Saturday, August 25, 2012

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Spanking Hot Review: Renee Rose


Review: Renee Rose: Loving Lucia and Courting Celia

Marco never expected to take on a wife but he takes Lucia into his house. He gives her a lot of freedom when it comes to tips on his wine making and tending to  the vines but does not allow her to question his motives or disobey him.  Lucia is very spirited and winds up over the man's lap quite often. The spanking scenes are top notch and peppered quite nicely throughout the plot. Sex between our  gorgeous Countess and Marco is also delicious! Suddenly arrives Celia, Lucia's sister who is down on  her luck you could say especially back in the time period, and Marco becomes guardian to her as well. If  you thought things sizzled in the beginning, the spankings of  Celia are hot enough on their own but when the twins begin to pull antics and then have double time with Marco you will literally be squirming in your seat, and not in a bad way! This book is the perfect length and  the dynamic among all of the characters is superb.You honestly do not want to put it down until you get to  the end. Very easy read overall and I definitely recommend it. I have placed reviews on Blushing BooksAmazon, and Good Reads and give it 5 out of 5 stars!

 Courting Celia is a companion/sequel to Loving Lucia but could easily stand on its own. This story delves into finding a suitable husband for  Lucia's twin sister, Celia. Tomi is an old friend of the twins and he immediately gets jealous of Marco.He knows that Lucia is spanked  whenever she throws a fit or acts without thinking and comes to realize that Marco is also spanking Celia. Celia wants Tomi's attention and gets upset when he seems to back away from her affections. Soon Celia is over Tomi's knee for her antics and her butt is soundly spanked! Tomi continues to be jealous of Marco until the two have a 'man to man' talk and Tomi lays down the rules. Lucia and Celia sneak out like naughty teenagers and wind up getting in a very bad situation. After all is said and done Marco gives Tomi and Celia his blessing and a suprise guest arrives. Overall a great mix of spankings, antics, and romance! Both Marco and Tomi are attractive,dominant males who show that they really care about the two sisters in their own way.  4 out of 5 stars on Blushing Books, Amazon, and Good Reads!

If you have yet to read any of Renee's books, go pick up one today. She is also the author of Betrothed and  The Elusive "O". Fantastic writer and great friend. Be sure to check out her awesome blog: Renee Rose Spanking Fiction on my blog roll!

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  1. Thank you so much for the review, Addy!!! You're the best!

  2. Hey Renee! :D Just really a fan of your style. Spreading the word around.... *grin*


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