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The Vampires' Ball “You’re to be my master, then?”


I am happy to share an excerpt from The Vampires' Ball by Angela Sargenti published by Blushing Books. I love vampires and supernatural stories, and adding spanking to the mix just makes me more excited to read it.
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    “Regina, my dear, please find our visitor something to wear, and then take her to the dining room and feed her.  I’m afraid we haven’t much at this time of night, Philippa.  Roasted meat, a few vegetables, but Regina will take good care of you.  Go with her.”
    I watched as the women went off together.  Things were off to a good start.
    When I joined them in the grand dining hall a little while later, they were getting acquainted over a joint of cold beef and a bottle of wine, a candelabra sitting on the table between them.  Philippa seemed to have accepted she was our “guest,” and was going along with it so far.  When Regina saw me, she made a quick gesture and stood up, indicating to the new girl that she should follow suit.  
    Philippa stood up, and I went to the head of the table to my usual seat.  She came to sit beside me at my left hand.  
    She was wearing one of Regina’s dresses, which was a little too big on her, but no matter.  She’d soon have some of her very own.  Besides, too big or not, it looked charming on her.  
    “Thank you, Philippa,” I said, pleasantly surprised by her cooperation.  My glance met Regina’s and she looked very hopeful.  “Please, have a seat.  Did you get all you wanted to eat?”
    “Yes, thank you.”
    “Then let’s talk about what a minion does, and that is, whatever her master--or mistress--asks of her.”
    She looked down at her hands, folded neatly in her lap.
    “You’re to be my master, then?”
    “Yes, my dear.  I’m afraid so.”
    “And I’m to be your slave?”
    “I wouldn’t put it quite like that,” I said.  “More like an apprentice, actually.”
    She had an unhappy expression on her face and I reached over the table and held out my hand.  She glanced up at me and took it.
    “Here’s the thing,” I told her.  “You may leave here if you like, but you’ll have to make up your mind tonight.  And once you’re gone, there’s no coming back.”
    The girl sat back in her chair, thinking hard.
    “Think about where you came from,” Regina added helpfully.  “Is it a place you really want to go back to?”
    Their glances met, and Philippa thought for a moment before shaking her head.
    “If you put it that way, no.  There’s nothing for me there.  My mother died last year and all I’ve got is some lousy little room in a boarding house.  That outfit I was wearing tonight is my only good thing.”
    “It’s not bad here,” said Regina.  “Plenty of free time, a nice room, pretty clothes.  I quite like it, myself.”
    “There is one thing,” I told Philippa.  
    “And what’s that?”

When Gregor the vampire goes out looking for a date to The Vampires’ Ball, he finds himself torn between two lovers instead. On the one hand, there's the mature and submissive Regina, and on the other, there's the brash young Philippa. Can he tame them both with spanking, or will they drive him crazy before he ever even gets to the ball?

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