Thursday, January 2, 2014

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Question: What is your favorite way to warm up in the winter? 

Here is a story for your spanking pleasures because I love to write for you! You do not have to read in order to participate but I hope you do.

Update: To make sure everyone is counted I am not replying but I adore all your comments! You sure know how to make this girl feel special. I am so happy you are all enjoying the hop. :)

 ~~ WARNING the story below is not safe for work ~~

Kara felt her heart race as she took in the site of her boyfriend with his arms crossed over his chest. It was just after the start of the New Year and through her resolutions included more consideration she forgot to text him about stopping for coffee with her friends. She meant to but when the time flashed across her cell phone she made the decision to leave rather than waste more time.

Brody didn’t look like the sort of man who would hold anyone accountable with a hand hard as a paddle and a belt that left stripes after it kissed her bottom but he was. It many ways Kara was the luckiest woman in the world but not tonight.

Brody had not changed in his demeanor and she flushed and focused on his brown eyes. They normally sparkled when locked on hers but now they were dark chocolate and angry.

Kara opened her mouth to speak but closed it as she saw the small hairbrush shaped paddle in his right hand. Kara had been rather forgetful lately and it had been the third time this week she had failed to tell him about her whereabouts.  One of her Christmas presents from Brody had been a clean slate. It hardly mattered now with the promise of a spanking so close.

Brody was not a big or buff guy. He usually caught slack from previous girlfriends and older relatives who stated he was too skinny. Kara carried a little weight but it bothered her not him. Tonight he was going to paddle her for her failure to tell him she planned on going out for a bit. He had let it slide two other times already as he knew her class schedule was tight this quarter but this was her third strike. “Did your cell phone battery die?”

Kara looked down as the blood rushed to her cheeks and she studied the tiles on the kitchen floor. She thought about the first time she had approached Brody and asked him if wanted to be in charge after only two short weeks of being in a relationship with him. He had laughed at first and she remembered she had initially giggled back to play off the silly girl card when he grabbed her to him and sat her in his lap. Brody had grabbed her chin and whispered against her ear, “There was never question of that.”

Kara had nearly creamed her panties when he held her in such a fashion but then just as quickly he had moved back and kissed her nose and told her how cute she was. His appearance rated hot in their circle of friends and any woman with eyes but he never acted cocky. “Kara.” Brody’s voice pulled her back to the present and she snapped her head up.

“I’m sorry, no, my battery is just fine.” Kara bit the inside of her cheek as he reached for her hand. She knew better than to hesitate and fought a huff.

“Let’s go into the bedroom.” Brody’s voice was stern and incredibly sexy at the same time. He knew at this point of the discussion Kara usually had mixed emotions. Part of it was her extreme attraction to him. She once confided that he could make her legs tremble from all the way across a crowded room with one well placed glance. 

Kara shuffled her feet as she held onto his hand and he reached back and wrapped his arm around her. His touch made her wet in between her thighs though the threat of the paddle loomed just over her head like a dark cloud. She knew that he had let the first two times slide despite his better judgment and she wished in that moment she had submitted to him prior. “I really don’t want a spanking right now.”

Brody sighed as his hand touched the bedroom door and twisted it open. “I should have addressed your lack of consideration when you forgot to tell me you would be late the first two times.”

Kara pulled back from him and angry words flew from her mouth, “The first time was because I got stuck in traffic and it would be highly irresponsible of me to flip open my phone in the middle of the freeway just to text you that-“Her mouth shut immediately as Brody shook his head.

“Kara, we came up with these rules together.” He stepped inside and sank down into the black and gold comforter spread across their bed and motioned for her to follow. “When we first got together you were about to get evicted, you had unpaid bills, and living off the dollar menu. You could never find any time for friends or family and your grades were slipping. You told me to take the lead and begged me to hold you accountable this way.”

Kara sat down next to him and pulled her legs underneath her. She stared into those gorgeous eyes of his and tried to come up with an appropriate response. She had been craving that sort of attention since her childhood but never found a way to ask for it. Brody refused to let her slip up in any of her commitments, including bills or studies and never faltered when it had to do with personal responsibility. It went even deeper when it came to her self esteem and negative emotions.

