Sunday, September 30, 2012

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Late to the Party: My Six Sunday

"Thank you." She got into the cab and watched him as it pulled away. Could she seriously be in over her head already? His eyes combined with the thought of his mouth on her. All of that after just one simple kiss? He had made her wet in all the ways it implied with one well placed kiss on her neck. 

I didn't sign up for Six Sentence Sunday this week but I'm posting mine anyway!
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Skye Suade is just another actress looking for her big break in theater. She quits her 'day job' on a whim and tries out for the re-run of Two Sides a play that abruptly stopped at its height. Skye wants to make the lead more than anything but what will she sacrifice to succeed?


Mark Johnson is a loner who has pull on the director and seemingly everyone else he encounters. He is hiding a deep dark secret that puts Skye in danger and throws them together over and over again. Will the darkness consume him and risk her life or will her love be enough to save them both?

<3 Adaline Raine


  1. Nice! Now stop beating your characters1 :)

  2. OMG. LOL. I gave her a warm bath and a nice cup of coffee. :)

  3. One well placed kiss can set off fireworks. Nice scene!

  4. Oh...great six! I forget to sign up for Six Sunday too sometimes...LOL.

  5. @Sandra: And OH the fireworks he sets..... :)

    @Sue: LOL I went oh crap...TODAY is Sunday? :P

  6. A well-placed kiss is a well-placed kiss. ;-) Sounds luscious!

  7. @Karysa: Mmmmhmmmm. ;) She gets all hot and bothered...though he is MY muse. 6'10, muscled, tattooed, dark red eyes. <3 *melted*

    @Renee: It's just over 70K and turning towards a second story. It's my baby.

  8. I enjoyed regardless if you signed up for Six Sentence Sunday or not:)

  9. Thank you dear you always make me smile

  10. Nice, sometimes a simple kiss is not so simple after all!


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