Sunday, February 24, 2013

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Becoming a Lady: Soon to be released

Becoming a lady is set to be released on March 9th! More information and
cover reveal coming soon.

Here is an excerpt  (subject to change) for your enjoyment:

 “If you understood you would not keep winding up over my lap.” He paused. “If you do not feel safe with the guard assigned to you then I will bring you out here.”

Anna let out the breath she had been holding. “Yes, sir, I will not come out here or anywhere alone.”

“That was only the warm up.” His voice held an authority that made the knot return to her belly. His tone also made things much lower being to tingle in an odd mixture of anticipation and fear.

She screeched then as the crop stung her cheek. It hit the other and she screeched again. She thrashed after only a few swats and began to beg. “Ouch! Please! It burns!” Sir William continued to land it on her upper thighs and all over both cheeks until she was shouting. 

“Please! Please!” Anna could no longer keep her legs still and she was yelling loudly.

Sir William continued to tap the crop down on each cheek. Anna was thrashing and bucking and begging him to stop.

Finally she felt her skirts flip down to cover her bottom. She was sure she was as red as ever before. “Have you learned your lesson?”

Anna wiped at the tears pouring pitifully down her cheeks. “I would rather learn in another fashion.”

Sir William righted her position and wiped her face. “I told you that you would not like my methods.” He kept his eyes on her. “Though I believe today you purposely antagonized me.”

Anna nodded slowly. “I have wanted your attention, Sir William, but I did not want a spanking.”

“I tell you once more, when you are mine to do with what I please, you will have it.” He slid her off his lap and returned the crop to the wall.

Anna frowned as he returned and took hold of her arm. He must have her in his mind still to make such a statement. She stepped carefully as the slightest movement of her skirt was rubbing painfully against her bottom.  Anna would never look at a riding crop in quite the same fashion again. “I imagine that I will have both things if that is ever to occur.”

Sir William looked down at her and for a moment she saw a hint of a smile. “That is much more accurate with that mouth of yours.”

 Becoming a Lady contains non-consensual spanking of an adult woman who has been neglected and has a more child like mind set. This has nothing to do with age play but our heroine is learning! Anna is abducted from her village by Sir William who is from a village that is days away from her own. She does not know his purpose but he is the first person to ever pay any attention to her. Sir William takes Anna over his lap easily to correct her bbehavior and teach her to respect authority but what are his plans for her?

I hope that you enjoyed this preview! Happy Sunday.

Addy Raine 

P.S. Becoming a Lady is going to be released by Blushing Books. (Thank you sunny girl!)


  1. Will it be on Amazon or Blushing Books? Can't wait.

    1. Hi Sunnygirl! :)
      Added the info. It is being released by Blushing Books.

  2. Great... cannot wait! I really enjoyed Marked By the Alpha!

    1. Thanks Minelle! I am so happy that you enjoyed it. :)

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