“Kara, I can’t let this slide again. You mean too much to me.” Brody took her hand and gently but firmly slid her over his lap. He reached under her hips and unbuttoned the blue-black jeans to pull them down. She turned over quickly and clutched the waistband. Usually Kara accepted the punishment at this point, so what was it?

“Can you just spank me over them?” Kara had splurged last week on a tattoo that danced across her lower back just above her tailbone. It had been a good idea at the time especially since Brody had not spanked her in several weeks. She arrogantly thought a few more weeks would go by until she needed to tell him.

“What is going on with you tonight?” Brody pulled her up. “Tell me what the problem is.”

“I didn’t tell you about something that I went out and bought and it wasn’t that expensive but I should have told you.” Kara bit her lip. How much more trouble could she get into?

 “Honey, just tell me now.”

“I’m not in the mood to be spanked and these jeans are tight, just let me go to bed.” She watched as the deeper meaning of her statement hit him and his grip tightened around her waist.

“I have been patient with you tonight, but that’s it.  Stand and take them off. Now.” Brody released his hold to allow her to stand.

Something strange came over her and she jumped up and off his lap. She pulled off her jeans in several breathy movements and threw them at his face. “Make yourself two pairs!” Kara snapped and made her way out of the bedroom. She stormed down the hallway and threw herself onto the couch. She had no idea what the real root of the problem was but it was the first time in over a year she had thrown such a tantrum.


Brody watched Kara stomp off with a vile tone to her words but he remained on the bed. It would be pointless to attempt discipline with the type of mood she was in and his had darkened to a point of anger. He would never touch Kara when his head was not clear but he also tried to figure out what had transpired in the few moments from the kitchen door to their room? What was Kara holding inside? Was it the stress of her classes on top of the part time job at the café?

Brody stood up as he formed a plan. He could not spank Kara at the moment but her tantrum could not be ignored. What could he come up with to show her that she was still responsible? His eyes drifted to the large sequined box that held Kara’s favorite playthings. Kara had always liked the treasures housed inside but tonight she was going to see how creative he could be.

Kara flipped the television on but her attention kept going back to Brody. Why did he not follow her out here? Why had he not grabbed her when she stood and proceed to spank her as promised? A large knot formed in her stomach and she grew uneasy. Why was I so disrespectful?  I could have just told him about the tattoo. I know it would have been all right.  Kara glanced at the hallway again. What if I pushed him too far this time?

Kara’s face grew hot and wet as unexpected tears poured down and over her cheeks. How could she have spoken to him like that? He had literally saved her from being kicked out into the street and had done everything to push her towards positive goals and achieve them.

She wiped pitifully at her cheeks and peeked at the hallway. A strong set of footsteps echoed up the hardwood floor in the hall and she returned her attention to the screen. She did not want to see the disappointment undoubtedly etched in his handsome face.

Brody said nothing as he walked over to the television and turned it off. He took in the sight of Kara’s red face and tears but had to address the matter without delay. He produced a tissue with a flourish and carefully dried her eyes. He extended his hand and waited.

Kara drew a sharp breath at the sight of his outstretched palm. She raised an eyebrow up at him and set her hand in his. “But-“She started to say but he held a finger to her lips.

“We’ll talk about it later.” In moments they were headed back to the bedroom. He could feel the tremble of her hand beneath his and he pulled her to him immediately. “I would never do anything to hurt you, Kara.”

 “I…I…” She stammered out while her heart raced. She was concerned he had much darker things in mind than just a paddle.

Brody let go and reached behind her. He easily unclasped the hooks of her bra and let it spill out into his hands. Kara immediately drew her hands up to cover her breasts but he swatted at them until she let go.
It was not modesty that brought Kara’s hands up, but her notion of an imperfect body because of her weight and it retracted from how sexy she was.  He slid a finger into either side of the waistband of her panties and removed them effortlessly.

Kara squeaked as he stripped her. He was not in a sexy mood and she could not pinpoint what his motives were. “But-“She started again.

Brody took great care to wrap one long piece of her dark chestnut-brown hair around his hand before he pulled her close to him. “No more talking.”

Kara gasped from the tug but shut her mouth. She recalled one particular dinner party where a friend had opened up and told the group she was submissive to her dominant boyfriend. The group had taken the information with a grain of salt until Brody raised the point that if you were truly meant to be submissive a real Dom would demand respect even if you did not belong to him.

