Sunday, June 23, 2013

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Five Minutes for Emily : Please share: A community message

~Five minutes for Emily~

This was passed to me from Anastasia Vitsky by Rogue.

Christina from Red Booty Woman and Jim her dear husband are in need for some prayers tonight.

Their daughter Emily is in the ICU with encephalitis and meningitis. They have already lost one child, and to have their six-year-old going through seizures and scary medical treatment is a nightmare no parent ever wants to face. At one point, it seems that the doctors asked them about a do not resuscitate order. Another nightmare no parent ever wants to face.

As a community, we are doing “Five Minutes for Emily”. Because we are worldwide, if each of us spends five minutes at 9 PM (our local time) praying for Emily (or sending her your positive healing energy in the manner that fits best with your style), we can have round-the-clock prayer vigils.


Emily is OUT of the ICU! I know she is still in the hospital and still sick, but this is a victory. Be strong, baby girl, you have hundreds of people all over the world thinking of you!!!!!


Even if you personally do not believe in prayers, or praying, please light a candle or send healing thoughts, love, whatever you believe in. My children are in elementary school and I can not as a mother ever, ever imagine the thought of going through what Emily's family is going through right now.

I'm crying as I write this and I realize we are all connected in some way and the world is not as big as it looks on the outside. We're all just people who should support one another.

***sending love and light and prayer***

Please share this post, this story, the more people sending positive thoughts the better.
Adaline Raine



  1. Thank you, Addy! The more we can spread the news, the better. As it stands right now, little Emily is still very critical and suffered another seizure today. :(

    1. *hugs* I have heard the update. Thank you for letting us know Rogue.

  2. I will continue my prayers, thoughts and love.

  3. Replies
    1. I know, this made me so sad. I have two young kids at home and the thought...just really made me feel for them. Thank you for your comment.

  4. Thinking of them all here in England.

  5. Thank you Penelope! The more thoughts the better.

  6. Oh i'm so happy she's out of ICU! That's awesome news. My thoughts and prayers are still with the family.


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