Friday, December 28, 2012

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Doctor's Orders: Practice Cover and Preview

Needed a break from typing and came up with this:

I've got a spunky nurse, Leeann Walters R.N.  who applies for a job at Dr. Matthew Reynold's office. He hold his nurses accountable for their actions by administering physical discipline when they do not follow his rules. It also has some hot scenes that involve some medical instruments as well as spankings.

To provide a bit more background on me personally: I grew up in a family of nurses, I was an EMT for several years and I was in pre-med when I took my turn through college. So, yeah, I used to read medical books for fun when I was this medical stuff just plain does it for me.

Not half bad for my first attempt at a cover. It's made up of a total of four separate images and though the font is lacking and it's a jpeg, I'm actually a little impressed. It's not my best graphic, I used to own photoshop when I ran my own web domain for years, but hey it's cute and I love her smirk. Plus, they match the characters in my head. Hmmm......this may work after all. This one doesn't seem to fit in any of the publishers I've looked at but medical fiction gets me hot so I'm writing it. Leaning towards smashwords for this one.

A teaser from this one you ask? Let's see, it may not be your kink, but here's a small preview:

He leaned down as soon as the words were out of her mouth and squeezed her cheeks together. “I know that you aren’t feeling well right now, but if you curse at me again, I will flip you over my knees and spank you.”

Leeann felt the tears break over her eyes and she bit her lip. She had heard through stories that the doctor was absolutely supportive of disciplining his nurses by physical punishment but until that moment he had never even given her a warning. The threat of being placed over his lap combined with his hand on her face and the authority in his voice made Leeann oddly wet into between her legs. It was almost enough to make her forget the promise of a needle. “I do not need an antibiotic via an injection.” She managed to stammer out between her still pursed lips.

“If I give you pills it is going to take almost two weeks for you to feel better and for your body to fight the infection. This will take two doses and you’ll be feeling better in less than a week. I used to cause fights back in med school over who would partner for me when we did our practice shots. Have you ever heard even one complaint?” He let go of her cheeks and gently wiped her face. “Come on, the faster we do this, the faster you can get home.”

Leeann shook her head violently. “No, no, I can’t handle that, I’ll quit right now!”

He shook his head slowly and picked her up. She began to kick but in moments he had sat down on the small stool in the room and placed her swiftly yet gently over his lap. He took his time in pulling her scrub pants down and after a moment yanked her panties down as well.  She had been there for just over a month and to her credit it was the first time he had needed to place her in such a position. He began to smack her right butt cheek with gusto. Her bottom was perfectly formed to be spanked and he admired it for only a moment. She was sick after all and he wished that he could let her tantrum go.  He smacked over and over again for several moments before changing to the other side. Leeann continued to yell and kick. Matt paused in his task. “Have I ever done anything that would make you question my concern for you or anyone in my office?”

End preview

There you have it. I needed a break from my werewolf friends.....




  1. Not into werewolf, so my two cents worth is this was much better for me.

    The cover looks pretty good to me.

  2. You always make me smile, sunnygirl! :D

  3. Sorry this is off-topic, but how do you make your banners? They are so pretty!

  4. I use - it has a limited amount of tools like a photoshop light but enough that I can create until I get another copy. :D
    I'd also be more than happy to make you a banner. Will email you - I LOVE making graphics.


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