Thursday, May 9, 2013

WIP: Supernatural 101

As most of you know I had a wicked, awful case of writer's block. I've been working insane hours at work and fighting an ongoing medical issue. Here's what came through after several months of no words.

“Supernatural 101”
 Copy rite Adaline Raine
Work in Progress – Will submit to Stormy Night
Heat Index: Minimal
This is not erotica but contains non-consensual spankings in a college setting. Not your typical teacher/student relationship.

Brief overview:

Devon Dawson is in her junior year of college when she loses her father to a terminal disease and her mother in a car accident inside of six months.  Devon though an adult by the world’s standards is now orphaned. She has no one to help her break down the wall that she has built around herself and  instead has turned to alcohol to drown out the grief. 

On a whim she signs up for an elective about supernatural creatures with sexy Professor Matthews. The handsome teacher with a dark secret and no tolerance policy is determined to bring back Devon’s motivation to excel even if he has to hold her accountable with physical consequences.  

After Professor Matthews saves Devon's life and reveals his secret, Devon finds herself at a crossroads. Will Devon allow Professor Matthews to push her to succeed or is she too numb to feel anything again?

 Excerpt - (Subject to change)

It was Sunday afternoon and Devon had rested as Professor Matthews instructed. Her roommates were not set to return until late Monday though classes began earlier. She itched to taste that bottle of Jack that hid in the cabinet. It tempted her from a distance like a precious fruit just out of her reach. “Fuck it.” Devon muttered. Her steps were full of determination as she plucked the bottle from its hole. She grabbed six shot glasses and set them in a line on the counter.

Devon popped the top and poured a perfect ounce in each shooter. She smiled at the burn that would hit before the buzz when a loud knock jarred her. Devon stashed the bottle underneath the sink. Who the hell is still on campus?  The response was clear. Of course, Professor Matthews came to crash her party of one. I’ll just pretend I’m not here.

Two more loud knocks pounded against her door.

“Shit.” Devon whispered under her breath. She glanced between the drinks and the door. Did she have enough time to down them?  Another knock pounded. He'll break down the door if I don't let him in! 
 Devon moved the curtain away from the small window on the side.  There stood Professor Matthews with a look of concern on his face. Devon bit her lip as she opened the door.

“Were you sleeping?” Professor Matthews asked sincerely.

Devon glanced over her outfit. She weighed the options in her head. “No.” There, I told him the truth.

“Did you get enough rest?” Professor Matthews took a step inside.

Devon nodded. She stood in the entry way to the kitchen casually as if he had been there before. “Yeah, I rested more than I ever have.”

Professor Matthews frowned. “What are you hiding?”

Don’t think about anything; see I’m not thinking about anything so I can’t lie to you. Devon forced a smile. “I’m just standing in my kitchen.”

Professor Matthews picked her up and moved her out of the way. “I can smell the alcohol from here but that’s not why I came over.” He stepped over to the counter and poured each shot down the drain.

Devon cringed as the alcohol swirled down the pipes. Her anger then turned into confusion. “Okay, so then why are you here?” Devon felt puzzled. Had he only stopped by to check on her?

“You went out to a bar, alone, and nearly got killed. Does that sound like behavior I would encourage?” Professor Matthews took a step towards her. 

Devon took in the threat behind those words. He came over to spank her! 


I am also looking for a beta reader for sometime in the next few weeks before I submit the first draft.
Let me know if you are interested : brattyadaline at gmail dot com

<3 Addy


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