Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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#WIPITUP The Rules of the Pack: "You gave me an order and I don't follow those.."

Hi! Thanks for coming over and thanks to Melody for hosting WIPitup Wednesday. I'm sharing a hot snippet from The Rules of the Pack, the sequel to my first book, Marked by the Alpha. This story centers mostly around Phil, the Beta of the pack, and Alisha, the human who stood up to his Alpha to protect him.

In this scene Alisha is at work and Phil has shown up to properly thank her for saving his life by taking her to dinner. She has other plans though...


You saved my life. I’m taking you to dinner.”

I helped out a friend.” Alisha nonchalantly replied. He stood there still watching, as if not hearing her refusal. Sorry, but some other time,”she stated louder as she rounded the corner. She felt some sort of pull towards him, even when they first met, but she didn't want to know why.

Alisha continued wiping it down then gasped as Phil moved close behind her. Wolves ran hotter than humans, and the heat radiating off of him felt so hot she could no longer focus.

I owe you dinner. Tonight,” he set his hands on her waist and spun her around, slowly.

Alisha hated how her body relaxed against his. It pointed towards a deeper connection between them. She didn't want to be lured into something they couldn't engage in. When a human and a wolf got into a relationship it carried a whole unique set of cautions. At least, from what she heard. The sources weren't so reliable.

Why the hell am I thinking about a relationship with him?

I’m busy,” she threw her head back and away from him but there was not enough room to position her body elsewhere. Alisha was stuck between him and the counter until he decided to let her move. He possessed supernatural strength,but she doubted he would actually prevent her from leaving. His arms looped around her loosely, and he let his fingers fan out to rest on her bottom.

Tell me the real reason you don’t want to go out with me tonight and I’ll leave. No questions asked.”

Alisha swallowed hard. She didn’t have one good reason. Hell, she didn’t have one bad one either. His eyes sucked her in, and she tilted her head forward. She balked, suddenly aware of what almost happened, and finally he got the message.

Phil maneuvered himself to the side of her. “Answer me, Alisha.”

You didn’t ask me a question. You gave me an order and I don’t follow those..."


Coming soon! June 2015!

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  1. Great snippet! I'm not usually a werewolf romance reader but that snippet intrigued me :)

  2. Dangerous beasties, werewolves. She's right to be cautious. Not that this sensible attitude will last long, I expect...

    1. *giggle* No, not very long....I don't know how long I'd last with a sexy wolf being all sexy on me either... LOL

  3. Getting sassy with a shifter, that sounds like a risky thing to do!

  4. Love that line - you gave me an order and I don't follow those- love a heroine with that much spunk

    1. Alisha is one of the bravest, and probably sassiest heroine's I have written to date. I love her!

  5. Spicy :) I love her back and forth with him

  6. Great line. "You gave me an order and I don't follow those"
    But then you go and leave us hanging... why? I need to know his reaction. Does he growl? snarl? Kiss her to shut her up?
    This is going to drive me crazy to wait another week to find out!

    Awesome snippet, Addy. Thanks for sharing ☺

  7. Love this! You reeled me in! I can't wait for more!

    1. You always make me smile Minelle! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  8. Love that last line. He sounds like he needs someone to give him hell. :)

  9. That's such a great parting line!


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