The dinner party had broken into a heated debate about what it really meant to be submissive and whether a woman should ever submit to a man or vice versa. Her friend had finally stated her boyfriend made it clear she was to be respectful, not submissive to anyone he told her to. Brody, to prove the point, told their friend to sit down and she did immediately thereby ending the debate.  It had not been planned; this particular friend was even more submissive than her and could not help but listen to the delicious twang of authority in his tone.

The rest of the room had fallen silent after that though it was brought up a lot when just the women hung out with each other. They had grown immensely jealous of her relationship. How did she find someone so attractive with a study income who demanded the attention of everyone in the room?  Kara always changed the subject afterwards. She wondered so many times how they ended up together.

Brody led her over to the bed by her hair. He bent her at the waist until her arms were on the bed and her butt was in the air. He felt she was still not in the right mindset to accept his method of discipline especially after the additional temper tantrum.

He picked up a strap on anal plug stolen from her box of toys. It was one that they had meant to try at some point but their sexual intimacy had also suffered lately.  He liberally applied lubricant and deftly inserted the plug into Kara’s tight ass.

A cool gel tickled her ass moments before a plug slid deep inside. It met little resistance but she clenched and groaned as the sensation brought her back to the present. 

Brody pulled at the band to test it as she squirmed. “Stand up.”

Kara straightened and turned around.  She opened her mouth to protest when he popped a small red ball gag in. As mortified as she had been to be plugged in her ass, the new sensation of the rubber in between her cheeks and tongue distracted from the slight humiliation.

 “Kara, I want you to stand here and think about what it does to me when you put yourself down.” Brody led her to the corner and stood her against the wall.  “You are beautiful and sexy and I want to be with you. This is on top of the punishment for not contacting me earlier.” He laid two good smacks on her ass. “Put your hands behind your back and lace your fingers together.”

Kara felt wetness on her cheeks from the tears streaming down her face.  It was not the burn from his hand but the guilt she felt from the tantrum. She quickly put her hands behind her as instructed.

“Good girl.” Brody whispered against her ear. Kara stood straighter after his word of praise and he ran his hand over the top of her intertwined fingers to assure her he would be back. He wanted to stay in the room so she would not feel abandoned but he had to make it clear her behavior was not acceptable.

He admired her beautiful curves for a moment longer before he stepped to the door. Kara’s body was such a sensitive topic and it boggled his mind as to where her self esteem issues stemmed from.  His gaze lingered on her shapely butt with the plug inserted deep inside then he stepped into the hall. 

Brody left the door open and glanced down at his watch. He could not move far as this was the first time Kara ever had the gag in place. It was risky enough to have her turned away in the corner without eye contact and he made a mental note to go back in five minutes.

He leaned up against the wall and jabbed his fingers through his hair. Why is Kara pushing me so hard tonight?

He had already seen the tattoo when he had observed the wince in her movements while it healed. The plug, gag, and corner time had nothing to do with the expense of her body art. If anything he loved when she came back with more. It added such beauty to her already sexy features. Mystified at her behavior Brody straightened and walked back into the bedroom with two minutes to go.

Kara heard footsteps behind her but could do little to present herself in any fashion but a mess. Her eyes burned from the flow of tears. She felt his strong hands on her and was turned around.

Brody removed the gag from Kara’s mouth and led her to the bed. He set her down and carefully wiped her face and nose. She dropped her eyes and he caught her chin in his hand. “I will not let you slide on the rules again, is that clear?”

Kara’s heart raced as he gripped her chin and she let out a choked sob. “Yes, yes, it is clear.” The care and tenderness showed even with a punishment boggled her mind.

He moved to the dresser and pulled out a soft pair of black yoga pants and a grey v neck sleep top. He handed them to her. “Put these on then we’re going to go eat dinner. Afterwards you can come back in here and go to bed.”

Kara inhaled sharply but said nothing. If she were to make a comment about being fine without dinner he would spank her despite his mood. She stood up and reached for the strap on the plug on.

“Leave it.” Brody admonished and took Kara’s hands in his. “This will stay in place until I remove it after your spanking in the morning.” He let go of her and stepped back. “I’m going to go heat up dinner. I expect you to follow.”

Kara bit her lip as he strode to the door and out into the hallway. The delicious tone of authority just under his breath made her shiver.  

Explanation: This is a different style for me that I am trying out. I hope you enjoyed it!

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