Thursday, November 20, 2014

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Addy's Couch: Celeste Jones #addyscouch

Addy: Hi! I'm super happy to have the wonderful Celeste Jones over at my blog today. I asked her about a bunch of different things about life on the road in an RV and concerns like where to find internet access! Thanks so much for coming over.

Celeste: Thanks for having me!

Addy: What made you decide to buy an RV?

Celeste: It's funny. Years ago I thought it would be great to travel the country in an RV. Not just a drive-thru version, but to stay in an area for a long time and really experience what it had to offer. There are so many beautiful and interesting parts of the US and we tend to fly over them---then go to Europe to backpack. *laughs* No offense to those who do that, but consider the sights available in your own neck of the woods too.

Anyway, I never thought I'd be able to do it. I had no idea how I'd earn money and since I favor compact cars, the idea of driving something so big was daunting.

Fast forward a few years. I met my soon-to-be husband and on one of our first dates I shared my dream to live and travel in an RV. He said "Who told you to say that?" Apparently it had been his dream too. We talked about it, but still I never thought it could really happen. But, through a bizarre series of events, in July we bought a motor home and took off.

Addy: So, then how do you get internet access when you're traveling?

Celeste: An excellent question and one of my major concerns. Most campgrounds have wifi that is included in the cost of your site. I also have a portable hotspot for those times when the wifi is dicey.

Addy: That would be one of my mine too! Does it ever give you more ideas for stories like if you're in a particular state or setting?

Celeste: Not yet. We've only been out on the road a few months.

Addy: Do you have a home town/base that you go back to visit?

Celeste: Again, only been out for a few months, but right now we don't have any plans to go back to our home base. Once I emotionally detached from having a house and set community, it's been incredibly freeing. It's not a lifestyle that suits everyone, but we are having a good time.

Addy: I like the idea of being able to just move freely. Are there RV communities that you group up with and share stories with?

Celeste: Not really. We did meet one couple we like very much. Sadly, we were scheduled to leave the area about three weeks after they arrived. We are hoping to meet up with them again.

Addy: That sounds like one of the cons since I'm sure you meet so many interesting people! How do you earn a living on the road?

Celeste: Many of the full time RVers that we've met have a retirement income. We don't (not retired yet for one thing.) *laughs*

I am fortunate that my writing career provides a steady income. I truly am grateful for epublishing and all the lovely people who buy my books and make this lifestyle possible. In addition, my husband has a seasonal job in the spring and we have been doing some work at campgrounds and other short term work. Since I have a short attention span, it seems to suit me.

Which leads to--- my books. If you buy one (or more) you'll not only get a fun Spanking Romance, but you'll be helping a nice couple travel the US on a grand adventure!

Addy: I wish you the absolute best on your adventure and can't wait to hear more tales! Stop by anytime.

Celeste: I will!

Corrected By The Colonel Blurb:

Miss Cassandra Sheridan is desperate to get married. Not because she is deeply in love, but because her family is deeply in debt. She leaves behind her two younger sisters to care for their ailing father while she heads out to do the only thing she can to secure the future for herself and her family—marry a rich man.

She sets her sights on Lord Owen Tyndall, attractive, rich and gullible. Just when Cassandra is sure a proposal is imminent, Lord Tyndall's cousin, the annoying and attractive Colonel Blaise Sinclair, arrives.

The Colonel is not nearly so easily fooled as his cousin and he is determined to find out the real story behind Miss Cassandra Sheridan's presence at Hadley Hall. If he must employ over the knee discipline to ferret out her plans, then so much the better.

Corrected By The Colonel is an erotic romance that includes explicit sex, rapid fire dialogue, anal play and anal sex all within the confines of proper Regency society. If such topics offend you, please do not buy this book.

I love having guests over! Feel free to email me at if you would like to come and chat on Addy's Couch!



  1. Great interview you two! I am glad you are able to follow your dream Celeste. I'm sure you will eventually be inspired by one of your stops!
    Again thanks Addy and Celeste!

  2. Great interview! It sounds like you and your husband are having a great time, and it's wonderful that you were able to do this before retirement.

    1. It was so much fun to talk with Celeste. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I think it is so wonderful that you met someone who shared your dream! It's kismet!

    1. It's awesome Cara! Our whole interview just made me smile. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  4. Sorry I'm late. Thanks for stopping by everyone and thanks for hosting me Addy. xoxo


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