Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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#SpankAtoZ Spanking Blog Challenge: "I" is for Inspiration

I could not think of anything for the letter "I' in the Spanking Blog Challenge. I threw down the gauntlet (i.e. begged) for some intriguing new words to incorporate into my letter of the day. Did you see what I did there?

Alta Hensley is ingenious, didn't you know? Her simple reply of "Infinity, I love you, indigestion" sparked this post.

You laugh but inspiration can come from anywhere. I've had stories create themselves after watching a t.v. series or reading or listening to a song. You never know when or what can ignite the creativity inside you so always be on the lookout!

What inspires you?

Go check out the incredible Alta: http://altahensley.com/ and tell her Addy sent you!

Come back tomorrow for the "J"! I'm talking about Maddie Taylor's new release: The Juniper Bride!



  1. IIIIIIII, it's always easy to come up with some after you've spent days wracking your brain.

  2. Ahhhhhh. I love you.

  3. Hi Addy, I used inspired people for my post - great minds and all... :) I'm off to visit Alta.

  4. I get inspiration just from daydreaming.


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