Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Sunshine Award: I'm walking on sunshine

  I was nominated for the Sunshine Award by Mr. Joseph McNamara. I am so thrilled! He has been a great supporter of mine and I am so inspired by his blog and dedication.

Favorite Color: Purple. It is the color of royalty and has been my favorite color since I was little.

Favorite Animal: Cheetah. They are beautiful and deadly at the same time. Gorgeous animals.

Favorite Number: 7 It's always been lucky. It's not special just always pick it! 

Favorite Non-alcoholic Drink: French Vanilla coffee

Facebook or Twitter: Kind of tired of all the social sites but I have a lot of good friends that I have made on Facebook.

Your Passion: Writing. I know it's such a typical response but it is. Writing only pales in comparison to my children. :)
Giving or getting presents: I am so awkward when I am given a gift. I love to see someone open a present that I have picked out.
Favorite Day:Monday. The weekends are rough for me lately. Monday is not much better but I'm getting there.
Favorite Flowers:Purple roses. They are rare and exceptionally beautiful.

And Now I nominate: 

I can not narrow it down. All of the blogs that I link to on either side of my page all mean something to me. Whether it is my fellow spanking authors or those that I have met through the DD journey are so inspiring and real. Please visit all of them! Also, if I tried to narrow it down you have already been nominated! 

May is also the one year anniversary of my blog. I can't believe that it has gone by so quickly. My live has forever changed by meeting all of you, literally, in one year I have gotten two novellas published! This never would have come to fruitation without your support.

Thank you Joseph and thank you to all of my friends and supporters. 

<3 Addy



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