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Chapter One: WIP: Dani's Place

Updated First Full Chapter for Ksenia (grin)
Please note this is still a work in progress!

“Dani!” Alisha yelled across the store to her. If it was an everyday sort of thing or a price check her best friend would have simply walked back there. Of course everyday happenings were not that common in Dani’s world. For starters she was the only red-haired female werewolf in her entire state and whisperings noted that she was even rarer since she was undoubtedly dominant. To be a dominant female in a pack was hard enough on its own but to be so highly sought made most women jealous upon her very name being uttered. Dani shook her head. It was just another reason that she kept to herself. Alisha had continued to show up at her store when she was first trying to open and after several weeks of trying to convince the thick-headed human female that she was fine and could do things all by herself she felt drawn in by her genuine like of Dani.  She thought about the stares they got whenever they went out. Alisha was tiny and compared to Dani’s huge frame she looked downright childlike. Her friend was dark-skinned, with rich brown hair and hazel-green eyes. She got most of the attention. Dani smirked.  Her own hair was a deep dark red that complimented her dark brown eyes though her skin tone never tanned much beyond pale.  It was odd beyond belief someone had said to her once to have such vibrant red hair and brown eyes. Her best feature, told by only the few and the brave was not her nearly six foot tall height but her incredible breasts. Scratch that, smile. Dani finished in her head. She was so tall that most men could not help but stare at her chest. Anyhow, their physical differences had not stopped her from becoming close with Alisha and eventually telling her that she was a werewolf.  Dani was fiercely protective of her status even though there was a larger acceptance of wolves in this part of the state.

Dani brought her thoughts back to her call and immediately felt an unnatural power surge from the front of the store.  Dani sniffed towards the front and wiped her hands on her jeans as she stood up.  She pressed her hand to her side that held her knife. It was small but sharp and made of pure silver. She stepped cautiously out through the curtain and was met with an unusual sight.
Mason Daniels, the head of a rather large pack was standing at the counter.  She would have known him anywhere. His power was just that intense. Dani stepped closer and tried not to think about why he was standing there. Mason was an intimidating man from just the power but was well over six feet tall with an impressive set of muscles to boot. It was all natural though and she guessed most men would need to work out in a gym on a daily basis to look so sexy.   Sexy? Did her brain just note that Mason, whatever the hell he was doing, was sexy?  Dani nearly growled in her head.  He was staring at her as she approached and those damn chocolate brown eyes were locked on hers. Damn him. He was sexy. She threw a glance to Alisha who was trying to look non-chalet behind the counter but Dani could feel the tension there.
Dani had kept to herself in all matters. She didn’t want to belong to a pack of any kind and she certainly did not want to get wrapped up in any sort of matter involving him. Though he had become aware of her recently or at least she had heard whisperings that he would be making an appearance soon. Word on the street was that he was looking for a mate. Dani wanted nothing to do with that!  Dani stopped walking when her feet met his. He had literally pulled her to him with just his eyes. She stepped back.

“Have you been threatened?” A flicker of anger crossed across his features as he looked down at her.

“Yes.” Dani answered quickly and glanced angrily at Alisha. Of all the times that girl had to open her mouth!

“No.” Alisha had answered just as quickly as she shot a nervous glance between the two of them.
Dani shot another look to her friend. “No, it was not that recently.” Dani let go of her knife and leaned against the counter. If he knew of some of the antics being pulled on her surely he would pick her up right there and carry her off.  Some odd part of her tightened at the thought and Dani flushed. She had been around him for thirty seconds and already she was distracted.

Mason raised an eyebrow. “Recent enough that you carry a silver knife on you at all times?” He looked over to Alisha who crossed her arms in front of her.

Alisha shrugged as she wagged her eyebrows at Dani. “Maybe it was longer than I thought.” She nodded towards Mason and mouthed, “Tell him.”

