Saturday, December 31, 2016

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"You are a naughty girl" Freezer Burn by Susannah Shannon #SatSpanks #Free

As part of The Saturday Spankings Blog, I'm doing something unique today. I'm sharing eight (nine whoops) sentences from Susannah Shannon's smoking hot New Year's Eve story, Freezer Burn! It's free from Blushing Books for 24 whole hours.



“ I guess I better teach you a lesson then. Come here,” He had a firm grip on her wrist and he took her with him as he scooted back across the mattress until his back pressed against the wall. She was nervous, but she didn't want to risk making this difficult for her usually so gentle husband. She lay herself over his lap. He ratcheted up her tight skirt, and tangled his fingers in the waistband of her tights. He wrenched them down exposing her white bottom. He rubbed his fingers over her skin tracing circles over the tender, pale globes. “You are a naughty girl.” he declared.



Part of Blushing Books, New Year’s Eve anthology, Freezer Burn is the story of Lucy and Nick’s adventure into domestic discipline. Lucy, a successful mathematician is trying to juggle adjusting to life in Sweden while casually bringing up to her husband that she really wishes he was in charge and would soundly spank her sometimes. She is helped in this journey by an online friend who writes a website called “The Well-spanked Feminist”. Freezer Burn is a fish out of water story with funny characters, funnier situations and a heroine you can’t help but root for. The snow is deep, the love is true and even if they are on the edge of the arctic, Lucy will ring in the New Year with a red hot bottom.

Author’s Bio:
Susannah Shannon lives in the American Midwest with her family. She loves a witty, strong heroine who longs to submit to that one special man. Sparks flying, lips kissing, and the set of a determined man’s jaw… these are a few of her favorite things.

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Friday, December 30, 2016

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#Free for 24hrs #BlushingBooks Claudia's Revolution "I bet he'd spank you!"

I'm sharing a tasty snippet from Claudia's Revolution. It's FREE from Blushing Books today for 24 hours! In the scene below Claudia and her best friend are following their annual tradition of creating a New Year's resolution list.

“You can't put that on your list!” Claudia shoved her friend sideways, not hard enough to knock her off the couch, but more than a gentle push. “It's not proper!”
“Fine. I'll cross off anal pleasures.”
“I'm kidding, I'm kidding! I didn't write that, it was just a fun idea.” Hayley pouted over at her. “Besides, if I did write it, Chase would definitely take this as a to-do list.”
“What? You plan on showing your list to him?” Claudia balked. “Why? What would you accomplish?”
“You're acting extremely odd. Why wouldn't I show him?”
“I'm going to burn mine. First thing tomorrow.” Claudia peeked into the bottle of champagne but it was empty. At least that one was only half full when they started.  “I don't know why you think it would be a good idea.”
“I always tell Chase what's on my mind. If something is bugging me, or there is a problem to work through, I just talk to him about it. Don't you and Logan talk?”
“He's away so much,” she replied softly. “I don't like to bring up issues when he's home. I just let him think I’ve got it all under control.”
“You mean you lie to him? Right? Let him think everything is fine.” Hayley shook her head. “I'm not judging you, CJ. I just wish you could open up a little.”
“Maybe one day. Oh my gosh.” She sheepishly glanced over the numbered statements again. At the top she scrawled, Claudia's Revolutions. “Look at this. I must have had too much to drink.” Claudia thrust it into her friend's face.
“Claudia's Revolutions. I like the sound of that. I think it's a long time coming. Wait, seriously?” Hayley snatched the paper from her hand. “You want Logan to be more dominant? And you're not going to show him this?”
“Give it back. Come on, it's not...I didn't mean...don't look at it!” She grabbed for the list back, but her friend played keep-away with it. “Hayley! Come on!”
“If you really want him to get on board with things, you have to show him!” Hayley got up and off the couch. “Seriously! You want Logan to hold you accountable for things? Do you mean what I think you mean? I bet he'd spank you! Chase has given him tips in the past, I mean so I've heard when they're on the phone and stuff. I totally thought the two of you were already into the same sort of things we are.”
“Hayley!” Claudia finally wrangled the list away from her friend. “No fucking way! I would never allow it.”
“Whoa! Someone's got her panties in a bunch.” Hayley giggled. “Such salty language for a proper lady!”
“You're incorrigible! Don't you dare tell Chase or Logan about this! I will seriously fucking deny it.”
“Two fucks in a row? There's my CJ!”
“CJ is never coming back.” Claudia crumpled the paper into a ball and threw it across the room. “So, don't get any ideas.” She huffed, then slowly stretched her legs out on the cushions.
“You're my best friend, no matter what, but I hope you and Logan work your stuff out. Then maybe you won't be so uptight.” Hayley curled up so her head rested on Claudia's shins. “I hope you know I meant that with love.”
“I get it. I'm sorry I cursed at you. And I'm sorry about the crap from before. I'll make it up to you.”
“You better.” 


