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Wicked After Dark Blog Hop

Welcome to my very first Blog Hop! Be sure to go and check out the rest of the Wicked Blogs. All are of very talented writers and/or reviewers of erotic fiction. Very naughty indeed! 

Answer the question below in the comments field along with your email address to win a $10.00 gift card to Blushing Books!

 Halloween is the time where ghouls, ghosts, witches, werewolves, mummies, demons and vampires abound! So- what is your favorite creature of choice to read about in a kinky way?

My favorite big and scary is currently the vampire. It's hard to choose my all time favorite but Damon from The Vampire Diaries (love that bad boy with a heart theme) and Eric from True Blood rank WAY up there. (No sparkling vampires here!)

Happy Haunting!
Adaline Raine
aka Bratty Addy

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Six Sunday: Dani's Place: An Alpha's Command

Dani touched his hand with the intention to move it off when she nearly gasped from the sudden flare up. It was bad enough that he draped the command in authority and though he was not her alpha it would not be in her best judgment to refuse.  Another spark flared and Dani got an urge to roll around on top of him.  She growled then, low in her throat when she noticed Alisha back away from the two out of the corner of her eye.

Mason dropped his hand but kept his eyes on her. He looked amused and intrigued at the same time. “May I come over for dinner?”

 My Six Sunday from my WIP: Dani's Place. Dani is a red-haired werewolf who has been on her own
while Mason is the pack master for a large pack that formed out of several smaller ones. He is Alpha in every way and though she is dominant she wants to just fade back under the radar. Mason no longer leaves that choice up to her.
Please go check out the rest of these amazing authors:

<3 Adaline

9AM : P/S I was delirious with bronchitis this week and just realized I never signed up officially! I need a reminder...... please pass me around anyway!

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

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Six Sentence Sunday: Two Sides

From my paranormal demon romance: Two Sides

 Skye took her time following Mark to the door. She noticed that his jeans made his ass look sinfully good which made her breathe a sigh of relief. If she had been in shock his ass could be made of bronze and she wouldn’t have noticed.  “Uh-huh.”  She made a small gasp as she opened the door and he stopped to touch her cheek on the way out. One small touch and she was lost in those eyes again.

Go check out the rest of the amazing authors over at Six Sentence Sunday!

Like it? Hate it? Leave me a comment!

<3 Adaline Raine

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