Dani cocked her head to the side as she shook off the flush. “So, what brings you to my tiny little store?” Her emotions were spinning around arousal and anger and she was fighting the cloud to remain focused. He would be able to sense both options and the outcome had a fight or fuck lining.

“I wanted to have dinner with you tonight.” His words seem to brush right against her sex as if he touched her there and Dani took another step back.

“I have to close the store.” Dani pulled the excuse from her long list and shrugged it off before she could get lost in his eyes again. She could see why he was on the most wanted list.  Besides Mason’s outer appearance, his aura of power that was permeating the room with such intensity that she was damn near drooling.

“I can close up tonight.” Alisha offered sincerely. Dani had noticed that she was edging further away from the two of them.

“I appreciate the offer but unless you would like to do an inventory count-“Dani trailed off as Mason touched her arm and sent waves of heat over her body.

“I would really like to see you tonight, Dani.” His hand was gripping her arm firmly and his voice held a husky undertone that demanded attention.

Dani grabbed his hand with the intention to move it off when she gasped from the sudden flare up. It was bad enough that he draped the command in authority and though he was not her alpha it would not be in her better judgment to refuse.  Another spark flared and Dani got an urge to roll around on top of him.  She growled then, low in her throat and she saw Alisha retreating out of the corner of her eye.

Mason dropped his hand but kept his eyes on her. He looked amused and intrigued at the same time. “May I come over for dinner?”

Dani sneered. She was furious at the way her body was reacting to his. Her uncle had hinted years ago that only a true dominant female would react immediately to her true mate but it had been a conversation that she had not been old enough to understand. He had tried to do his best with her, but his pack matters had caused her to take care of herself. She shook off the memories that were bumping against her brick wall of her childhood and focused back on Mason.

Mason grabbed her chin. “Such a face does not belong on you.”

Dani balked.  “Come over for dinner but don’t touch me.” She wanted to pull away from his grasp but as the power trembled through her she found it oddly arousing.

Mason growled under his breath. “I demand respect from you.” He had let go of her chin and moved so that she was pressed dangerously close to his chest.

“Respect has to be earned.” Dani felt like a small child standing there looking up at him. She was no wilting flower but he was just that large. Hell, her voice sounded weak even to her own ears. Dani tried to move but found an equally odd feeling of protection which actually worsened her mood.

Mason smirked as he moved a piece of hair out of her eyes and tucked it behind her ear. “You will regret saying those words to me tonight, Dani. I will earn it even though I am sure you won’t like my method.”

 “You really are an arrogant son of a bitch.” Dani felt like she was suffocating from the heat.  She had never been remotely intimate with another wolf and the sensations flying through her mind were overwhelming.

Mason’s face darkened as he turned and began to walk towards the front of the store. “I know that you have isolated yourself from other wolves for years but I will not allow you to speak to me like that.” Mason looked towards the back. “Apologize to your friend for me. This display was inappropriate.” His stare lingered a moment before he refocused on her.

Dani let out a long breath and pointed to the door. “I need you to leave, Mason. I don’t want you in my store anymore.”

“I will deal with your attitude tonight, Dani, and I expect you to be much more considerate of my position afterwards.”  With those words he finally walked out of the store and the fire immediately ceased.
His words were rattling around in her head and she could not figure out exactly what he meant. He had mentioned that he would earn her respect and then said that he will ‘deal’ with her. What the hell did that mean? She had heard through the grapevine that many werewolf relationships seemed to border on intense love and intense hate at all times based on hormones alone. She thought back to the conversation she had with the one wolf she had known before moving here that was heartbroken and disgusted with his self because in the middle of having sex with his wife he had wound up breaking her leg. It was a complete accident and she wound up being okay but from the outside it looked like any other domestic incident.

“Are you all right?” Alisha called from the curtain and snapped Dani back to reality.

Dani turned as she peeked through and then walked back to the counter. The trembling ceased nd she rolled her neck on her shoulders as Alisha crept closer. “I will be. I’m just not sure if I am looking forward to this or not.” She leaned against the counter. “Why did you tell Mason that I was threatened?”

