Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Very Inspiring Blogger Award (Late to the party!)

Oh my goodness! I feel so special, I was nominated by Constance Masters and Mr. Joseph McNamara!

Constance has a brand new release by Stormy Night Publications entitled, My House My Rules, available on Amazon!

Joseph has been one of my biggest supporters since before I was ever published and is also my blog of the month for January. His site is not only extremely sexy but he also shares incredibly hot stories!

The Rules

1 Display the award logo on your blog.
2 Link back to the person that nominated you.
3 State the 7 things about yourself.
4 Nominate 15 other bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

7 Things About Me

1 I have two children in elementary school and am usually doing homework and making dinner
2 I can not choose whether I love reading or writing more
3 I have a thing for all things vampire and most recently werewolves. This would be why one of my favorite t.v. shows is 'The Vampire Diaries'. I know it's a teen drama, but I love it so much.
4 I still haven’t put down the Christmas Tree…maybe tomorrow - I'm stealing this because mine is still up. Mine is at least fake so I don't have to worry about pine needles this year!
5 I have made my friends cry from singing, and have been told that I should do country. I love all music but it's my favorite to sing.
6 I am extremely scatter brained (no, you?) mostly due to me always multi-tasking
7 I do not remember a time where I was not tired.

I’m nominating.....well everyone who I think would participate has already posted theirs or nominated me (THANK YOU!) so please just look at my blog roll for some fantastic friends who are authors, into ttwd and domestic discipline, review books, or just love books!

I have found an incredible amount of support here in this community, and I am thankful every day for it!
Addy Raine



  1. Enjoyed reading your Seven Things. I kinda like the Vampire Diaries too. Now, why not just hang some multi-colored Hearts on that tree and celebrate "Love Spanks" in style. And invite Ana over on February 11 and she can help you take the tree down. And btw, I love your blogger of the month for January.

  2. Now THAT would be a kick ass way to celebrate...technically I could do that with every holiday. ;)
    My blogger of the month for Jan is just awesome!

  3. LOL great idea Joseph! I know I haven't done my award post yet, but I promise to do it soon. :D

  4. Lol, great random facts about yourself!


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