Tuesday, January 8, 2013

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Cover Reveal: Marked by the Alpha

*deep breath* I'm so excited! Marked by the Alpha is going to be released on Amazon on Friday, January 11th! I am also flying out of state that day for vacation with no MDK or kids for some much needed, well earned, me time. *happy happy happy dance*

So, without further little girl giggles at the thought of being published and having an *actual* cover, designed by the absolutely amazing Korey Mae Johnson, here is the cover:

Isn't it sexy? Dani is perfectly depicted with her firey red hair and Mason is perfectly depicted by his...ahem muscles. *grin*

I am also participating in the Love Spanks! blog hop coming very soon! My publisher, Stormy Night Publications is giving away a free copy of my new book along with some other awesome prizes, Blushing Books is giving away a Kindle Nook or Fire, and I am personally giving away a $10 gift card to Blushing Books! There is also a ton of other gifts cards and books and over a dozen blogs participating. More info coming soon!

Thank you for your amazing support, I write for you after all!


  1. Loving the cover Adaline, congrats on it and the book... This Alpha is looking forward to another great read...

  2. Thank you Sir! :) I'm so glad that it appeals.

  3. Fun cover! Congratulations :)

  4. Very excited for you. Congrats.

    Enjoy the time away!

  5. This cover is so hot!! It's very appealing! Congratulations!


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