“If you had told him I wouldn’t have had to mention the threats at all. I know I’m not a ‘wolf’ and I don’t have all of your instincts but there are hunters that appear to be pretty active around here. I know that you have kept really low on the radar, Dani, but if they keep leaving dead rabbits on our doorstep they are obviously getting closer to finding your house! Come on, maybe Mason can help you?” Alisha was keeping her pace deliberately slow. She probably thought that Dani’s temper was going to flare again.

“I’m pretty sure he already knows or he wouldn’t have come all the way out here.” Dani did not continue on that thought. Could he possibly be there to lay claim to her? Was that what he meant when he said he would deal with her attitude? He would just claim her as his mate and turn her into some pup factory?

“He is just about the sexiest man I have ever laid my eyes on.” Alisha looked towards the door as if she were remembering the large man.

Dani growled again much to her horror and Alisha’s eyes went wide in fear. Dani smacked her hands on the counter. “Damn it! I shouldn’t care what you think of Mr. Mason Daniels.”

Alisha walked around the counter very slowly. She wisely stopped before actually reaching out to her. “You do care, Dani. It’s okay to be attracted to a man that you have told me in the past is a true alpha. He is sexy and it’s okay. I know there must be more to him or you would not have invited him to your house.”

Dani shook her head. “I don’t want anything to do with that man or his pack.” She was reeling. How dare Mason make her so on edge! “For the record Mason invited himself.” Dani turned and began to straighten up the store. She did not want to take anything else out on her friend.

“He apparently wants something to do with you.” Alisha moved back behind the counter and began to clean it.  “All I’m saying is that you’ve been under a lot of pressure and it seems like it’s made you more open to an attack. What can it hurt to see what he has to say?”

Dani rolled her eyes. “You’ve known me for what? Five, six…what is it, seven years now? Have you ever in your entire life heard me make that damn noise?’

Alisha shrugged. “Well, once when that shelf fell on your head and you needed stitches, I heard you growl at the doctor.” She grabbed a dust rag from underneath the cash register and continued to wipe down the counters.

Dani flushed. “He was a wolf.” She had recalled that he knew immediately that she was one as well. He had kept the nosy nurses away who kept trying to take her vitals. She knew she ran hotter than most and the last thing she needed at the time was a more accurate thermometer check by an overbearing nurse.  She brushed off the memory and re-focused on her friend.

Alisha frowned. “So then why did you just growl at me?”

Dani sighed. “I don’t know. Mason comes strutting in here and I have to bow down and kiss his furry feet!”

Alisha moved her hand. “Would it really be that bad to have someone else looking out for you?”

Dani huffed again but looked over at her. “Are you actually worried that I can’t take care of myself?” Alisha looked away and she remembered that last month her tires had been slashed. It was the boldest threat so far. She opened her mouth with a groan, “Last month was a fluke! I’m strong and I’m stealthy. No one can just waltz in here and find me.”

“Is that what Mason just did?” Alisha frowned deeply as she finished with the rag. “I mean unless you can all find each other?”

Dani sighed as she straightened the last trinket.  Of course Mason should be able to find her. He was a true alpha after all. In fact she was a bit surprised that it took him so long to confront her.  At least if you considered a dinner invitation as a confrontation. “Fine, you’re right.  Mason looking out for me would not be the worst thing.”

“Go have a nice dinner with Mason. Just let me know that you got home safe. ” Alisha smiled all the way to her eyes. “Make sure you behave.”

