Friday, November 7, 2014

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Addy's Couch: Rayanna Jamison #addyscouch

Addy: I'm so excited to have Rayanna Jamison over at Addy's Couch today! Thanks so much for coming over!

Rayanna: Thanks for having me!

Addy:What do you do when you reach a scene you need to happen but your characters won't cooperate?

Rayanna: I give up! *laughs*. I usually take a break bounce it off someone, maybe and figure out what needs to happen next. sometimes i have to wait a day of two, Sometimes I just go with it.

Addy: I've done this too. So sometimes I've had characters refuse to submit to a spanking or correction or brat out to get more. Do you allow your characters to act the way they show you or try to get them to conform?

Rayanna: I let them do whatever. I am a total panster. I find that the more books I write the sassier my heroines seem to get, and I think it makes the book all the more interesting.

Addy: Ha! I do that too!! My heroines could have 'sassy' written across their pants...cause I'm a panster and the... moving on... *grins*  What inspires you to write?

Rayanna: Money. *laughs* No, seriously I don't know that there is anything most of the time. Sometimes it comes easily and sometimes I have to force myself at the computer and just tell myself , "One word at a time"

Addy: That's a pretty good motto though. That's how we read so that's how we should write! Keep going.

Rayanna: Other times, the stories just come so easily, I can't not write them. that's how this one, The Bishop's First Bride was. It just flowed. I wrote the whole thing in a few weeks.

Addy: Who inspired you to write spanking romance? 

Rayanna: I keep getting asked this question. People must be getting sick of the answer by now. Patty Devlin. I'm not sure it was so much that she inspired me to as that she literally told me too. for years. When I finally listened, she was a huge help and inspiration.

Addy: Yikes! I didn't know that. Renee Rose inspired me to share my stories and submit them so I'm always asking who helped give a push that way.

Addy: Okay, this is my new favorite question - What would you bring with you on a deserted island if you could only bring one suitcase?

Rayanna: This is your new favorite question???Seriously? I hate these kinds of questions! 

Addy: *snorts* It's just so interesting!

Rayanna: For one thing if I could only bring one suitcase, I would make sure it was a really big one. I would say electronics would be in it, but if it's a desert island, they would eventually die, and have no way to re-charge, so my favorite clothes, food, wine and books.

Addy: One REALLY big suitcase! *laughs* I'm so happy you came over today. Super congrats on the release of your new book. Come over any time!

Rayanna: Thanks, Addy! I had a lot of fun.

Go visit Rayanna's author page at Amazon 

The Bishop's First Bride now available!

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  1. Face palm. I forgot to share an excerpt. Maybe i'll just put it here.....

    Luke stood, and pulled her up with him. He drew her into his arms, and kissed her head. He held her for a while, until she was ready to continue. He was good at gaging her signals.

    “Okay, Rosa, over there in the corner, you can leave the robe. You won’t be needing it.”

    She obeyed, but she had never felt so exposed. Standing naked in the corner, as if on display for her husband, was nearly too much for her. She felt ashamed, but she found that she also felt strangely aroused. There was something almost intoxicating in knowing that she was completely exposed only to him, and that he could see her most private of places. Soon, he would call her to him, and she would lay over his lap, in her nakedness while he spanked her for her many indiscretions. She knew from past experience that she would be able to feel his erection grow as he punished her bare bottom. She could feel her mound grow wet with her arousal, and her cheeks grew flushed with embarrassment. She hoped he let her out of the corner soon. If she stood here much longer, she feared she would drip her juices all over the carpet. How could this be happening? What was wrong with her that she was getting so turned on from standing nude in the corner knowing she had a spanking coming? I need to get my head examined, she thought to herself. Even as she thought it, she couldn’t help herself. Her hand reached from behind her back to touch herself.

    “Rosa!” Luke called her name, and she jumped, startled and mortified. Had he seen her? Had he known what she was about to do?

    If he had, his face bore no evidence of it, as he motioned her over to him. With knees trembling more from excitement than fear, she made her way over to stand in front of him, more aware of her nakedness than ever before.

  2. Holy Moses that was a hot excerpt! Congratulations on your new release, Rayanna!

  3. Hot scene. Nice increase of eroticism.

    1. Thank You Cara! It actually goes quite a bit further than that, but, this is all I am going to share publicly! :)


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