Monday, December 30, 2013

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

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A Father for Nicholas: New Release by Dinah McLeod

Merry Christmas!

I have Dinah McLeod sharing a story about her newest release A Father for Nicholas!

Dinah: My husband really likes the game Dirty Santa. You know, where you wrap presents in a weird way to make people think they’re getting something awesome when there’s like a pack of tic tacs in the box? Well, you know what I mean. Growing up, I’d never heard of “Dirty Santa”. Totally sheltered, right? When my husband explained it to me, I thought it seemed kind of mean, trying to use presents to trick people. I mean, where’s the Christmas spirit in that, right? Like I said, he loves to do it and usually trips me up with at least one gift each year.

Addy: I am very familiar with 'Dirty Santa'. My family would wrap tiny gifts in multiple boxes! All in good fun and just a little naughty.

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