Dani snorted as she studied Alisha’s face. Her words were light but her tone felt off as if she were deeply worried about the recent attention from the hunters.  “Of course, I will. See you in the morning.” Dani grabbed her purse and keys from the storage room and headed out the side door. She had just enough time to cook and get dressed before Mason was due to arrive.
Meanwhile at Mason’s

Phil, Mason’s second in command was standing in the small wine cellar studying the much larger man.  His hair was a deep, dark brown that offset his blue eyes. It could be argued that his position in the pack was harder to hold on to than Mason’s. Once a challenge was issued Tyler, the packs third in command would fight.  It started with both members of the pack in human form and then they shifted and finished it to the death.  There had been a recent arrangement where several of the smaller packs had decided to ban together and chose leaders without killing. It was not common to merge the packs in such a manner but in recent months there had been enough hunting and killing of good wolves that the men had decided it was the best route. Mason had been selected as leader, mostly due to his tireless dedication to finding wolves that had been abducted by hunters and getting them back. His dedication aside, the choice was not supported by everyone.

“I have never seen you have a hard time with choosing a bottle.” Phil mused as he watched Mason walk up and down the two aisles.

Mason was looking up and down on the shelves.  He glanced over at Phil who was shorter but broader than him as well as an impressive set of muscles. He thought back to the threats that had been issued towards Dani and remembered his own time in their disgusting hands. Mason had been taken for almost a year before being rescued. Sadly, the pack master that found him had been killed in an odd accident by drowning. It had left the group without a clear leader and Mason had stepped up to fill the position. He shrugged as he passed over another bottle of white.

 “Just grab one. I’m sure that she will have other, more important thoughts on her mind that what you two are drinking.”

Mason settled on a vintage Merlot and frowned. “Dani growled and told me to get out of her store.”

Phil snorted. “I know what I would have done if she growled at me.”

Mason shook his head. “I went there uninvited.” He started up the basement stairs.

Phil followed. “All I am saying is that if you two-“

Mason growled and nearly pushed the smaller man back down the stairs.

“Whoa! Whoa! Hey, man!” Phil lost his balance and held up his hands. He was sitting at the bottom of the landing. “I was NOT implying that you are going after Dani just to mate her. For fuck sake!”

Mason took a breath and pulled Phil back up. “She’s not even mine and I was ready to hurt you.”

“No shit?” Phil let him pull him to his feet.

“Damn it, why can’t I get this woman out of my head and I don’t even know her?” Mason let go of Phil and continued up the stairs.

“You just know, man. When you find someone that you click with like that? Just go for it. If you feel this strong then you need to show her how you feel.” Phil shrugged. “I was just saying that she sounds like she needs a serious attitude adjustment.”

Mason frowned. “I’m sorry and as usual you are right.”

Phil raised his eyebrows to the top of his head. “Just have a good night.” He clapped Mason on the shoulder and ran off.

Mason watched Phil go off. It was not often that he needed to apologize to him but there was just something about Dani that made him fiercely protective of her.  Mason stopped and looked up at the mirror before grabbing the wine and heading out. He knew that Dani had to feel some sort of attraction. She had scared her friend away with her attitude and actions. She had gasped at his touch and at one point he would not have been surprised if she leaned over and marked him up with her teeth. Mason rolled his shoulders. It had taken a lot of control on his end not to scoop her up and force her to be his. That would have ended much worse. He blocked out the negative parts of their conversation and focused on her touch. When she was pressed against him he literally wanted her to make a move. Any move. Then of course she had opened her mouth. He was going to teach that mouth one hell of a lesson tonight.
Inside Dani’s Kitchen
Dani was pacing. She had gone with a very simple steak on the grill, veggies on the grill, and her famous mashed potato casserole. She was biting her lip as she brought the food inside. What was she nervous about?  Could it be because she was wondering if Mr. Mason Daniels would actually try to claim her in her own house? Could he even do that? She had heard of true alpha wolves having the ability to choose any mate even against the female’s will, but was it true? She checked her reflection in the hallway mirror and smoothed over her black skirt again. She did not want to impress him but show him just how capable she was on her own. The doorbell rang and Dani nearly jumped out of her skin. When was the last time she had company except for Alisha? It was common for her friend to randomly show up but of course she had a key and there was no need for the bell. She checked her top again and was happy that she settled on the gray v-neck instead of the blood red plunge that had been calling to her at the back of her closet.
She opened the door slowly and stifled a gasp. He was dressed in a simple pair of black jeans and a dark teal colored shirt that fit his arms perfectly. She stared for a moment before she remembered the rumor that Mr. Mason Daniels was on the prowl for a mate. Dani opened the door. “Please, come in.“She moved back.  Being polite did not mean she had to gush over him.

