled away from his face in a ponytail and though his features warned of a dangerous man his eyes held a softness that could not be placed. "You are still in your village."

"Who do you think that I am?" Anne pulled herself up to a sitting position.

The man cocked his head to the side. "I beg your pardon?"

"I ask you, who do you think that I am?" Anne had been told stories of men kidnapping women for coin but she was always from a very wealthy family or with a very wealthy husband. Sadly Anne had neither.

"What a curious question." The man walked over to the cot.

"If you are seeking ransom, sir, you have been misguided." Anne could now clearly see his face in the flicker of the lantern. He had dark fern colored eyes that seemed to swallow her up in them. His chin was covered in dark hair but was trimmed into a point. On some men it would make them look devious or perhaps cunning but it added to the masculine features that his wide jaw set off.

He reached down and pulled her up and into his arms. "I know who you are and I seek no coin."

Anne pulled herself out of her thoughts and tried to suppress the shudder of fear that ran through her as he settled her against him. "For what purpose have you abducted me?"

The man looked down at her. "You will soon find out."

Anne said nothing as he carried her through the inn. It was late, very late she surmised by the lack of personal in the foyer. He brazenly used the front door and she knew at once that they were in the inn closest to the edge of the village. It was a good walk from where he had knocked her out in the fields but still familiar to her. If only her feet would obey!

The man turned sharply and Anne found herself in the woods. She knew the men that patrolled this area at night tried to remember who worked this night.

"If you even think about opening your mouth I will not think twice of slaughtering anyone that crosses my path." The man whispered under his breath as if he knew what she was thinking.

Anne felt hot tears pour down her cheeks. Though she held no importance in the town her sister was very dear to her and she hated to imagine never seeing her again.

"Halt! Who goes there?" A strong male voice yelled over Anne's head.

To her dismay she recognized the voice instantly. It was John the one man who held her heart. "Please?" Anne begged in a whisper. "Drop me here and show him empty arms. Please do not hurt him."

The man seemed to ignore Anne as he turned towards the voice. "I should ask the same question, sir."

"I should think not as this is my village. Who are you?" John had already pulled his sword and was eying Anne.

"I am no one of your concern." The man flicked his wrist and John dropped to his knees in a heap.

Anne screamed and the man hit her across the face. She continued to scream. He slapped her several more times until she stopped. Her tears fell harder but she did not open her mouth again.

They reached a small clearing where the man had tied up a horse. He placed Anne on the saddle and climbed up behind her. He tapped the horse quickly and they were galloping across the field away from her village. Anne said nothing as the night turned into dawn. She had stopped crying only an hour prior. She tried to keep John and her sister, Emily, out of her thoughts but she could think only of them as the tears continued.

Anne had no idea how long had passed but she tapped the hand that held the reins.

The man stopped the horse and got down. He seemed to understand her need so that she did not have to voice it. "Flex your feet before you attempt to stand."

Anne did so and allowed him to help her down. She could feel the ground beneath her feet and stomped her feet up and down before walking. She moved to the nearest tree and quickly relieved herself. She thought only a moment about escaping before walking back to the man. She did not know where she was and on foot she would simply be food for the first predator that caught her smell.  Anne used the man's hand to step on to get back on the horse. Though she knew he could simply lift her she chose to show him her strength. She noticed that he never let go of the reins as he steadied her and mounted. He did not trust her anymore than she him.

"What purpose am I to you?" Anne asked as the horse settled into a fast trot.

"Perhaps you are none." The man grunted in reply.

"I must be of some importance to you or you would not have taken me." Anne sighed. How could she convince the man to let her go if she knew not his purpose?

"You can think whatever you wish." The man slowed the horse down to a trot.

Anne saw a sign that indicated a nearby village but her eyes were quickly covered with a large hand. She sighed again. "Tell me then, sir, to what use am I to you?"

"For someone in such a position you ask a lot of questions." He dismounted swiftly and set Anne down on the ground.

"Perhaps I shall question you to death and then be free to go back to my village." Anne sneered as she glanced at the inn in front of them.

"You are hours outside of your village. A village, I might add, that will not miss you." He grabbed Anne's arm and led her into the inn.

"How dare you! You have no inkling of what I mean to my village!" Anne fumed but her words held little flame. He was correct save her sister.

"Keep your voice down and do as I tell you." He firmly guided Anne towards one of the tables. "If you draw any attention to yourself while I am attending to business, today will be your last."