Claudia Burke prides her twenty-nine year old self on always knowing about the latest gossip in her community. She also strives to keep up the appearance of a well-to do house wife until she has lost her sense of self, and becomes a snobbish clone like the other women who reside in her upscale neighborhood, Lilac Meadows. Her tragic past creeps up after she gets too tipsy on New Year’s Eve with her best friend, and the truth reveals itself. It will take more than just material objects to help Claudia accept her grief, and move through it.

At thirty-one years old, Logan Burke is one of the youngest pilots for Prime Airways. Exciting as it is, being an airline captain results in adjusting to an ever-changing schedule. He offers to work during the busiest time of the year to bring in a nice bonus, but it keeps him away from his wife during the holidays.

Logan returns early to surprise his wife, but has been thinking about their recent struggles while he was away. With two full weeks of down time before his next shift, there will be plenty of time to explore their most carnal desires, as well as set rules and dish out consequences.

Will this new revolution change their relationship for better or for worse?

Click here to download from Blushing Books

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

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#SusannahShannon #BlushingBooks "You know better-" Red Velvet Book 5 The Cass Chronicles

I'm thrilled to be sharing a snippet from Susannah Shannon's hot new release, Red Velvet. It's book five in The Cass Chronicles, but you can read it alone. You won't want to though, you will be sucked into Slick Trench, Alaska along with Cass and Killian and scoop up the whole series. Trust me!

Sexy Excerpt:

 He paused to unbuckle her jeans and yank them down. It was then that she saw the hairbrush sitting next to him. Her enthusiastic protests fell on stubbornly deaf ears. He pulled her jeans and panties down to her feet and helped her step out of them. Without a word he pulled her over one of his legs. Her knees parted as she settled over his thigh. “You know better than to refuse to come discuss something with me.”

It was not a question. She responded anyway. “I do. Yes, I do.”

“You woke up in a bad ass mood today and all I did was try to help you.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You will be.” He lit into her with the hairbrush, paying particular attention to spots he had not smacked with the paddle. The brush landed between her thighs and over and over again
across the crest of her bottom. She tensed and twisted, bucking like a wild animal. He gripped her tightly to him and forcefully kept up spanking her. He took her to the edge of her resistance
and firmly insisted that she cross over it. Her sobs reached a peak and the struggle went out of her. She wilted over his leg, crying but no longer fighting. “Oh thank God,” Killian muttered.


Christmas in Alaska is magical. Catering a difficult wedding, missing her parents and friends, and a certain Lexan paddle are all making it hard for Cass to embrace the magic of the season. Will Cass be able to find the perfect Christmas present for Killian? Will she ever feel like she belongs in Slick Trench?
With her typical self-deprecating aplomb, snark, and sexiness, Cass discovers that "It’s the most Wonderful Time of the Year." And a certain paddle means that it will certainly not be a "Silent Night". Features recipes so good you can get a bit rounder just reading them and the spanking of adult women, as well as all kinds of red hot shenanigans.

DISCLAIMER: This book contains spanking, sexual scenes, and elements of power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

Buy Link:

All about Susannah:
 Susannah Shannon lives in the American midwest with my family. “I write romances that are funny(well, I try). I love the inner conflict of a smart, modern, independent woman who longs to submit to that one special man.”
Connect with Susannah:  
For the yummy recipes from The Cass Chronicles: 
Follow via Twitter:

She would love to hear from you!

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Sunday, December 18, 2016

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His Winter Princess #blushingbooks #hiswinterprincess "Would you like me to give you a spanking?"

I love reading winter stories. The holidays are not my favorite time of the year, and so I love escaping into a book where you get a happy ever after. I also have a brand new novella coming out very soon! It is based around New Year's Eve - well past the stress of the season. It's super sexy! More details, naughty snippets, and teasers - Coming Soon! To whet your appetite, I am sharing a snippet of my first Christmas time story, His Winter Princess. It's only $2.99 from Amazon! Buy links below. 

Sexy Snippet:

"I have another question first. Do you engage in the types of relationships you mentioned?" She took tiny sips from the mug so she didn't choke. 


Audra waited for him to elaborate, but he didn't offer further explanation. Could he possibly mean if they got into a relationship that she could expect the same type of dynamic?  "I've been thinking a lot about what you described tonight." She leaned back in her chair as well. "Everyone seemed so happy and in tune with each other the other night. The men and women you could just feel all the love in the room. Seriously, it was amazing. Even after I ran out, when I returned, no one seemed to judge me."  Audra shook her head. "I'm, uh babbling."

