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Chapter 3 The Medic of Brighton Creek, listen for free! Win a copy!

The Medic of Brighton Creek is now released as an audio book! 

Below is Chapter 3 in all it's glory as a sample for this incredible ride.

With sizzling sex scenes and lots of back and forth between the two main characters, Sam Brighton and Mikayla Turner, you will be captivated by the narrating style of Devin Quinn! 

She really moves you to listen to the story and brings the characters to life. 

Available now on Amazon and Audible!

Leave a comment below, along with your email address to receive a free audiobook copy of this sweet and sassy romance! (10 copies available!)

Returning to her hometown for her best friend's wedding, Mikayla Turner doesn't expect to run into her teenage crush, handsome paramedic Sam Brighton, within a matter of moments. But after her car runs off the road in a snowstorm, she seeks help at the nearest house and is shocked when it is Sam who answers the door - still as sexy as she remembers him.
Sam patches her up and lets her stay at his home until the weather improves, but he makes it clear that there will be consequences should she choose to disobey him during her stay. Mikayla has grown up in the years she's been away, but she still finds herself craving Sam's dominance. She is unable to resist putting his warning to the test. After Sam takes her in hand and bares her bottom for a sound spanking, Mikayla has never felt closer to him. Though it leaves her blushing, his thorough, intimate medical care makes her feel safer and more loved than she's ever felt before.
When the local doctor takes some time off, Sam steps in to help out and asks Mikayla to stay and serve as his receptionist. She agrees, but she can't help worrying that Sam's attraction to her is short-lived and that one day he will tire of her and push her away. Will self-doubt drive Mikayla to leave Sam and her hometown forever, or can she face her fears and learn to trust the man she loves?
Publisher's Note: The Medic of Brighton Creek is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, medical play, anal play, and more
©2015 Adaline Raine and Stormy Night Publications; (P)2015 Adaline Raine
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#WIPITUP The Rules of the Pack: "You gave me an order and I don't follow those.."

Hi! Thanks for coming over and thanks to Melody for hosting WIPitup Wednesday. I'm sharing a hot snippet from The Rules of the Pack, the sequel to my first book, Marked by the Alpha. This story centers mostly around Phil, the Beta of the pack, and Alisha, the human who stood up to his Alpha to protect him.

In this scene Alisha is at work and Phil has shown up to properly thank her for saving his life by taking her to dinner. She has other plans though...
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Immerse Yourself Blog Hop May 8th - May 11th #ImmerseYou #SatSpanks

We're HONORING **mamas** out there who cherish their bonds with children, animals and little angels. Mom, Mommy, Mama, Madre, Nana, Arf arf, Meow, Mima, they all mean the same no matter how you say it. Mother is a title given by a special person or animal to show love and gratitude for an amazing woman....

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“I really don’t want a spanking right now.” Little Haven: An Ageplay Collection #WIPitup #LittleHaven

Happy Spring! 

It's finally starting to warm up by me and I'm thrilled to be participating in WIP Wednesday for the first time. 

I don't see a word limit, so I hope I'm sharing the appropriate amount. Otherwise, please feel free to call me out on it!  I'm super excited to share a snippet from the spanking new ageplay collection coming out on May 16th through Stormy Night Publications!

Be sure to visit all of the authors!

Please enjoy and be sure to come back this Saturday, May 8th to read a longer snippet during the Immerse Yourself Blog Hop!

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Cover Reveal: Little Haven An Ageplay Collection #LittleHaven Addy's First AP book!

I'm thrilled beyond belief to reveal the box set cover for Little Haven: An Ageplay Collection!

This is a wonderful collaboration of five unique ageplay stories about five different couples all living in the gated Minnesota community named, Little Haven.

Summer Graystone is a new author to SNP and her and I have created something truly magic between the two of our stories specifically. Our characters became friends, and it is reflected in both books. I hope you enjoy all five stories! Coming out on May 16th!

Boxset blurb for Brody's Little Brat

When life starts to get out of hand for Kara, her boyfriend, Brody, decides that it is time for him to take charge. She needs a firm but compassionate daddy, and he loves her more than enough to give her exactly what she needs. From now on he will be ready to spank her soundly when her rebellious behavior warrants it, build her up when she is down on herself, and even take her to the town doctor for an exam when she is ill. Kara blossoms under Brody’s tender care, but can she really trust that her daddy will always be there for her?

Please come back tomorrow for a snippet for WIP it up Wednesday! This weekend I'm also participating in The Saturday Spanking Blog and Immerse Yourself Blog Hop!
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