Thursday, September 8, 2016

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Workplace spanking? Hot. Hot. #CaraBristol #DomesticDiscipline

Addy: I'm thrilled to host Cara Bristol today! She is sharing a snippet from her brand new release. Congrats Cara!

Cara: One erotic romance trope I find superhot is the boss/employee workplace scenario. The power dynamic/differential and story conflict are already in place, and there is something very naughty and exciting about the idea of sex at work. What if somebody finds out? What if somebody catches them?

And spanking at work? How naughty is that? Somebody could overhear, and then everyone will know! Plus, the heroine has spend the rest of the day trying to act natural and concentrate on work when her bottom is sore. And if the hero makes her spend the day without panties, that’s even better!

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