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Addy's Couch: Renee Rose: Slippering

Addy: I am SO excited to finally have my friend, Ms. Renee Rose stop by and chat! Renee told me she wanted to talk about slippering and immediately I grew intrigued. Renee always uses the most interesting impliments in her scenes and her spankings in The Westerfield Affair do not disappoint.
Renee: Thank you for having me! Slippering seems to be a more popular spanking activity in the UK than it is in the States.  While I've had a multitude of spanking fantasies with so many varied implements, I can't say that I ever thought of a slipper until I entered the online spanking community and realized it was a “thing.”

Addy: To be fair, until I heard you mention it I had no idea how a slipper could possibly be a spanking tool!
Renee: *nodding* At first I didn't like the idea.  A slipper seemed too soft, too fluffy to make a good implement.  But then I contemplated my soft, rubber soled Vibram Five Finger shoe and realized it would make an excellent and quite stingy implement.  I guess a shoe or slipper made for a larger foot might be preferable, but either way, it works.

Addy: *grins* I am sure your tall, handsome men could wield it well!
Renee: When I write Regency/early Victorian spankings, I sometimes run dry on ideas for implements. They didn't wear belts, so that throws out my favorite implement, and hairbrushes weren't in widespread use until the 1850's. So I'm left with the always useful hand, a razor strap (the strip of leather used to sharpen a straight razor for shaving) and the wooden ruler.  The riding crop and switch come in handy, but I consider them harsher implements, so they don't always have a place in my sweeter Regencies. 

Addy: You're right! The scene would be too severe with a strap. What did you think when you heard about this "thing"?  

Renee: When I realized that the women wore slippers, I was ecstatic.  A slippering!  It was perfect! 

Addy: *claps* How exciting! I just finished reading your newest story and I believe it fits in perfectly. Thank you so much for coming to visit me.

Renee: Thank you for having me!  
Here is the excerpt of my first slippering scene from The Westerfield Affair:

He brought his hand down upon her pert bottom. She jumped and adjusted her hips. He slapped each cheek, alternating one, then the other, enjoying the sight of the way they flattened and sprang back under his hand. The open drawers made a perfect window to frame his target. Kitty wiggled and occasionally kicked, gasped and hissed as he began to lay down a burn that colored her creamy flesh.

            “All right!” she cried.

            “All right?” 

            “Stop! Enough!”

            He smothered a laugh and pulled the drawers closed, lifting her up to sit on his lap. “Do you decide when a spanking is over?” he asked.

            Her eyes lowered. “No, my lord.” The lashes snapped back open. “Is it over?” she asked hopefully.

            He almost smiled. “I don't know, is it? What have you learned?”

            “I learned never to invite anyone to dinner without your permission,” she said with the sound of someone repeating a lesson learned by rote memory.

            “Yes,” he said slowly. “But is that why I'm spanking you?”

            Her lower lip protruded. “Yes!” 

            He shook his head. “No. No, it's not. I'm spanking you for your manipulation, Kitty,” he said, removing all trace of humor from his countenance. “It was not the act of inviting guests, it was your idea of goading me into some action you desire that I resent.”

            Some of her animation slipped away and he knew she understood. 

            “Give me your slipper.”

            Her eyes widened and she sucked in her breath, but she bent to comply. When she handed him the little leather slipper, he lifted her from her perch upon his lap and guided her back into position. There was something sweeter about the way she took her place this time; he'd earned her submission. He lifted the skirts again and ran his hand over her drawers, seeking the split. He pulled the two sides open again, and looked at her reddened cheeks. He had to resist tracing a finger down her cleft. 

            “I'm sorry,” she squeaked.

            “Thank you for that,” he said, gripping the pliant leather slipper and snapping it across her cheeks. Her buttocks clenched. He brought it down swiftly over the tightened cheeks a dozen times, then paused to let her catch her breath. She was gasping but had not made more than a whimper. He ran his hand over the smarted cheeks, feeling the heat he'd generated. Adjusting the slit of the drawers fully open once more, he began spanking again, the slap of the slipper making a satisfying pop each time it connected with her flinching bottom. He delivered another set of twelve, and then a third, until her wriggling and whimpering became more animated and her bottom had turned from blush to deeper red.


The Westerfield Affair

Reserved to the point of being aloof, Lord Westerfield never attended balls or even considered taking a wife... until he met Miss Kitty Stanley and his orderly world turned on end. Determined to have the beautiful and animated sister of his friend from the gambling hall, but doubting his ability to effectively court her, Westerfield strikes a bargain with her brother for her hand.

When the gentlemen present Kitty with the deal, she is furious with them both for neglecting to consult her, but her brother insists he will withdraw his support if she does not comply. Angry, she acts out at a ball, causing a scandal that mushrooms further when Lord Westerfield drags her unnchaperoned to his home for a firm spanking.

Baring her for chastisement, Westerfield is swept away by desire, taking her innocence and completing the ruin of her reputation. He offers to release her from the betrothal contract, but her brother insists instead on a hasty marriage. As they attempt to recover from the scandal that becomes known as “the Westerfield Affair,” their marriage is clouded by his shame and her insecurities. Will they be trapped forever in a loveless marriage, or will they have the courage to move past their rough beginning to kindle the passion they both crave?

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Renee Rose, a erotic romance author, did not come out of the closet as a spanko until she published her spanking romance Betrothed. A lifelong writer, she has a B.A. in creative writing from Knox College, where she won the Davenport prize for both fiction and poetry, and the Lorraine Smith prize for literary criticism. She spent thirteen years in technical writing before she found a way to incorporate her deepest darkest spanking fantasies into fiction and express a part of her that longed to see the light. She is now passionate about supporting others in accepting and exploring their kink, whatever that may be.  Leave a comment and join the conversation!

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  1. Thank you for having me and my slippers today! I love you!!!

    1. You are SO welcome! I'm so glad you came and chatted. I hope you really liked the graphic too, I wanted to make it special. :) *muwah*

  2. Perhaps it is more English, I never really knew that, but read comics as a child where the dad used hid rubber soled slipper and certainly a very light type of sport shoe again with a rubber sole is well known here for causing a hot sting. I know about them and hubby has large feet!

    1. mmm, sounds rather delicious to me! :)

    2. Oh, ouch. Large feet and slippers sounds stingy. Thank you for visiting. :)

  3. I have been slippered many times, back in the '70s at school and in the present day by my headmaster. The picture in my blog shows this perfectly. But the stingiest has to be a plimsole. They really bite your arse.
    Kind regards,

  4. Great post, ladies!!
    Loved the imagery!
    Now, I am thinking about pulling out the slippers from under the bed , and letting hubby try them out.

  5. I'd never knew about slippering before, I guess it does make sense, it would sting. Love the excerpt! And I love your couch Addy!

  6. With every genre there are challenges. Never thought about the lack of belts before.

  7. Never thought about the lack of implements. A slippering was an excellent way to go! Great post girls :)

  8. What a fun post! I discovered skippering in the English spanking videos I used to watch. The sound isn't as satisfying to me, but they make a very satisfying read as you demonstrated above! They hurt more than you expect too!

  9. Hot scene, Renee! Oh, those naughty rich people ;D Thanks for the interview and excerpt, gals.

    And I have been slippered. With my own slipper! It was all very hot. Er, I mean horrid.


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