Anne rolled her eyes. "How do I know if it already is?"

The man grabbed her chin and titled it to meet his eyes. "You have my word that I will not harm you."

"What is a word coming from a man who abducts a woman for no purpose?" Anne shrugged.

The man let go of her chin. "Are you hungry?"

Anne raised an eyebrow. “Do you fully intend to drive me mad?"

"Draw no attention to yourself. I will have food brought to you." He turned and walked away.

Anne stared at him in bewilderment as he departed. What sort of a man threatened his ward in one breath and gave his word of no harm in the next? To her utter amazement she was served a hearty meal in what seemed like only moments and she ate and drank hungrily. Anne's biggest concern was not getting away from him but making it back to her village alive. Someone of her sex did not make it far without the protection of a man. She shuddered at the thought and looked up. There was a black haired man standing idly in the corner. He had pointed features that reminded Anne of a fox. He was more than likely as sly. She noticed that his eyes followed every movement she made and she found herself growing very uncomfortable.

Her plate was removed and a drink was set in front of her. Anne sipped it casually as she wanted her head to remain clear though the weariness from the long ride was pulling on her. She glanced around the room and found that the man in the corner was headed towards her.

"This is a dangerous place for someone like you to be alone." His voice added a chill to each word and Anne outwardly shivered.

"Have we business, sir?" The man's voice boomed over Anne's head.

"I am Evan." He gave a nod to the much larger man. "I would like to know how much coin you wish for your pretty companion, sir."

Anne took a deep breath. Though she did not know either man's purpose she was certain that Evan's intent was far worse.

The man took Anne's arm. "She is not for sale." Anne stood slowly and smoothed her dress. She kept her eyes on the black haired man.

"Every woman has a price. Surely, sir, she cannot be that good." Evan smiled and pulled on his beard.

"Today you have met one without. Good day to you, sir." The man guided Anne around Evan and up the stairs.

"Please do not sell me to that man!" Anne begged when they reached a room. "He had a look upon his face that makes me ill."

The man raised an eyebrow. "Though you know not my intent you beg me not to sell you?"

"You did not see the way he looked at me." Anne sat down in the large chair near the window.

"I should guess the way many men look at you." The man walked to the chair near the hearth and sat as well.

"I would not know, sir." Anne said softly without looking at him.

"Go to sleep. Our journey continues tomorrow." The man responded just as softly.

Anne said nothing as she pulled her legs up underneath her and let the effects of the wine and the ride put her to sleep.


Comments? Criticism? Want to read more? 

Let me know and have a lovely 4th of July!




  1. Adaline,

    All the best as you finish your story. Spanking fiction is near to my heart because that is what got me started with my blog and blogging. So, I say "Go for It!" Happy 4th.

  2. :P Thanks Slightly Naughty! I want to finish it always a story in my head. LOL

  3. Adaline, I am juuust about to turn in for the night but noticed you had a story. I took a quick glance and saw there are horses in it...I love anything with a horse :) I am going to save the story and see if Cael will read it to me this weekend. I will let you know how I like it then (I'm sure it will be great!)

    I hope you had a wonderful fourth!

    1. There is a horse in the beginning and a horse until they reach said's my first attempt at a historical type story - it uses modern wording but 'feels' older to me. LOL I don't know if that made any sense! I hope that you enjoy Chapter 1. I am off to write more.

  4. LOVE it! Can't wait for more... I have a particular fondness for abduction stories :)

  5. Please finish the story, the beginning is terrific, I can't wait to see what happens next. Like reneerose I have a fondness for abduction stories too.

  6. *blushes terribly* You all spoil me. Like I said I have never ever shared a story that I wrote online..anywhere. I'll post the next chapter tonight and then I'm off to finish it. I've had another 1k that came to me while posting this. Anne winds up over Sir Williams knee in her mind as well. :D

  7. I'm anxious to read more too, and see where it goes.

  8. Thanks Spanky! I'm all giddy now. :P

  9. I love it! I too love Spanking fiction and always have a story in my head...

    It's kind of scary when most of your friends live in your head and the rest in your computer Huh? LOL JK

    I can't wait to read more, you definitly can't stop now! I have not written an abduction story yet, perhaps I should give it a try they tend to be my favorites to read as well...

    Ok, so get busy writing, I love your Blog and your story, so glad I stumbled on you...


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