 "You haven't answered my question yet." Clay dropped his arms. "Are you asking for your own sake? Or is it just because you have questions but no real interest there?"

 "I know you hired me just to serve some food at a posh party, but I felt a real connection with your friends. Yeah, I do this winter fairy get-up in a social setting, but I'm not good at going out and actually meeting people like I sort of explained before. So tonight, before everything happened, Amanda gave me her phone number. I found out she and I have a great love of poetry readings. We're going to the local library together next week to attend one. It's really unusual for me to make plans. I'm not good at keeping them. If she got me to open up enough to want to hang out, then I can't judge her or anything." 

"You're dancing around the question, Audra." 

She rubbed a finger along the mug, then along the table. How the hell did she answer him? Why did his voice alone make her want to beg him for more?  "I want to know how it feels. The rules, the guidance, the punishments. All of it." Audra risked a glance but then dropped her head down at her confession. She heard his chair shuffle along the floor, then found her chin tilted upwards, caught between the thumb and pointer finger of his right hand. 

 "Would you like me to give you a spanking?" 

Audra gulped hard. After a moment her breath came out in gasps and she blinked up at him wordlessly. He looked so serious and sincere, but she couldn't bring herself to answer. Finally, she nodded twice. 

"Verbally answer me, please." 

"Uh, yeah." Huge waves of heat washed over her and beads of sweat trickled down from her brow. 
"Yes, please." 

"Come over to the couch with me." Clay let go of her chin and held out his hand. 

She hesitantly placed hers in his and let him lead her to the couch. 

"If you are uncomfortable at any time, for any reason, I want you to tell me. Am I understood?" He dropped her hand, then removed his suit jacket.  What he did next sent delicious shivers up and down her spine. First, he unbuttoned his dress shirt at the wrist and slowly rolled it up to his elbow. Clay repeated the action with his left sleeve, then sat down on the couch. He patted his thigh, another gesture which sent more shivers, but this time they went all over her body.   

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

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"It's not a naughty bottom." Adopting Katie by new author Allysa Hart

I'm thrilled to have my friend Allysa Hart sharing an excerpt from her debut novel, Adopting Katie. It has already pulled in over a dozen four and five-star reviews! Congrats, Allysa! Come back anytime.

“It’s been a long time since this naughty bottom has been over my knee. I think it forgot what happens when it ends up here.”

“No! It’s not a naughty bottom. See how white it is? It’s a good bottom!”

Rose shook her head, “Oh baby, you just issued a challenge that no Dom would ever ignore.”

 “No! It’s not a challenge! It's not. Lemme go!” Her feet scissored helplessly in the air before they were trapped under Keith’s strong leg. There was no pleasure or ‘adult’ stimulation when Keith spanked Katie. Their relationship was purely familial, so when she was sent over her uncle’s knee, she was a little girl to him and nothing more.  

“Hmm, I wonder how long it would take to turn your bottom to the same color as these pants. What do you think, Rose?”

“Her pajamas are pink and I thought you hated the color pink. Can't you do better than that?” She coaxed.  

Katie could tell that they were teasing, but she also knew that once in this position, there was no escape without a hot bottom. Keith’s hand had the ability to set a fire hot enough to cause a naughty little girl to fall asleep on her belly.

“Let’s see how many licks it takes to get to the center of a naughty girl’s attitude.” “No! I’m not a tootsie pop!”

“One.” The sound of the smack reverberated through the room.

“Ow! I’ll go to bed!”

Adopting Katie

By Allysa Hart
Buy Link:
"Let Katie’s adorable antics warm your heart while they earn her a warm bottom."

“If you ever put yourself in danger like that again, I will take you over my knee and spank your little bottom until I am convinced you have learned your lesson… How does that promise make you feel? Because make no mistake about it, Baby, it is definitely a promise.” 
A successful CEO by day, Katelyn looks forward to the minute she crosses the threshold to shed all of her adulthood stress and worries and become a carefree, mischievous little mess maker. Her husband and Daddy, Mark, is one of the most beautiful people, inside and out, that she has ever met. His dominance turns all of her switches, but she learns quickly that he means what he says and testing Daddy is not in her backside’s best interest. 
Mark is not alone in his endeavor to create a safe and loving environment for Katie. His best friends, Keith and Rose, round out their little family. Being intimately familiar with alternative lifestyles, the couple love and spoil Katie in abundance, but never think twice about turning her bottom red if she steps out of line. 
Surrounded by her loving Daddy and adoring Auntie and Uncle, Katie learns that the love, safety, and guidance of this family are what help to make her feel complete. Exploring the little girl who lives inside, the one that she has hidden for far too long, she spends her time building elaborate Lego structures and playing in her special tree house that Mark built by hand.
When tragedy strikes, Katie's idyllic life is shattered and it takes all of the love, support, and discipline of her family to pick up the pieces and put them back together. However, will love and spankings be enough? Katie is not convinced. She doesn’t believe anything will ever be okay again.