He stepped inside and handed her the bottle of wine. “It goes well with steak.”

Dani accepted it and smirked in spite of herself. “I am sure that it goes well with almost anything.”  She had set the dining room table and again pondered how long it had been since she had anyone in the room. She kept herself busy at pouring the wine and removing the foil from the meat. “How did you find me?”

“You gave me directions.” He took the wine glasses and set them on the table .

Dani sat down and took a sip. It was deep and rich with the smoothest aftertaste she had ever had. She nodded approvingly at the wine and then folded her hands in front of her. “I’m talking about my store.”

“You market well?” Mason sat down across from her.

Dani waited as he served himself and then accepted the platter. She had made the steak the way that she enjoyed it, just seared, and hoped for the briefest moment that he would like it as well. She took a small portion from each dish and then looked back at him. “Do you have wolf GPS or something?”

“What are you afraid of?” Mason took a large sip from the wine and frowned.

Dani looked down at her plate and took several scoops of the potatoes into her mouth. She was not going to give in so easily. If he was there for other purposes then her mention of him claiming her would just give him the idea that it was something she wanted.  “I do not frighten easily, Mr. Daniels.”

Mason reached over and touched her chin so that she was looking back up at him. “Something has you on edge and I want to know what it is.”
“Right now the only thing that has me on edge is you showing up to my store!”  Dani snapped as she pulled away and stood up.  Part of her was worried that he would claim here and equally scared that he would not.

Mason blinked up at her. “You think I’m here to claim you, Dani?”

Dani kept the tears back and glared. “I am sure that you have thought of it or you would not have mentioned it just now!” She was breathing heavy as he moved the chair back.

Mason stood slowly. “That is not really my style, though by the end of the night, you will respect me.”

Dani huffed and sat down. She drained her glass of wine and focused on eating her steak. That damn feeling of wanting to just roll all over him and tear him up with her mouth was really messing with her head. She had male wolf friends before and none of them had ever made her react in such a fashion. She continued to devour the meat and said nothing.

“Tell me about the threats then.” Mason began to eat but kept those eyes on her.

Dani took a deep breath. “It’s the same as the ones near you. Things taped to my car. I’ve had more than a few nasty phone messages.  I have had some occasional dead animals in the entry way to my store.” She shrugged.

“Those things aren’t happening near me.” Mason took another sip of wine.

Dani frowned and dropped her fork. “I thought those sort of things were happening everywhere.” She licked her lips. “You think that someone is actually after me?”

“You are a dominant female and one of the only red-haired wolves in the entire country.” Mason shrugged. “I would say that you would be highly sought after.”

“And you think that by offering me your protection that it will stop the threats?” Dani poured another glass of wine and sipped it. Was he trying to scare her into his protection or was there something really after just her?

“If you become a part of my pack I will guarantee your protection.” Mason motioned for her to fill his glass as well.

Dani huffed. “I will not be forced into a pack.” She held the glass in one hand and noticed that her hands were trembling.

Mason took the bottle from her and filled his own glass. “I am not here to force you to do anything unless you prove that your independence has made you stupid.” Mason took a sip.

Dani stood up again.  She hated to feel weak. After all the years of being on her own the last thing that she needed was some alpha male running into her life like some knight on a white horse. “You will speak kindly 
 to me in my own house, Mr. Mason Daniels.”

Mason smiled. “I have spoken to you with more kindness than most would Ms. Dixon.”

