Sunday, October 21, 2012

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Six Sentence Sunday: Dani's Place: Leave your mark

Alisha tugged at the scarf again and giggled as  it came unwrapped and slipped down over Dani’s neck. She blushed at what she thought was a love bite from some playful necking when the full picture came into view.

Dani shook her head as she watched her friend take in the view that she had studied in the mirror for almost an hour. The mark was a wicked dark rainbow of blues, purples, and yellows that started at the sweet spot in her neck and ran into the hollow of her collarbone. It was not some high school hickey behind the bleachers; it was truly the mark of an alpha. Mason was going to make claim to her, it was just a matter of when.

From my WIP

Dani is a dominant red-haired werewolf who has fought her whole life to stay under the radar of hunters and other wolves. Mason is an alpha wolf and rumor has it that he is looking for a mate. Will he claim her out of protection and force her to be his or let her decide?

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<3 Addy


  1. I'll be a werewolf leaves a hell of a hickey! Great description. Enjoyed your six.

  2. I've been told that I need to add more description and less dialogue. I just love that her friend is so innocent here and Dani's trying to wrap her head around belonging to someone. :) Thank you, thank you!

  3. Ooh sexy. I always love a good claiming ;-)

  4. Claiming/belonging...great topics. We want them to claim us, but we don't want to act like we want it. :)

  5. @Skye Thank you! Dani doesn't yet but she's about to. ;)

    @Celeste: It is SO about that! *grin*

  6. Love the game! In the end I hope he "claims" her!

  7. Wow. Interesting premise! Wolves and love bites, what's not to love?!!

  8. @Carrie Crain: I'm so happy you like the idea! :)

  9. I don't read that many werewolf books but in the few I've read, I've never come across a hickey as a mark of being claimed. That's some sexy stuff there! :)

    Thanks for adding me to your blog roll. Glad you enjoyed my weekly madness.

  10. Great description of the mark. I wonder how she feels about it... Great six!

  11. Love these six! I've never thought of hickies (or is that hickys?) as sexy - but you might have just changed my mind. ;-)

  12. And oh my gosh! Thank you for adding me to your blog list!!! I just noticed it and and tickled pink!!!

  13. @Lil shaw: Very welcome and I hope I change a lot of minds with this story. :)

    @Paton: So far she is against it but he's so damn sexy that I think she's changing her mind.

    @Karysa: LOL You're welcome! :) I really like reading your blog. The hickey was done by a sexy alpha wold named Mason....hope that ups the sexy factor!


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