Sunday, September 9, 2012

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Six Sentence Sunday: On Her Own

9/9/12 Six Sentence

Good Morning,

 This story follows Nicole who just moved to Texas. She's been coddled and sheltered her whole life and due to some issues in her past she never had any discipline nor was she held responsible for her actions. At her best friend's urging she goes to a kink party one night and winds up over the lap of one very sexy Dom, Big Red. He tells her that if she ever needs another spanking to call him. After some reckless behavior Nicole calls him and he arrives to give her what she asked for. Unfortunately, Nicole has a problem paying attention to the world around her and keeps winding up over the big man's knees. She needs to be firmly taken in hand to keep her focus. Neither is sure of where the relationship is leading until an unexpected event finds Red in a situation of his own. Can Nicole be the one to save him this time around?

 “I want to be yours.”

Red's face darkened and he moved back from the couch. “I don’t think you realize just what that would mean.”

Nicole got down off the couch and fell to her knees in front of him. “Then tell me.”

“You’re not a sub, Nicole. You wouldn’t want to be.”

I hope you enjoyed the preview! I'm thinking of doing this via Smash Words and having a special promotion. Check out the rest of the talented author's over at Six Sentence Sunday!

<3 Adaline Raine



  1. I'm intrigued! Can't wait to see more.

  2. *grins* This one was so hard to pick the right six for. More coming very soon! :P

  3. I like the relationship dynamic that's revealed in just six sentences.

  4. Thanks Cara! It's still early on in the story so I'm not sure how it's playing out yet. :)

  5. Great interaction. Really throw the gauntlet. Drew me in. Fun six.

  6. How fun that you are a part of Six Sentence Sunday. Yay! I'll be watching for more:)

  7. @Sabrina: I plan on finishing this one up really soon. :) I'm glad that it captured your attention.

    Slightly Naughty: I plan on doing this every week. It's a lot of fun. *grins*

  8. Ah, it's the good ole 'sub, not a sub' conundrum. Maybe he's a switch, too?

  9. Hmmm...I didn't ponder that yet. Now I want to poke him for more info. Very interesting. :)

  10. Yeah, an interesting dynamic between them. Does he really know her so well? Thanks for sharing.

  11. Intiguing six...Does he know her that well?

  12. Cute start! I hope you had a great weekend! :)

  13. @Kelworth and Sara: Such an interesting point. I don't know yet...he's so Dom he won't even share his story with me yet. *wink*

    @Riley: Thanks hon! I hope you did too.

    @Renee: I emailed you. Have I told you lately that I adore you????

  14. Adaline,

    I'm trying to find your email address and can't seem to find I'm tracking you down with a blog post comment LOL! You won the copy of Dark Without You on the BDSM Book Reviews sites, so please shoot me an email ( so I can get it to you:) Thanks:)


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