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We're HONORING **mamas** out there who cherish their bonds with children, animals and little angels. Mom, Mommy, Mama, Madre, Nana, Arf arf, Meow, Mima, they all mean the same no matter how you say it. Mother is a title given by a special person or animal to show love and gratitude for an amazing woman....

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Sexy snippet from Little Haven: An Age Play Collection. My individual story is entitled, Brody's Little Brat. 


Kara got undressed, and sank down into the bathtub. The water felt amazing on her skin, and she smiled. Brody always knew exactly what to do to make her calm down and relax.

She took her time washing her body, but not too long since she didn't want the heat to disappear. After the last part of her body had been scrubbed clean she called out, “Brody!”

He came in about thirty-seconds later. True to his word, he leaned down against the side of the tub, and used a cup to get her hair wet. “I guess I never realized how long your hair is.”

Yeah, it's all the way passed my butt.” Kara leaned into his hands as he lathered the shampoo into her scalp. It smelled wonderful, like coconut, but felt even better. She loved the way his hands worked the soap into her hair, and even more when he got fresh water to rinse it out. He repeated the process with her conditioner and she nearly moaned from the sweet sensation. He had such amazing hands, and having them focused on her head made her tingly. “You have great hands.”

Oh yeah?” Brody nuzzled against her neck. “I'm glad you enjoy them.”

Can you show me what else you do with your hands in a much more adult way?” Kara dipped her head back to lick along his bottom lip. She rotated outwards so she could face him, and captured his mouth in hers. “Please, baby?”

Brody broke the kiss, and ran his hands down her face. “Are you sure? If you weren't feeling well yesterday...”

I read online, you know on one of those smart sounding medical websites that fucking is the best medication.”

I think you confused articles. Laughter is the best medicine.”

Only if  you're fucking a clown.” Kara deadpanned but couldn't keep the wicked grin off her face.

You little brat.” Brody nearly smacked the faucet release to get the water to drain. “Come on, stand up. I'll show you my greatest talent involving my hands.”


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  1. I am sooo looking forward to reading the whole story!

  2. Ooooh, a new story!

  3. I am looking forward to reading this. What is the release date?

  4. Can't wait for this box set. Thanks

  5. Cute post! I love Brody!! <3 Btw, I love your new blog layout! It's so cute!!

  6. Cute excerpt, Addy. I'm sure she's going to love everything he does with this hands.

  7. I loved it. "Only if you're fucking a clown." :)

  8. Mmm, what a sweet and sexy excerpt! (and way to tie in the bathtub!)

  9. Sexy snippet! I hope she gets what she wants, LOL. :)

  10. I love having my hair washed and better yet by a man with great hands.

  11. Sweet! That's a lot of hair to wash. Very tender and sensual.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  12. Fun snippet - hubby used to run a bath for me when I was tired but never got as far as washing my hair. Mmh - might be my next request after reading this though he's bound to get soap in my eyes or something and water everywhere :)

  13. Oooh fun someone's getting a spanking, wish I could afford this set. But I'm homeless and out of work right now.

  14. I cannot wait to read this age play collection! I hope it's coming out soon. Love the name Brody

  15. Hot, sweet and sexy, all at the same time.

  16. I liked the very sexy snippet. Thanks for the chance!

  17. sweet and sexy snippet I know what I will be doing on the 16th
    Happy Mothers Day

  18. very sweet :) I love the naughty bit towards the end. Happy mother's day

  19. It's gonna be such a great story


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