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#AddysCouch Patty Devlin: Addy's Couch

Addy: Today I welcome Patty Devlin to Addy's Couch! I am so happy you came by. Please, tell me about your books. How many do you have?

Patty: I have some that are mainstream, but just five that are Spanking Fiction, right now.

The first three are the Choices Trilogy then the two from the Tyler Trilogy. Obviously I am working on the last one in the Tyler series.

I have a hard time getting everything I want into the smaller format that is popular in this genre. My mind is more geared toward novels. So, I broke them into thirds, so that I could fit into this market and so I could get them into my readers hands sooner.

Addy: *nods* Now, I have to admit I’m curious about the fact there aren’t actual sex scenes in your books, does that affect your sales?

Patty: Well, that is a curious thing. I worried about that a lot in the beginning. Do you know how that came about?

Addy: *curious* Ah- maybe, I think you told me before, but tell me again in case others haven’t heard.

Patty: Well, I wanted to have the whole shebang in there! I was afraid they wouldn’t sell without all the delicious details. At first my husband wouldn’t let me write spanking fiction at all, let alone read it. He is still very picky about what I read. *leans in to Addy's ear and whispers* Um, what he knows about- Shhh!

*leans back* Anyway, after much begging, he finally allowed me to write, but only if I didn’t include the sex scenes.

Addy: *grins* I am so happy your hubby allowed you write! How would you describe him?

Patty: He is very old fashioned, you see. Now, I did fear that my books would never take off but that hasn’t been the case at all.

Addy: I would say! Tyler's Wife is already holding in the top five over on Blushing's best sellers in the past month!

Patty: *nods* There seems to be a market for them and they do really well. I try my best to keep them as fun as possible. I mean there are still lots of hints, since they are adults but not actual details. Of course I cover every little detail for the spanking scenes!

Addy: Please tell me more about your latest release! I see it's been getting great reviews. *smiles*

Patty: The background from Tyler’s Resolution shows Darcy being used to running the show, trampling on Ty’s feelings, and breaking up with him when she didn’t get her way.  In the first book Tyler decided to change things. He was not going to let her destroy their relationship anymore.

In the second book Tyler’s Wife, they are settling in, and Darcy is dealing with her insecurities. Tyler is well known in the professional fighting world and travels around the world. He wants Darcy by his side. She is afraid she will embarrass him. Everything has changed so fast she has a lot to get used to.

Of course, Tyler has to decide how to deal with her, when to use the paddle and when to show some understanding. *Addy waggles her eyebrows*

 If that much happens in the first two books, what could still be left to tackle in the third?

Oh well, the third book will be Tyler’s Chance. Chance is Darcy’s son, born from rape. Tyler loves the boy as his own and has always been there for him. To complete their little family, he wants to make Chance his own, officially. But, will that bring up some demons for Darcy?

Addy: Oh my! Sounds like a lot to pack into a novella!  I also wanted to ask what do you think is the hardest part of being a writer?

Patty: Hmmm. I guess, it’s probably disciplining my muse to work when I need it to. If I have two hours to work this day, and my muse doesn't show up until the last fifteen minutes… well, it doesn’t help.

 Or if I have a whole weekend to work, it may not come to the office with me at all that weekend. I’m telling you it doesn’t have good work ethics at all.

Addy: *snorts* I wish I could spank my muse for being tardy!

Patty: *laughs* Sometimes when I am busy at another job or visiting with friends, it keeps jumping up and down next to me interrupting the conversation time after time. Somebody ought to spank it and put it in the corner!  You know teach it to behave and come to work on time.  Manners like how to be polite and let me focus on other details of my life when I need to.

Addy:I have the same problem with my naughty muse. You are so funny Patty! I am so glad you stopped by.

Patty: No, thank you for having me Addy! I‘ve enjoyed it tremendously. You have to come over to my place sometime. Nobody ever comes to visit me. I redecorated, did I tell you?

Addy: Oh! I would love to! I can't wait to see what you have done with the place. *winks*

Patty: Yes, I want to start having friends over too. Everyone else always has friends over… maybe they don’t come to my place because of my naughty muse…

Addy: Don't worry we'll get your muse in line!

He was rushing her! Everything was happening too fast. He wanted her to move. He wanted her to go to his fight in Las Vegas. He wanted her to fit into his life, but who was she anyway? She was a nobody from nowhere, and he was handsome, successful, he was going places! One day, he was going to wake up and realize that she didn't belong in his world. And that was going to break her heart.

Tyler and Darcy's relationship is a complicated mess, even by modern day standards.
Sifting through Darcy's emotional baggage, on a regular basis, coupled with the responsibility to a son who isn't his own, can weaken even the strongest of men.

Drawing on his innermost strengths, Tyler resolves to put an end to the endless destructive patterns in their relationship and make Darcy an offer that will not be refused.
A resolution that lasts to death do us part...
Be sure to stop by Patty's blog on August 28th when we'll be chatting about all sorts of things!
Addy Raine


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