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Grant Antrews Katy in Control Blog Tour hosted by Adaline Raine

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“David, darling, I’ve never asked anything like this before. Please come home right away.” Her voice was now soft, firmly pleading.

“I’ll be right there.” I scratched a few notes to Ralph and excused myself from the meeting.

It was a typical January afternoon, the streets were heavy with slush and mounds of dirty gray snow extending out from the curbs. A dismal midwinter day, breezy, with occasional snowflakes dancing on the wind. I rushed through the traffic, growing more impatient by the minute.

I burst in the door to find Katy in the play room. There was soft music on the stereo, and she was dressed in the most amazing black, patent leather cat suit, with precarious high-heeled black boots to her knees. Her hair was carefully arranged, her eyes were made up as if we were going out for the evening, and her lips were unusually dark red and glossy. She got up when I came in and thanked me for coming.

“Are you all right?” I asked frantically. I thought she looked tired.

“Yes. Get undressed, David.”

“Katy, I was in an important meeting…”

“You’re in another one, and this one is more important. Obey, David. Everything off. Now! Do you like my new outfit? It was specially made for me, hand sewn in England. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift, but it didn’t arrive in time.”

“It’s beautiful.” I was hurrying to shrug out of my clothes, and to be honest, I was feeling a little irritated that Katy had dragged me out of an important meeting to play. She had never done anything like this before, and I hoped there would be a valid reason.

As soon as I was naked, she positioned me across her lap and took up the new black leather paddle. With no preliminaries, she began to spank me. There were no gentle warm-up applications. She spanked me hard and fast, the sting became hurt, and soon I was wriggling and even squeaking through my clenched teeth. Mistress was relentless, punishing me without the slightest pause. It went on a long time, longer than ever before, and I knew something important was behind it.

I was desperate when she finally ended it. She put the paddle on the table and touched my flaming bottom with her fingertips. Her voice was once again softer than usual. “Do I have your attention, David?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good. Get up and kneel before me. First position.” I felt very awkward as I rolled off her knees and maneuvered myself into place in front of her, knees spread wide, palms up upon my thighs, and head lowered. I tried to keep my flaming bottom lifted off my heels. My eyes were very wet. She hesitated, and I felt her eyes upon me as I waited.

“David…” Her voice cracked, and I almost looked up at her. No, I must hold position. I had been trained. I stared at her kinky boots. She seemed to catch her breath. “David.” She paused again. “I’m sorry I took you away from your meeting.” Another pause. What was it? “David, we need to talk. The past year has been a challenge, darling. I know I have pushed a lot of unusual ideas at you. Fantasies, kinky practices. Sometimes I’ve hurt you, David. Just now. I am not about hurting you, my love. You are my everything, my entire world. I’ve dressed you in strange clothes, challenged your manhood, and shamed you. You have been a dear, David. You have accepted it all and smiled for me and shared your thoughts. I’ve felt our relationship has benefitted, but maybe I’m fooling myself. I want you to look at me, David. Do you love me, darling? Are we all right?”

I knelt at her feet, nude, with a scarlet ass smarting, and I raised my eyes to look at her. I was puzzled. What was this all about? “I love you, Katy. You must know that. I think our experiments have been good for us. We have shared and dared to expose our most secret thoughts and fantasies, and I think it has been very good for us. Is everything okay on your side?”

She drew a deep breath. Her voice was nearly a whisper. “We are going to have to make some more changes, David. Adjustments. This outfit arrived yesterday. It was terribly expensive, and it took months to make. I measured every possible portion of my body, darling, and it was hand sewn to fit like my skin.” She paused.

“It is magnificent!” I whispered from the hard stone floor.

“It was made in England. The boots too. I wanted to bring it on our trip and surprise you in Paris or Monte Carlo, but it took longer than I expected to make it. When it finally came yesterday, I was so excited, and I thought we should go away somewhere this weekend.” She paused again, picked up the paddle from the side table and looked at it.

I was worried. “Katy…”

“Hush, David!” She put down the paddle and shifted slightly on her throne. “David, I went to the doctor this morning.” It was a whisper, barely audible.

“Are you…?”

“I said hush, David!” Another deep breath, and she leaned far forward and put her palm against the side of my face. “Are we okay to go forward, David? Do you love me? I need to hear it.”

“Of course I love you! You know I will go anywhere with you. Katy, what’s going…?”

She took her hand from my cheek and put her forefinger to my lips. “David, I love this room, our playroom. It cost a lot of money and it is wonderful. David, it, ummm, will have to be redone. We need to make a real playroom, darling. A nursery.” She barely got the last word out, and she burst into tears. She struggled to get up from the chair, to come down onto the floor and meet me, to throw her arms around me and hold me closer than she had ever held me before.

“What?” I could hardly grunt, only barely comprehend.

“David, I’m pregnant!”

The world stopped. We were in our forties! Oh my God! Years before, we had tried so hard, ached and schemed and tried every crazy theory that came along, paid doctors and underwent all the tests, and it wasn’t to be. Disappointed, we had accepted it and made our lives. Katy had her tennis, and I had the business and golf. Yes, and now we had S&M, unusual outfits, a secret room decorated for spanking. Our friends were kinky, dominants and submissives, committed sexual aberrants. A child? How could it be?

“You’re sure?”


Everything changed in that moment! I erupted, seized her, and very carefully picked her up and carried her off to our bedroom, where I lowered her to the bed and lay down close alongside her, and I hugged her, kissed her, rolled her on top of me. I caressed her every way imaginable, and I wept. She was crying too, tears of joy and wonder, and we rolled again, choking, whispering the most desperate promises, expressions of love and devotion. We held each other recklessly close, and then I realized that I might hurt her and the baby, but she hauled back and kissed me hard, and it was a moment of heartfelt celebration and joy that threatened no one.

I don’t know how long we carried on that afternoon. I pledged my eternal love. She shed her elaborate new dominatrix outfit, no easy chore, and we made love as never before, a long, slow, meaningful ceremony that consummated our love as passionately and indelibly as any act we had ever shared since our wedding night. We came together, like the good old days, and when the ecstasies were over, we clung to each other in the fading light.

“We need to talk about this,” she whispered. “It is going to change things.”

“Are we too old, Katy? Is it safe for you? For the baby?”

“The doctor assured me it will be all right. They will keep an eye on things, but everything is fine. David, how can we keep up with a toddler? With potty training and PTA and all the responsibilities of a tooth fairy?”

“If it’s a boy, I’ll have to teach him to play football. When will we know?”

“A couple of months. If it’s a girl, I’ll have to teach her to be a lady… and to dominate her man! Oh my God, David! Can we do this? We have to choose names. Wait till we tell our friends! Can you imagine Maria?”

“Paul’s in Paris, so we should have her over.”

“This will certainly affect our get-togethers with them, and with Raymond and Shelley.” Katy paused as if her thoughts had drifted off. “David, can we do this?”

“Why not?” I sat up and became aware that my bottom was incredibly sore. I rolled closer to Katy, grasped her foot and bathed it in kisses. “Thank you, Mistress.” My eyes were clouding up again as I moved to kiss her toes, then her calf, and then her inner thigh. “Thank you so much, Mistress. May I have another?”


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  1. What a lovely excerpt! It was so sweet. I would love to read this awesome book.

  2. Wow! This scene! I've never been pulled in like this before with a make bottom. ❤️

    1. All of the snippets are like that. It's a great book!


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