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#SpankA2Z Spanking Blog Challenge: "P" is for Pact

For today's challenge I am talking about Dinah McClod's newest release, The Marriage Pact.
 Look at the super hot cover. Go ahead - look down. So hot right? 

Here is a tiny snippet from the free sample over at Blushing. 
You can go read the preview but you don't need one. Just go buy it!


"Ride me, Shan.”

I could feel my thighs slick with moisture and my craving felt insatiable. I moved toward him and pushed him back onto the couch, rather forcefully, but he just laughed. I turned my attention to his hard cock, also shiny with my juices. I took it in my hand and moved up and down his length until I had him groaning. “A kiss for luck?” I suggested just before I took it in my mouth, tasting him.

“Shan,” he rasped out, but I kept going, moving my lips up and down until he was hard as a rock.

Only then did I straddle him and lower myself onto his waiting cock. I saw him grit his teeth and shut his eyes and I felt a heady rush at being able to make him feel this way. Is this how he felt when he made me orgasm? Spurred by the thought, I rode him hard and fast, enjoying the feel of my breasts bouncing up and down as I did.

Brody enjoyed it, too, if the expression on his face was anything to go by. When I felt his muscles go taut, I knew he was close. I reached down and cupped his balls, giving them a gentle squeeze to seal the deal. Our orgasms were almost simultaneous. Just as Brody was groaning his release, the first wave crested over me and my body rocked with the force of it. As the second wave was building, I collapsed on top of him, breathing heavily.

Brody pulled me to him, caressing my sweaty hair as I rode to the top of my summit. It would have been a hard road down, if he hadn’t been right there. We lay in silence for a few minutes, concentrating on inhaling and exhaling, which was all we could do right then.

When my blood began to cool down, I turned to Brody and smiled. He looked sleepy and I knew I probably did, too. I reached out and stroked his cheek, grinning as my fingers caressed his stubble. His mom was always after him to shave more. In that moment, I thought things would always be as perfect as they were just then. I should have known better; things can never stay the same.

“We should get dressed,” I suggested as I sat up.

He smiled back and I looked at him expectantly, unable to see the train that was headed for me. He didn’t give me any clue; he didn’t drop to one knee or anything like that. Instead, he took my hands in his and rocked my world with a sentence. “I love you so much, Shana Rae. Willyoumarryme?”

It came out in a jumbled rush that took me a minute to decipher. But I’d been deciphering Brody for a long time and I knew that he always talked super-fast when he was nervous. When the words untangled themselves and their message reached my brain, I felt frozen in time, stuck in between knowing that what we had was precious and knowing it couldn’t last—wouldn’t last, once I broke his heart.

Once I thought about it, I found it strange that I didn’t feel excited, like I’d always pictured myself being when he popped the question. I wasn’t anything, I thought when I looked deeper. I felt numb, paralyzed by the staggering disappointment I alone knew was coming. I tried to keep my breathing even and my pulse steady.

“Shan?” He laughed nervously.

I forced myself to smile even as my heart was breaking. I looked at him, taking it all in while we were still in this moment, before the hope in his eyes evaporated. His light brown hair was still spiked a bit up top, no matter how many times he tried to brush it down. His brown eyes had specks of green in them that shone deep and dark as emeralds after we made love. Every time I saw the green glittering beneath the brown, my sex clenched even as my heart became light. He had sharp features and a high forehead—the face of a man meshed with the face of a boy who was still growing into his natural good looks. My eyes lingered to his lips—those soft, pink kissable lips. On impulse, I leaned forward and brushed my lips over his. I sighed when I pulled away—it was now or never.


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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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#SpankA2Z Spanking Blog Challenge: "J" is for Juniper Bridal Style

When I hear the word juniper I think of purple, but of course most things make me think of purple! Today I'm sharing an excerpt from Maddie Taylor's The Juniper Bride from The Sons of Johnny Hastings box set!

The Juniper Bride by Maddie Taylor

“Clint!” This felt much different without the padding of her clothes. It stung dreadfully.

“No matter your protests or tears, you are getting spanked for your impulsive behavior and disobedience. So hush, unless you want your fellow boarders to know.” He handed her a pillow. “Muffle the sound with this if you can’t help crying out.”

He swatted her again, the sound of skin against skin echoing throughout the room. She wanted to ask what he suggested to muffle that sound, but not being entirely foolish, she didn’t. Mortified, she bit her lip, determined to remain silent. He was relentless as smack after stinging smack bounced off her behind.


Emmalee Gray watches in frustration as her fiance boards a train west. Told to stay behind and prepare for their wedding, Em has other ideas. She doesn't want to remain home without him, especially with her witch of a step - mother and a papa, who barely knows she exists. She'd much rather risk Clint's wrath and follow him. Her plan, to stay hidden until she gets far enough away from Boston he wouldn't dare send her back alone. Then she can enjoy some private time and maybe a little adventure with her gorgeous fiance, in advance of their nuptials. Clinton Ryan boards a train for Denver to take care of some ugly business from his past. He'd rather keep the reason for his trip quiet, particularly from Emmalee, until he figures it all out. Content in the fact that his pretty, young bride-to-be is safe at home under the watchful eye of her papa, he boards his train west. When a near fatal accident occurs on the rails, he is surprised to find she has followed him. Now he is stuck with a city-bred debutante on the trail west. Unfortunately, for Emmalee, she is a magnet for trouble and finds herself in one scrape after another. To keep her safe, Clint lays down the law, obey his orders, or suffer the consequences over his knee.

Can they make it to Denver in one piece? When they do, and Clint's shocking past is revealed, how will Emmalee react? With danger and intrigue swirling around them at every turn, can their love survive?


Click here to buy The Sons of Johnny Hastings box set at Blushing Books!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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#SpankAtoZ Spanking Blog Challenge: "I" is for Inspiration

I could not think of anything for the letter "I' in the Spanking Blog Challenge. I threw down the gauntlet (i.e. begged) for some intriguing new words to incorporate into my letter of the day. Did you see what I did there?

Alta Hensley is ingenious, didn't you know? Her simple reply of "Infinity, I love you, indigestion" sparked this post.

You laugh but inspiration can come from anywhere. I've had stories create themselves after watching a t.v. series or reading or listening to a song. You never know when or what can ignite the creativity inside you so always be on the lookout!

What inspires you?

Go check out the incredible Alta: and tell her Addy sent you!

Come back tomorrow for the "J"! I'm talking about Maddie Taylor's new release: The Juniper Bride!

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