Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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#SpankA2Z Spanking Blog Challenge A to Z: "D" is for Donovan

credit to for Ian Somerholder photo

We've seen so many creative posts so far!

Today's letter is "D" for Donovan. Who is Donovan and why does he look like that actor?

So, Donovan Matthews is the super handsome professor from my current work in progress. I was inspired by the equally handsome Ian somerhalder from his character Damon.

Alpha, dashing, no-nonsense but equally romantic at the same time. He also has the most incredible expressions I have ever seen. I'm pretty sure the face on the banner is the same one my female lead, Devon Dawson sees all the time.

He is usually wondering what on earth she is trying to do. She can be very bratty but is also fighting through grief from the loss of both parents. He decides to hold her accountable for her actions via physical discipline to help her find the motivation she desperately needs after Devon turns to drinking.

This is what Devon's roommate Barbi, an underclassman thinks of him:

“He only lets in underclassman and believe me I fought to get in his Monday and Wednesday class. Did you know there is actually a waiting list?” Barbi’s eyes sparkled with awe.

“Look, I don’t know. I had free time and I got in.” Devon closed the dishwasher and turned back around. “Did you notice anything different about him?”

“I just noticed how attractive he is. Like, full on school girl fantasy attractive.” Barbi giggled.

“Okay, too much information!” Devon groaned. She already played out several scenes in her mind on the way home. I am not sharing how badly I wanted to kiss him when he caught me.


Do you have a character from a novel either your own or one you read who gives you the butterflies? Tell me!



  1. Well Donovan sounds like he could give me the butterflies. I am sitting here trying to think of another character that gives me butterflies. Can't think of just one though. Most dominant, kind men turn me on.

    1. Hi Blondie! Me too!!!! ;) Just writing his scenes get me..umm..paying attention and typing faster. LOL

  2. Delicious dashing dommy Donovan. He sounds fab. I'm sure if my lecturers were like that I'd have loved classes.
    I really like the premise for this book and look forward to it hitting amazon

  3. Mmmm, hot, Addy!!
    I can't wait to read this!


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