Saturday, March 16, 2013

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Becoming a Lady: Released Today!

My new release, Becoming a Lady has been released by Blushing Books, today!

Anna was taken advantage of one night as a child when a group of invading men stormed her village. Her parents have disowned their "ruined" daughter and treat her worse than an animal.

When Anna is drugged and abducted by Sir William she cannot figure out what he wants from her as she is not of much importance. Her constant sass and severe need for discipline lands her bottoms up over Sir Williams lap more times than she would care to be but his strong desire to teach her how to behave trumps the sting of his hand. Deep down Anna believes that Sir William truly seeks the best of her and she strives to become a proper lady.

This book contains non-consensual spankings in a historical setting

I hope that you enjoy it! Giveaway coming very soon. :)



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