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Addy's Couch: Emily Tilton

Addy: Hi Emily! Thank you so much for stopping by. Please tell me how you started?

Emily: In my "real" career, as my "secret identity" I do a lot of non-fiction writing, and that of course just continued on from school. I've always also written fiction; half of two sci-fi novels in high-school in college for example. I started writing erotica because I was dissatisfied with what I was able to find in bookstores--this was before the Internet. Most of it was destined for the digital garbage-can in the purges I carried out periodically when my guilt about my BDSM orientation got the better of me.

The stuff I'm self-pubbing now--EXPLORATIONS--started its existence about ten years ago. When I finally decided in March to try to publish it, I took everything I had and mashed into the shape of a connected narrative. The mashing itself was actually pretty fun.

Addy: What made you intrigued about BDSM fiction?

Emily: I knew about BDSM fic (though I actually didn't even know what it was called) from early adolescence, when I ran across a few of the old Grove Press titles. "Story of O" was what got me started, really, and nearly everything I've written has been more or less a variation on some element of it. The very first piece of erotica I wrote was called "Variation on a Theme by Réage"!

Addy: Ooooh! Actually thinking back I did read the Sleeping Beauty trilogy back in '06 but it didn't click in that there was a market. (I adore Anne Rice and just read everything of hers) I have yet to read "Story of O" but I have heard so much about it as well as stories based on it.

The one thing I have noticed is many authors in this community write across all themes. Do you see that as well?

Emily: Oh, definitely. I actually see spanking fic as the real genre, since so many people write in different sub-genres.

Addy: I am so excited you stopped by. Please tell me about the excerpt you are sharing?

Emily: This excerpt is from a sermon the Bishop of Gasse gives after Robert, Count of Lourcy, spanks all the women of a captured castle.

Addy: Thanks again! I can't wait to read it.

The following Sunday’s Mass was by Robert’s own account the most uncomfortable hour of his life. Before the entire population of the principal town of his county, Robert’s bishop denounced him as a monstrous violator of feminine chastity.

The bishop gave only the most perfunctory of attention to his text, and then in a gesture of oratory well known in my own day at least, he turned to the subject he most wanted to address: the count of Gassein’s recent enormity.

“And some there be,” said the bishop, “who offend the cross in another way. Some there be even among the multitude of our worthy noblemen who would unworthily use a victory over a castle not as an occasion to give thanks unto our Lord and to honor His holy passion, but instead as an occasion to indulge bodily lusts of a kind not to be told without horror.”

“For there is one even here in this congregation present who has viciously uncovered the nakedness of a brother noble’s wife and her noble sisters—pure young women descended from Charles, great king of the Franks, and his forebears. Yea, he did uncover their nakedness and with his own hand did pretend to chastise them, them and all the young women of the town.”

“Ponder, my people, the magnitude of the indignity done to these poor innocent girls. Ponder the shamelessness of this sin against womanly modesty. Think of the poor bottoms quivering under the hand of the wicked count and of their tender parts reddening as his assault upon their virtue continued. Think of the fate of the young sisters, just eighteen and nineteen years of age, who had to hear their older sister’s cries of shame as the count in his pretended chastisement used his strap of leather upon her backside. Think of all the other young women of the town, disciplined by his knights, of their cries as they went up into the peaceful afternoon air. Think of the lascivious thoughts excited in every mind. Think of what deeds of lust these young women were liable to in the succeeding hours.”

“And now think of the wicked count himself. Ponder what he no doubt sees as his devotion to the young maids of his castle whom he chastises regularly upon their bare bottoms.”


When Robert de Lourcy’s wife spurns his desire to spank her, the young count contents himself with disciplining other women of the court, until a rash decision to chastise the women of a captured castle arouses the ire of the local bishop and Robert is forced to seek absolution. In an act of penance, he visits a cathedral and stumbles upon a young girl named Sophia who has been set upon by robbers. Remembering his promise make amends for his sins, Robert takes pity on the destitute child, placing her in a convent so that she may be properly educated.

When Sophia comes of age, the nuns at the convent grow more firm with her. The young woman is simultaneously drawn to their discipline but also unconvinced that their motivations are particularly noble. After Sophia’s education is complete, Robert brings her into his household to serve as his secretary. Though he has decided to never spank another woman again, when Sophia begs him to chastise her as the nuns did he cannot resist the opportunity to take her over his knee.

The two begin a happy relationship based on Sophia’s acceptance of the count’s discipline, but he remains devoted to his wife until she dies tragically in childbirth. After that sad event, Sophia expects the count to marry another noblewoman, but will that new wife be jealous and send her away? Is she doomed to be cast back onto the streets from whence she came, or will Robert break the shackles of society and wed a commoner?

Publisher’s Note: The Count’s Discipline is an erotic novel that includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Also note that this book is written with a unique style: the story is told through a modern woman who has discovered an account of the life of Robert de Lourcy which was written by his secretary and chronicler, Sophia.

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To learn more about Emily go to: http://etiltonexplorations.blogspot.com/

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  1. Great interview, Addy and Emily! Best wishes in selling many of your books. :)

  2. What a nice interview. The Counts Discipline sounds like great story. Intriguing blurb and excerpt.

  3. Blogger ate my first comment.
    Great interview. My beginnings were similar. Reading BDSM, writing lots and then chucking loads away thinking never will be a market for it.
    Can't wait to read Count's Discipline its working its way up my TBR list.

    1. LOL Jaye. Blogger is hungry. ;)

      Thanks for dropping in, we had a lot of fun.

  4. Very interesting to hear more about you, my dear Emily. I'm hoping to have time to read The Count's Discipline soon.

  5. I love learning how authors discovered the genre and started writing. Some of us started because we didn't enjoy what we found already available in the market, others because we thought we could provide something "different," a unique perspective, so to speak. I think both reasons played a part in your writing venture. The fact that you started with non-fiction, Emily, no doubt provided you with the journalistic/narrative structure we see in both EXPLORATIONS and The Count's Discipline. And considering your first book was the "Story of O," says to me that your taste in literature is far afield from the mass market approach to writing genre fiction. Your books are a unique experience filled with personal insight that are far apart from anything else a reader will find. In addition to bringing readers an erotic experience, you make them think not only about what they are reading, but about their own fantasies and desires. Though your books aren't light and fluffy by any stretch of the imagination, they were never meant to be.

    So, readers beware. If you're looking for a book that has all the value and substance of a bag of potato chips, Emily's books are not for you. However, if you're willing to take a thought-provoking journey into the dark recesses of pain and desire, I definitely think you should give one of Emily's book a try. You may even emerge with a deeper understanding about yourself.

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I love the insight here into Emily's work. :)


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