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Corbin's Bend Season 2 Blitz: The One She Loves

I'm really excited to be part of the Corbin's Bend Blitz! Today I'm sharing a snipped from my friend Constance Masters book, The One She Loves! Please enjoy! If you haven't gotten a copy yet be sure to click on the buy links. Also, visit Corbin's Bend to see who else is hosting. Each post is unique!

Carol and Crystal love the lives they share in Corbin's Bend with their nine year old daughter Brianna.

Carol is a taken in hand bundle of fun but she is not a Susie homemaker. Their house is often times a mess. She'd rather spend time living life than cleaning. She loves Crystal and Brianna and she loves spending time with her friends. She often finds herself over her girlfriends knee for a bare bottomed spanking for getting her priorities wrong.

Crystal is a fire-fighter and the head of their loving home. She's fit, neat and organised. Apart from her career, Carol and Brianna are her world, and while she knows friendships are important, she feels somewhat threatened by how much her girl shares with her friends and not with her.

When Carol decides she wants a baby, it throws their house into a spin. Crystal isn't sure and wants to wait. When Carol's three naughty friends from Leading the Way (4th in the Corbin's Series) see how disappointed their friend is, they help the young mom go on a sperm search with hilarious results. Only problem is, Crystal knows nothing about their hijinks.

Can a punishment fix this mess or will what Crystal sees as disloyalty tear them apart?
The Seed!
Have you ever woken up one morning, a normal morning like any other and carried on about your business not knowing that some time through that day something will change.

Maybe you’re watching TV or a movie, reading a book or maybe something you see triggers it. A tiny seed is planted, so small that sometimes you don’t even recognize it and then it begins to grow until it takes on a life of its own. It’s a spiral that can’t be stopped, a bit like a song that won’t leave your head.

That’s what happened to Carol. She was just minding her own business, drinking coffee with her friends. All it took was a well-meaning sentence from her best friend and the seed started to grow…

“Oh sorry, hon, because you have Brianna, I forget that you haven’t actually had a baby,” Sienna said, her mouth dropping open when she realized what she’d just said. “Okay, that came out wrong.”
“No, it’s fine,” Carol said. The birth stories get a little old though.
“No, I didn’t mean it that way. What I meant was, that of course Brianna is yours in every sense of the word.”
“But I didn’t actually give birth to her, I get it. I was there though, right next to Crystal spurring her on and holding her hand.”
“Of course you were,” Jen, her best friend, said, putting her arm around the smaller girl. “I bet you were the best support person that there ever was.”
“Of course I was!” Carol scoffed, giving Jen a nudge. Suddenly the penny dropped. “I was the support person, who didn’t feel any of the pain, who didn’t actually experience that moment when the baby slid from my body.”
“I’m sure you felt joy though as you watched your daughter being born,” Erin said.
“Of course she did! I love my kids but I would have felt just as much joy if I could have watched Toby give birth. More actually,” Sienna said with a giggle.
“There’s no joy in watching the one you love go through all that, believe me,” Carol said. “But the birth itself was amazing.”
“Are you sorry?” Jen asked. “I mean, do you wish you had been the one to get pregnant and give birth to Brianna?”
“No. How could I? I love Brianna. If I was her biological mother, then she wouldn’t be her.  Besides, at the time, Crystal was more ready than I was. No, I wouldn’t change anything.”
“You wouldn’t change anything then,” Sienna said. “But what about another baby now that you’re older.”
“I don’t know. We haven’t talked about it. I know that Crystal doesn’t feel the need to go through another pregnancy. It took her a while to regain her fitness last time.”
“Is that your nice way of saying she put on weight?” Jen giggled.
“She may have gained a few extra pounds.” Carol smiled. “I liked her that way. Not always pushing vegetables under my nose.”
“I get it. I put on weight after Jack, and Brock was always pushing the vegetables at me. Not to mention all the spankings I earned for not sticking to my diet. He couldn’t stand me whining about how fat I was.”
“Geez, if I was thinking about having a baby, you people aren’t making pregnancy look too appealing.”
“Maybe it isn’t just about the great bits, and there are plenty, or the terrible bits where morning sickness goes all day, and your skin gets bad and your hair goes all limp. Maybe it’s about the ups and downs and that spectacular moment at the end when you look into that little face. Instant love,” Erin said.
“I felt instant love when Brianna was born.” She tried to keep the defensiveness out of her voice but it was hard. It grated on her when people assumed that she wasn’t just as much of a mother to Bri as Crystal. There had been some resentment. Such a tiny bit that she’d been able to push it away when it surfaced.
She had felt joy, but it had been Crystal’s tummy the baby had been placed on the minute her daughter was born. It was Crystal’s breast that she had suckled. When Crystal went back to work, she became the Mommy, but it was still Crystal’s expressed milk that gave their daughter sustenance.
“And maybe that will be enough for you,” Sienna said.
“Hmm,” Carol said. “You know what? I don’t think it will. I think I would like to give birth.”

Constance Masters is a writer of spanking romantic fiction. Her stories are a little like real life, with families, fun, laughter and people that love each other while living within a domestic discipline lifestyle. At this time she has twelve published books.
Constance loves to write and loves that she is able to fit that into her busy home life in Australia. She has a husband, five children and four grandchildren all of whom she loves to spend time with. She also loves watching crime shows and reality television. Extreme chocoholic and lover of champagne.
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  1. This is so cool. I love books!

  2. The One She Loves has to be my favourite of Connie's books. I totally loved it.

  3. I love the Corbins Bend series. I am always waiting impatiently for each book to be released.


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