Saturday, October 20, 2012

Offline Nano Buddies? What to do?

I'm in a pickle. I want to do Nano with my offline line friends and umm...they don't know who Adaline Raine is. I mean, I know her.

 She's this sassy, sexy, inner writer who is having a hell of a time connecting with authors and getting spanked by MDK when she acts up. But, these two friends know me. Yeah, the me behind the computer screen with the kids and the chores and the secrets behind closed doors.

So I was ready to throw all my DD posts under the carpet.


I re-designed my blog so that it is easier to read and easier to navigate. Or maybe it just looks easier because it isn't so bold....but I still have some spanking notes and just look at my buttons. Go ahead. You see that? Spanking Bloggers Network.

*Deep sigh*

These are my two Nano buddies and longtime friends and I'm fretting over what they may find in a 'google' search. Hell, I did a google search and boy am I naughty and dirty.

I think those are two of things that attract so many of you to me is that you see the whole picture including the naughty nitty gritty, dirty behind the scenes what goes on - ness. Now I'm making up words. Maybe I should just act naive. I just don't want them to get the wrong impression. I love MDK so much and I asked for all of this.

Maybe I'm making a big deal over nothing.....words of wisdom? Advice?

<3 Adaline Raine


  1. Can't give you any. Other than blog world, I live in the "closet".

  2. At least I'm in good company. *pokes you* :)

  3. Do you have to share what you write? Pretty new layout btw. Just share your wordcount rather than the manuscript.

    I did "come out" to two vanilla friends, but they are long-distance. I don't have to run into them at the grocery store or anything.

  4. Oh they would be all over the erotic part it's the spanking side and all the personal tales that I've shared on my blog that makes me resistant. One of them read 50 shades, laughed, and said 'It pales to the 'beauty' series.' So it would be right up their alley...but me getting spanking on a regular basis. Uggh.

  5. I have two nano accounts. Real name me and Celeste Jones...feel free to be my nano buddy! I'm going to work on a non-spanko something to appease my vanilla friends who don't know anything about my life as Celeste Jones. Not sure if I can do two different things, but we'll see.

    It's complicated, that's for sure, and Nano is just the tip of the iceberg.

  6. Of course! Why didn't I think of that? Thank you Celeste! Of course I'll be your Nano buddy. :)

  7. Yay! Everyone will want to join now!


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