Dani took a step towards him and he mirrored her immediately. She was fuming for the second time that day. There was something about this man that made her want to curl up on his chest and stay there or tear him to pieces. It was infuriating.

“Are you like this with everyone you meet, Dani?” His power was licking along her skin and she was becoming irrational.

Dani growled. “I let you in my house but it does not mean that I am letting you into my life.” She blinked her eyes a few times and hoped that stayed nice and brown.

“If you growl at me again I will show you right now just how this is going to play out.” Mason’s words came out cool and collected and it just poked at Dani more.

“I am not yours to command.” Dani felt more off balance than ever before. At one minute she was ready to impress him and please him and in the next she was literally ready to force him to claim her in every sense of the word. She took a step towards him.

Mason grabbed her hair and pulled her the rest of the way.  She stumbled and wound up on her knees. “You may be dominant but you will not step to me.” He let go of her hair as she glared up at him. “You are going to respect, Dani, no matter how long it takes.” Mason reached down, pulled her up into his arms and set her on the edge of the table. “You should be warned that you will not like how most males treat their females.”

Dani slid off the table and sat back in her seat while she glared daggers at him. She finished her glass of wine and then threw it at the wall. “I am not most. If it involves bowing down and letting you walk all over me then you and your pack can go and-“

Mason grabbed her chin. “I tried being reasonable but now I am going to get the real reason you are acting so strange.”

Dani growled. “You get your hands off me!” She was done being rational. She wanted Mason Daniels out of her house and out of her business!

Mason shook his head. “I warned you about that.” He picked her up and threw her over his shoulder before she could react.

“Mason Daniels you put me down or so help me-“


Dani jumped. He had smacked her ass. What the hell? She was too shocked to comprehend what he had just done and what he meant to do. She was trying to grasp what he had said in the store about respect when he sat down upon her couch. Dani went to move when she was suddenly pinned by one of his legs. She bucked but had nowhere to go. “I will never forgive you for this.” She spat between her teeth as his one hand grabbed her arm and held it.

“I am not going to stop until you tell me what the real issue is.” Mason whispered as he rested his other hand on Dani’s back.

The nerve of him! Dani had never been in this position before in her life! She bucked up against his palm.“My pain tolerance is epic, Mr. Daniels.”
“I’m not going to spank you because I want you to hurt you, I’m going to spank you to get to the reason you are acting like this.” Mason lifted her skirt and lowered her panties. He began to smack one cheek and then the other. 

Dani bit her lip. Though her tolerance was indeed high she was growing more nervous about being held in such a manner. She had never been spanked as a child. Hell, she had been on her own since age ten. Her poor excuse for a family had certainly not cared enough to give her any discipline at all.  He lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties. She was now truly mortified as his belt began to sting her upper thighs and she began to squirm. “You let me go!”

Mason continued to rain the belt down over both cheeks. “What is the issue?”

Dani continued to squirm as the spanking continued. “I hate you!” She finally yelled out as the tears began to flow. True to his word it did not feel like he was trying to bruise her but it was ebbing away at the wall that she had so firmly kept in place.

Mason threw the belt down. “Tell me, Dani, what is it?”

Dani continued to cry but said nothing. How could she possibly tell him that part of her was secretly hoping that he was here to claim her?

Mason let out a sigh and began to spank with his hand. “I want the answer.” After several moments Dani heard him pick the belt up again.

“Is this what men like you do to your females?” Dani spat the words. Her mood had turned sour and she was deeply confused at the rush of emotions running through her. Surely he could not mean that this is how he taught his pack?

“Are you ready to tell me what the real problem is here?” Mason’s voice sounded strained over her head.

 The truth was that she did not want him to let go of her, ever. It deeply frightened her. She had never relied on anyone before and the fact that she was willing to trust a complete stranger with her life was completely unsettling. Soon the speed and stroke increased until even Dani could no longer keep quiet pain tolerance be damned.  “Please! Mason!” She cried out. “Please, stop!” Dani began to yell.

