Saturday, September 29, 2012

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LOOK Challenge: Throw Down

LOOK challenge by Celeste Jones:

All right I'm all over this one! The challenge, here, is to take your current work(s) in progress, find the work LOOK and note a few sentences around it. Post your three favorite!

From Dani's Place: WIP

“Dani!” Alisha yelled across the store to her. If it was an everyday sort of thing or a price check her best friend would have simply walked back there.

Dani wiped her hands on her jeans and stood up.  She thought about the stares they got whenever they went out. Alisha was tiny and compared to Dani’s huge frame she looked downright childlike. Her friend was dark-skinned, with rich brown hair and hazel-green eyes. She got most of the attention. Dani smirked.  Her own hair was a deep dark red that brought attention to her sapphire blue eyes though her skin tone never tanned beyond pale. Her best feature, told by only the few and the brave was not her nearly six foot tall height but her incredible breasts. Scratch that, smile. Dani finished in her head. She was so tall that most men could not help but stare at her chest. Anyhow, their physical differences had not stopped her from becoming close with Alisha and eventually telling her that she was a werewolf. 

 Dani was fiercely protective of her status even though there was a larger acceptance of wolves in this part of the state. Dani brought her thoughts back to her call and immediately felt an unnatural power surge from the front of the store. She stood slowly and pressed her hand to her side that held her knife. It was small but sharp and made of pure silver. She stepped cautiously out through the curtain and was met with an unusual sight. 


From Two Sides: WIP (My paranormal demon novel)

"So, you made a bet with me tonight." Mark tapped her foot with his.

Skye looked up suddenly shy. "Yeah, yeah I did." He was so close that their thighs were touching and she wondered why on earth she had walked over to him to start with.

"You know you can’t re-neg on a pool bet, right?" He tapped her again playfully.

"That would be like breaking a pinkie swear." Skye took several small breaths. Why did she suddenly feel like a silly teenager who was hiding out behind the bleachers with a cute boy?

"Bet was if I win I get to kiss you anywhere that I want." Mark smiled. "You did ask that the kiss be private."

"That was the bet." Skye tried to focus on his face instead of his lips but she was suddenly tingly in more places than one. She had known this man less than two hours and already she was getting caught up in her thoughts. She just wanted him.

Mark moved her hair back to one side. He leaned close to her and then ran his finger down the length of her neck. It gave Skye goose bumps all over her body as his breath whispered across her skin.  "Then I will make good on that." He kissed her neck very gently right under the spot where her pulse lay.

Skye opened her mouth to make a comment when he kissed deeper. He licked and sucked and nipped to the point where Skye suddenly knew why she loved every vampire novel ever written. It just plain made her hot. She bit down on her own lip to stop from moaning and blinked in utter amazement when Mark looked up at her. "I...uh...." She stuttered out. "Maybe I will ask you the stakes before accepting the challenge next time."

 Another work in progress without a title: Erin was kidnapped by vampires and only found due to the relentless search of  Greg, a detective, to find her

“You say my name like you know me.” She challenged. “You say my name as if we are close which last time I checked we weren’t.”

He sighed then still looking at her. “For five years I spent every waking minute trying to find out if you were even alive. We found the horror at your house and for a while my superiors tried to convince me that the same fate had happened to you but I knew that somehow you were with the people that did this. Some even theorized that you may have been behind the carnage. That you had snapped a wire in that pretty little head of yours but never did I falter in my search. Not once!” He straightened and leaned down. “I didn’t give up on finding you even after they declared the case closed. I did it on my own. So forgive me, Erin, if I say your name with feeling.”

“The staff told me that you’ve kept up on me. They told me that you would stop in or call to ask how my progress was going. They told me even when I was still locked inside myself that you were constant and supportive. They told me even when they didn’t know if I was listening.” The tears started then and she desperately tried to stop them. The tears had been a more recent thing. A year after being taken away she had stopped crying as if her supply of tears had simply dried up. It had only been within the last few weeks that the tears seemed near constant on her face. “Damn it.” She whispered as she brushed at them.


I hope you like the previews. They are not all erotic though are all still in early stages so we shall see! The last one has a strong potential to turn into a spanking read but I'm only at about 14,5000 so I'll keep you updated. Now go check out the other challengers!

<3 Adaline Raine



  1. Awesome! You have three wips? Wow. My brain can only handle one at a time, and not even that works well all the time. Thanks for taking the challenge!

  2. I have crazy brain I actually have my novel, two that were submitted for publishing, and a handful of others that all have about 10k a piece. I need to settle on one\two at a time. I've been writing for over a decade but didn't share anything till Renee showed me that all sorts of genres, like spanking, exist! Now I'm catching up and writing the scenes that come to my head instead of shying away. Lol the more wip the harder time I have speaking out loud. All my words get typed. :)


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