Friday, November 9, 2012

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Love our Lurkers Day!

Good Morning Lurkers,

Why, yes, I'm talking right to you! I have been running this blog since the very end of May and  see that the majority of my stats come from you. *big grin*

Sometimes I wonder why there are not more comments below, (I adore comments so much!) so to celebrate and entice you all out of hiding I have a proposal.

*clears throat* Yes, of course I love you but not that kind of proposal!  Please leave me a comment below as well as your favorite set-up for a discipline spanking (teacher/student, husband/wife, little sister/big brother, boss/worker, doctor/nurse - any variation and any gender or anything YOU want to read) and I will write a short story (free) around it and post for your enjoyment!

All you have to do is leave your favorite scene and I will get a typing. While you are here go and visit more of my domestic discipline links, as many of us are celebrating!

Start at Bonnie's Blog, My Bottom Smarts!

Happy Love our Lukers Day!




  1. Thats awfully nice of u. Oh wait. Um. Commenters of old not eligible for this treat? Ah well its ok i do hope ur lurkers come up for air n say hi!

    Happy LOL day!

  2. Happy LOL day!!!!! ..... Favorite set up is husband / wife

  3. Fondles, I would if you gave me an idea. ;)

    @Rebekah: I have so many ways I can go on that one. Thanks for stopping by! :D

  4. Hi

    Happy LOL 7 day! I'm a regular visitor to your blog, and always enjoy your posts. My favourite scene is male teacher and female student.


  5. Happy LOL Day, Adaline. I admit, sometimes I lurk here without commenting :)

  6. Happy LOL Day and hope some of your lurkers will say hello.


  7. Just dropping by to say hey and Happy LOL Day.

  8. Happy LOL day! I love reading your blog :)

  9. You have a lovely blog. Happy LOL Day.

    One of my favourite scenes is spanking by the master of the house in the stables.


  10. I'm not always a lurker. Sorry. Happy LOL Day!!

  11. Happy LOL Day, Adaline:) My favorite spanking set up is husband/wife.

  12. Oh you make me all grin! Making it hard to pick just one scene. I frequently visit most of your blogs as well and sometimes, I admit, I lurk too. ;P

    Will wait until the morning to pick a scene and award the story!

    Happy LOL to all!

  13. Hi happy LOL day. Well if I cannot encourage you to finish your WIP werewolf story, than husband wife or boyfriend girlfriend.

  14. Minelle! Of course I am finishing it. :)
    I promise you that I will comment and let you know the status. I've got a few more scenes to do and then an edit or two and cross your fingers it will be available! I will share a blurb for a naughty Saturday post.

  15. Thank you so much for the comment spanked. I hope your first LOL day was awesome! Be sure to stop by again sometime. ;)

  16. Happy LOL Day! A spanking in the car / side of the road is one of our favorites.

    ~Todd and Suzy


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