Mason immediately moved his leg. She felt him adjust her clothes and he turned her around so that she was pressed against his chest. “Tell me now what the issue is.”

Dani wiped at her eyes. He was holding her against him and she was growing more confused. How could he spank her like that and now sit here with such a gentle hand? “I have never reacted to anyone the way that I react to you.”

“Have you never been around an alpha before?” He wiped her tears with the tip of his fingers and Dani fought to not pull away.

Dani shrugged. “I thought so but perhaps not.” She kept her head down.

“You will learn to respect me, Dani, and I will keep you safe no matter what.”

“I don’t need your protection.” Dani tried to crawl off of his lap.

“What are you keeping from me? Tell me!” Mason clasped her around the waist and she struggled until he was on top of her.

Dani looked up at him. She opened her mouth to protest when his mouth was suddenly on hers. Her wolf side growled in deep contentment as he began to lick along her neck and nip at all the right junctures. She pulled the shirt from his pants and began to run her hands over his stomach and chest. He was warm and muscled and he felt wonderful beneath her hands. She decided she wanted more and began to lick the path that her hands made. She was nibbling and sucking and full on biting. He pulled her skirt down and began to nibble along her thighs. His tongue was an odd mix of wet and fire as it began to delve into her most private places. She stopped biting then as she was surrounded by heat. She drew great scratches down his back that had already started to heal. Dani bucked as he brought her to climax and she called out his name. He was moving again and suddenly from deep down inside the small rational part of her brain that was left she began to push against his chest. “No.” She was scrambling to get from underneath him. “No.”  Dani pulled away from him and was now kneeling on the carpet next to her couch.

Mason was sitting on the couch staring at her. “What is with you?”

Dani was shaking as she looked around for her clothes. “I just want you to leave. I don’t want anything to do with you.”

“Why, Dani, tell me.” He reached out for her and she scurried away to the other side of the room.

“I can’t think with you touching me so stop.” She had managed to put some distance between them.

“Is this some sort of game to you? You think that I would just offer my protection to anyone?” Mason was frowning.

Dani shook her head. The power that was radiating off of him was distracting. “Please, just go.”

Mason pulled on his shirt and walked over to her. He clasped her wrists and pulled her up. “I want the truth.”

“I have never had to rely on anyone and I am sure as hell not going to start with you.” Dani was fighting tears.

Mason let go. “Whatever rumors you have heard about alphas and their mates is probably true. If I were truly here to claim you I would have done it and we would already be on the way back at my house. Is that clear to you now?”

Dani was glaring up at him. “Get out of my house.” Mason leaned down and pulled her close to him. She inhaled sharply as he bit down at the spot where her collar bone and neck met and tugged.  Her knees turned to jelly and she pushed weakly at his chest.

“You will tell me what the real problem is even if it’s not tonight.”

“Da-damn you Mason. Get out.” Dani’s head was spinning as he let go of her and walked to the door. She followed mutely as he stepped out.

“Enjoy the wine.” He called dryly as she slammed the door and locked it behind him.

Dani turned to towards the mirror. She looked tired and angry and his teeth had left a large imprint on her skin. It would take days to heal a bruise made by him, perhaps longer. It was a sign that she belonged to him. It was a clear message to any male wolf that she was taken though it was not as strong as a claim. His mark was more of a warning that he wanted her and would make sure that she ended up being his. A claim was something permanent and could not be challenged unless the one who set claim dies. She touched the spot and growled long and loud. Had he done it to prove that he could or was it because of the threats?  Dani shouted at the mirror even as she felt the wetness between her legs growing. Mason Daniels had marked her without asking and it turned her on immensely. “Damn you, Mason…..and damn me too.”

Still very much in progress! I've got about 8-10k to finish it off. Hope you enjoyed!
<3 Adaline


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  3. You are so awesome Minelle. I'm thinking of doing one with her and Phil to see how that plays out. :D


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