Sunday, October 14, 2012

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Six Sunday: Dani's Place: An Alpha's Command

Dani touched his hand with the intention to move it off when she nearly gasped from the sudden flare up. It was bad enough that he draped the command in authority and though he was not her alpha it would not be in her best judgment to refuse.  Another spark flared and Dani got an urge to roll around on top of him.  She growled then, low in her throat when she noticed Alisha back away from the two out of the corner of her eye.

Mason dropped his hand but kept his eyes on her. He looked amused and intrigued at the same time. “May I come over for dinner?”

 My Six Sunday from my WIP: Dani's Place. Dani is a red-haired werewolf who has been on her own
while Mason is the pack master for a large pack that formed out of several smaller ones. He is Alpha in every way and though she is dominant she wants to just fade back under the radar. Mason no longer leaves that choice up to her.
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<3 Adaline

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  1. Interested to see where this leads. Intriguing emotion here.

  2. You did sign up officially, silly! You are on the list. I'm also interested in where this will lead.

  3. @Cara: Thank you. This is still in the works so it could go so many ways! :)

    Oh wow Ana...maybe my fever spiked again!
    There I am, number 85. Pfft. I am going to start signing up on Mondays!

  4. Now I want to know "What's for Dinner" and I do not mean the food of course. So many erotic questions.

  5. Can't wait to see how this turns out!

  6. @Joseph: Her first spanking happens at dinner so you can imagine how that went!

    @Celeste: *evil grin* It's so much fun to write when you don't know the outcome. LOL

  7. I like how he kept his eyes on her and then the dialogue about dinner. You've got this intense sexual moment and then a pop of realism. Fun!

  8. Delicious six, Adaline!

    Hope you feel better soon - I'll tweet you a sign up reminder this week. ;)

  9. @Wildcat: I'm so glad that you like it! :)

    @Sandra: TY for the reminder! As long as I don't sign up twice I'm good. ;)


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