Friday, June 6, 2014

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#SpankA2Z Spanking Blog Challenge A to Z: "F" is for Fairies

I'm talking about ALL sorts of fairies real, make believe, those who believe they are make believe you get my drift. I believe in magic and the most incredible show of fairies surrounded my daughter for real. She was about two years old and we were apple picking. She wandered off to the woody area and so I followed her. When I reached her she was smiling and pointing and clapping her hands. I knelt down slowly and touched her hands, "What is it?" I asked quite amazed at her glowing cheeks.

"Do you see them? Do you see them Mommy? So pretty!!!"

Well, how can you possibly argue with a two year old who had never watched a show or read a book about fairies yet? I had statues and wore a necklace but did not explain what they meant to me. She explained later in her two year old world that she had seen tiny people and creatures.

I think for me the idea of being able to fly away and go anywhere I please has such an appeal. Light fairies always have such bright colors and happy faces so the thought of them fills me with joy. Butterflies too.

Magic exists if you believe and not just in innocence. You can see it even in the smallest moments. Live your life to the fullest and stop to appreciate every minute you have. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you are enjoying all of our creative thinking.

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  1. What a delightful story. I believe that as children we can see and experience many things that the 'realities' and 'knowledge' of adulthood keeps us from being aware of. Children don't know they are supposed to believe and their innocence hasn't been tainted. The magic and all associated with it is theirs to behold.

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I totally believe that and it's sad adults lose magic. I try to keep as open a mind as possible. :)

  2. You know I believe in fairies! I work with them all the time!! :)

  3. Beautiful post. Magic does exist if you believe it in your heart. Some of my earliest memories are of my paternal grandfather bringing us looking for fairies. I'm so thrilled your little girl can see and believe.
    When I was growing up, most people scattered primroses at their door for Mother Mary. But we did a Mayflower bush, We gathered little posies of primroses and hung them on a twig in our garden. The fairies left us ten pence (about a dollar in US and inflation terms) for each posy.

    1. Tara! Thank you for sharing such a great memory! :)
      I love this. <3

  4. What a sweet post. Thank you for sharing. This made me smile.

  5. Thank YOU for thinking of the challenge. It's been so much fun to see what everyone has come up with. :)


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