About Allysa Hart
I am a full-time mom to a sassy, strong-willed, loveable little girl. Okay, so she is all me. I am on the wrong side of 30, and I have been married to my best friend for over eight years. Like most couples, we have our ups and downs, but I could not imagine doing life with anyone else by my side. We are Southern California transplants, currently residing in a very rural part of the east coast. I have two crazy dogs that I adore, even though they drive me out of my ever-loving mind, most days.
I have recently rediscovered my love of words and decided to become a writer. My first story is my heart and soul, and it reaches into the depths of all that is me. I also create covers, promos, and logos for  authors. I have met some amazing friends on this journey that I now happily call family. Without my family members, whether biological or chosen, I would not be half the person I am today. Their constant love and support keep me afloat.

Connect with Allysa at: 

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Workplace spanking? Hot. Hot. #CaraBristol #DomesticDiscipline

Addy: I'm thrilled to host Cara Bristol today! She is sharing a snippet from her brand new release. Congrats Cara!

Cara: One erotic romance trope I find superhot is the boss/employee workplace scenario. The power dynamic/differential and story conflict are already in place, and there is something very naughty and exciting about the idea of sex at work. What if somebody finds out? What if somebody catches them?

And spanking at work? How naughty is that? Somebody could overhear, and then everyone will know! Plus, the heroine has spend the rest of the day trying to act natural and concentrate on work when her bottom is sore. And if the hero makes her spend the day without panties, that’s even better!

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#StormyNightPublications Jaye Peaches: The Stolen Bride

Addy: Hi Jaye! I'm so glad you came over. Congrats on the release of your newest book. It sounds so hot, and I love the cover.

Jaye: Thank you for inviting me to your blog. I’m sharing an excerpt from my latest release – The Stolen Bride – a medieval romance that tells of Nadia’s arranged marriage to a Norman baron. The virgin bride isn’t quite as pure as he believes her to be, but that doesn’t dissuade him from his plan to give her to another man on their wedding night.

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Friday, March 11, 2016

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The Highwayman's Lady Spanking new release by Ashe Barker #StormyNightPublications

Addy: Hi Ashe! I'm so excited to have you over. Your Highwayman sounds like he was a lot of fun to write!

Ashe: Hi Adaline, and thank you so much for inviting me over to your blog to give a shout out about The Highwayman’s Lady. I’m really excited about this story,

Gray is a hero I’ve been hatching for a while now, and it just reached the point where he had to emerge. He’s a rogue and no one could mistake him for a gentleman, but I hope you’ll love him as much as I do.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

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"Have it your way" Sexy snippet from The Beast's Woman Jordan St. John #NewRelease

I'm thrilled to have Jordan St. John over today. He is sharing an excerpt from his sexy new paranormal, The Beast's Woman. I'm halfway through the story myself, and it's hot! Congrats! Come over any time.
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Monday, February 8, 2016

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#Loved2016 Fourteen Kinky Valentine's Day Stories 99 CENTS

Title: Bound, Spanked and Loved: Fourteen Kinky Valentine's Day Stories
Genre: BDSM
Pages: 700


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#Loved2016 Bound Spanked & Loved Pre-order for 99 Cents!

Addy: I am so happy to have Katherine Deane over. She is sharing a teaser and contest info for the hottest box set around - currently on pre-order.  

Katherine:Thanks so much for having me over today, Adaline! I am so excited to be a part of the most amazing box set with these other awesome authors!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Meet Gretchen Williams: Heroine of her Leading Man. Find out her secret. #HerLeadingMan #AdalineRaine

The heroine of my newest release, Her Leading Man, has severe anxiety. I didn't plan it that way, and what's worse I didn't realize it until her first panic attack. She leaned on our hero, Tristan, and he got her through it. Anxiety, to be frank, is fucking scary. It's a horrible condition that can keep you in a terrible state of irrationality for no reason at all. Some days are amazing and you want to giggle and prance through hallways singing show-tunes, but then just as quickly you can be headfirst into any level of attack.

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Friday, January 29, 2016

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"Naughty girl," A Gift for the King - Hot New Release from Sara Fields

I'm so happy to have Sara Fields over today! I'm also over at her blog so be sure to come visit us.

She is sharing a hot snippet from her brand new release, in the top 5 for Erotica Science-Fiction, A Gift for the King. Congrats!

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"Are you still going to spank me?" Amanda's Dominant Daddy hot new release by Maggie Carpenter

I have the lovely Maggie Carpenter over today. She is sharing an excerpt from her brand new release, Amanda's Dominant Daddy! Be sure to grab your copy. 

Congrats Maggie!
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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

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