Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cover Reveal: Little Haven An Ageplay Collection #LittleHaven Addy's First AP book!

I'm thrilled beyond belief to reveal the box set cover for Little Haven: An Ageplay Collection!

This is a wonderful collaboration of five unique ageplay stories about five different couples all living in the gated Minnesota community named, Little Haven.

Summer Graystone is a new author to SNP and her and I have created something truly magic between the two of our stories specifically. Our characters became friends, and it is reflected in both books. I hope you enjoy all five stories! Coming out on May 16th!

Boxset blurb for Brody's Little Brat

When life starts to get out of hand for Kara, her boyfriend, Brody, decides that it is time for him to take charge. She needs a firm but compassionate daddy, and he loves her more than enough to give her exactly what she needs. From now on he will be ready to spank her soundly when her rebellious behavior warrants it, build her up when she is down on herself, and even take her to the town doctor for an exam when she is ill. Kara blossoms under Brody’s tender care, but can she really trust that her daddy will always be there for her?

Please come back tomorrow for a snippet for WIP it up Wednesday! This weekend I'm also participating in The Saturday Spanking Blog and Immerse Yourself Blog Hop!


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