Thursday, December 27, 2012

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It's official- I'm getting published!

Yes, I am alive....I've been rather quiet and busy typing. I will announce that I am going to be published within a few weeks. WOO-HOO! SO many of you have stood by me and encouraged me and pushed me when I needed it and I wanted to say thank you.

This comes on the tail of losing the woman who raised me as her own and though the calender clearly states that it has been two full weeks my brain has stopped clocking time. It just will not wrap itself around the huge gaping hole in my heart. Head and heart don't always work in tandem do they?

To continue on the positive, because I have to, have to stay on it I will soon be releasing a sample of the finished werewolf story, now tentatively titled Marked by the Alpha . (Oooh doesn't it sound sexy?)

*Deep breath* So lots of happiness and lots of sadness all at the same time. Though, that's kind of how life is. Here's an ice-cream sundae, Oh hell! I forgot! You're lactose intolerant and allergic to peanuts. Yeah. Thanks life.

You have all been so very wonderful and I hope that you all had an amazing holiday surrounded by your family and friends. *muwah!*

~Adaline Raine~

Oh PS! I have to share this. I mentioned it on my facebook, so on Christmas Eve it was me, MDK, his mom and aunt all sitting around the dessert table drinking liquor. MIL asks nicely, How is your writing going? I give a nod, nod, nod and smile. She presses on for a bit until I down the liquor and say sweetly, Well, yes I am getting published. MIL and her sister begin to ask questions, most importantly about where they can buy it. I sneak several glances at MDK who is smirking and finally stutter out, "Err, well, it's erotica."

My MIL has no idea what that is, though my aunt does! So I take a breath and say, "Have you heard of 50 shades?" Again MIL did not know anything about that book but my awesome aunt goes, "Oh, you write that?"

Then we plowed on ahead to another conversation. EEEEeeeeeek! I wanted to crawl under the table or shout something along the lines of, "Yeah, and your son spanks me too!" I wasn't drunk though. *wicked grin* And I did get a very much needed Christmas eve spanking followed by an amazing, epic release that was so powerful that I literally felt naughty to be going out to see his parents!!!! :P

PPS Thanks Ana, you're right and I adjusted it till I know. ;)



  1. Very happy for you, Addy. I'm glad that you buckled down and finished your WIP. Best wishes to you in all of your writing endeavors.

  2. Oh it's my dear non-naughty Ana!!! :) Thank you so much. I'm kind of bouncing in my seat.

  3. I have a DD blog

    Princess x

  4. Thank you 1950s Princess. I have added you. :)

  5. So sorry about your loss.

    Congratuations on getting published. That's wonderful news. Maybe concentrating on that will take a little of the sting out of the loss.

    Love the conversation with MIL and the aunt. Had to be a hoot.

  6. LOL Sunnygirl you are spot on with the conversation, a bit awkward but honestly there is nothing else I can say now! LOL
    Thank you, yes, I have been typing my fingers off.


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