Saturday, January 3, 2015

#SatSpanks "What if I like being over your lap?" Snippet from WIP Return to Brighton Creek


Welcome to Sat Spanks! I've been pretty busy getting this story ready for submission and we're hoping for a January release. More info to come. The scene below is between Mikayla Turner and her former crush, Sam Brighton. They are out in the woods and Enjoy!


“What if I like being over your lap?” She did love being the center of all of his attention, though the punishment left much to be desired, no matter how much calmer she felt afterward.

“There are so many other things I can do to you in this position but what I’m referring to is being spanked over it.” He amped up the intensity but dialed back the speed making each one land hard but with a long pause in between.

“Ow! Oh!” Mikayla yelped when Sam shifted her slightly to target her upper thighs. They brought a fresh round of tears and she kicked out her feet. “Ouch! Too much!”


Working Title: Return to Brighton Creek

Adaline Raine and Stormy Night Publications

Working Blurb:

When Mikayla Turner returns home for her best friend's wedding she doesn't expect to run into her former teenage crush within moments of hitting the town's border but her car slides down over a small embankment in the middle of the night during a snowstorm and she has to seek help and shelter.

She knocks on the door of Sam Brighton a paramedic, twelve years her senior and he is still as sexy as the day she left. He patches her up and lets her stay until the weather clears but reminds her his method of discipline, over the knee punishment via his firm hand, hasn't changed.

Even though “Mickie” has grown up in the ten years she's been absent from her small town she craves Sam's punishments and challenges him to take her in hand just like he used to.

When the local physician goes off on the trip of a lifetime, Sam asks Mikayla to stay and help out for a few weeks. She agrees but her best friend tells her towards the end of her trip that the gorgeous ex-wife has been spreading rumors about her and Sam getting back together not to mention his truck being spotted there.

 Can Mikayla get to the bottom of the rumors and forge a real relationship with Sam or is she destined to leave Brighton Creek for good?
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  1. How nice that they can reconnect in this manner.

  2. Oh! Hot snippet! It doesn't sound like Mikayla expected to get a spanking. I want more! :-)

    1. She is quite the feisty one... LOL Thanks for stopping by!

  3. So fun meeting up with an old crush. Happy 2015 girlie!

  4. Reconnecting? Is that what the kids are calling spanking now? Yum! Love the name Mikayla, btw.

    1. LOL The hero still calls her Mickie. It's adorable...

  5. we all know that "too much" thing too well! LOL .


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