Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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“I really don’t want a spanking right now.” Little Haven: An Ageplay Collection #WIPitup #LittleHaven

Happy Spring! 

It's finally starting to warm up by me and I'm thrilled to be participating in WIP Wednesday for the first time. 

I don't see a word limit, so I hope I'm sharing the appropriate amount. Otherwise, please feel free to call me out on it!  I'm super excited to share a snippet from the spanking new ageplay collection coming out on May 16th through Stormy Night Publications!

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Please enjoy and be sure to come back this Saturday, May 8th to read a longer snippet during the Immerse Yourself Blog Hop!


Kara shuffled her feet as she held onto his hand and he reached back and wrapped his arm around her. His touch made her wet between her thighs though the threat of the paddle loomed just over her head like a dark cloud. He had let the first two times slide, and she wished in that moment she had submitted to him prior. “I really don’t want a spanking right now.”

Brody sighed as his hand touched the bedroom door and twisted it open. “I should have addressed your lack of consideration when you forgot to tell me earlier in the week.”

Kara pulled back from him and angry words flew from her mouth, “The first time was because I got stuck in traffic and it would be highly irresponsible of me to flip open my phone in the middle of the freeway just to text you that-“Her mouth shut immediately as he shook his head.

Kara, we came up with these rules together.”

He stepped inside and sank down into the black and gold comforter spread across their bed and motioned for her to follow. “When we first got together you were about to get evicted, you had unpaid bills, and living off the dollar menu. You could never find any time for friends or family and your grades were slipping. You begged me to hold you accountable this way.”



When life starts to get out of hand for Kara, her boyfriend, Brody, decides that it is time for him to take charge. She needs a firm but compassionate daddy, and he loves her more than enough to give her exactly what she needs. From now on he will be ready to spank her soundly when her rebellious behavior warrants it, build her up when she is down on herself, and even take her to the town doctor for an exam when she is ill. Kara blossoms under Brody’s tender care, but can she really trust that her daddy will always be there for her?

Copyright  Adaline Raine and Stormy Night Publications



  1. Welcome to Wipitup Addy. It's a real pleasure having you here. The buzz is building all over the place about this boxset. And like so many others I'm waiting impatiently for my copy.
    "Kara, we came up with these rules together." I bet she's wishing she hadn't said that right about now. ~grins~
    Great excerpt. And you are correct about the length limit. There is none. Feel free to share as much or as little as you like. Although, being the greedy type that I am, I will always appreciate the 'more'. ☺

    1. Hi Melody! Thank you so much, it's a lot of fun.

      Yeah, Kara is quite in for something, but she grows so much. I can't wait for everyone to read her story!

  2. Welcome to WIP It Up. Great excerpt.

  3. How adorable is Kara! I'm sure that spanking is definitely still happening though.

    1. Hi Breanna! I adore Kara! She certainly gets into some things. I hope everyone likes her. And of course the spanking happens. LOL ;)

  4. I love Kara :) and the "angry words" gets me. Lovely excerpt. Welcome to the hop.

  5. Thanks for coming over Joelle! I'm so glad you enjoyed. :)

  6. Welcome. Sorry I'm a little late. I had one heck of a day yesterday. Great snippet. :)


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