Sunday, December 30, 2012

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Six Sentence Sunday :WIP Doctor's Orders

This is from my medical spanking discipline WIP

Matt pulled out a glass thermometer from his bag and Leeann balked and swatted at it. It slipped from his fingers and smashed beautifully into the side of her coffee table before sprinkling down to the floor. She watched it shatter in horror as he shook his head slowly and crossed his arms over his chest.

 “I just didn’t want it up my…I mean in my…..I was so embarrassed at the office…” Leeann faltered as the shadow of a smirk played on his lips. Was he laughing at her?

“Well, unfortunately for you, that was my oral thermometer.”
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Friday, December 28, 2012

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Doctor's Orders: Practice Cover and Preview

Needed a break from typing and came up with this:

I've got a spunky nurse, Leeann Walters R.N.  who applies for a job at Dr. Matthew Reynold's office. He hold his nurses accountable for their actions by administering physical discipline when they do not follow his rules. It also has some hot scenes that involve some medical instruments as well as spankings.

To provide a bit more background on me personally: I grew up in a family of nurses, I was an EMT for several years and I was in pre-med when I took my turn through college. So, yeah, I used to read medical books for fun when I was this medical stuff just plain does it for me.

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

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It's official- I'm getting published!

Yes, I am alive....I've been rather quiet and busy typing. I will announce that I am going to be published within a few weeks. WOO-HOO! SO many of you have stood by me and encouraged me and pushed me when I needed it and I wanted to say thank you.

This comes on the tail of losing the woman who raised me as her own and though the calender clearly states that it has been two full weeks my brain has stopped clocking time. It just will not wrap itself around the huge gaping hole in my heart. Head and heart don't always work in tandem do they?
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