Friday, September 4, 2015

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"I want you to see what I see." New release by Rachel De Vine - Available now!
 Rachel: I have been invited to guest blog here today by the lovely Adaline Raine. I hope you enjoy a little snippet from my latest book SONGBIRD, which is out today, September 4th.

Addy: I'm super excited to have you over today. Tell me more about your brand new release?

Rachel: Harry is a successful 36-year-old Dom who has had many transient relationships with submissive women, and is not looking for a permanent relationship until he sees and hears a beautiful young woman singing in a club in London. 

 The woman sang with a throaty and angst-filled voice that suggested a dissolute lifestyle, but had the face of an angel and a body made for sin. Harry fell head over heels for Pascale, the beautiful songbird, and was determined that she would be his. Pascale, however, has had a difficult childhood with her mothers brutal lover, Gaston, and escaped his clutches with the aid of Louis, her old pianist, and when Harry meets her she is traumatised by her experiences. 

 Eventually he begins to break through the barrier that Pascale has erected around herself, but is wary about dominating her, even though she seems to him to have submissive tendencies. He is afraid of digging up disturbing and distressing images from her past.

Addy: Oooh! I love the premise. 

Rachel: Here are a couple of snippets to whet your appetite.


"Tell me Pascale. Tell me what you want."

Her voice became even more of a whisper.

"I want you to spank me."

"I see. But before you can ask me to spank you, you must take off your clothes and then come and ask me properly. And then I will consider your request."


I grabbed Pascale’s hand and pulled her along the corridor to her dressing room. Once inside I shut and locked the door.

"No time to undress. Go over to your dressing table. Turn your chair around and then bend over and rest your hands on the seat."

By doing this Pascale was looking at herself in the mirror, and I was standing behind her and looking at both her face and her beautiful bottom. I slapped her twice, once on each cheek, and she gasped and closed her eyes.

"Open your eyes. I want you to see yourself when you come. I want you to see what I see."


Rachel: My book is available from September 4 at Blushing Books and Amazon, and you can see more of my books on my website Here

Addy: Thanks Rachel! Congrats on Songbird. You're welcome to come back anytime.
If you or someone you know would like to promo a new release, or come over for a guest post please email me at: bratty adaline at gmail dot com


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  1. Thanks Adaline. I am very lucky to have such lovely Facebook friends.


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