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Spring Fling Blog Hop #HopswithHeart

Welcome to the Spring Fling Blog Hop! It was put together by Jane Wakely and I am happy to be a part of it!

Spring is in the air and so is pollen, I mean love....and spankings and all sorts of fun things. <3

I am giving away a $5 gift card to Amazon so please leave a comment below and head back to: to visit the other blogs for a chance to win some amazing prizes!

I am sharing an excerpt from my current WIP, Supernatural 101 (working title) :

“Sometimes I cannot believe the same girl who sits in my classroom and offers such incredible insight is the same as this brat sitting here.” He ran a hand down over his face.

“You are a very hard person to talk to when we are alone.” Devon not recall anyone else raining this much attention on her and she squirmed under his scrutiny. Why did he care about what she did at all? She sipped again from the glass.

“You refuse to answer my question so I will assume you were under the influence. On to your second remark, I happen to be an amazing conversationalist. My idea is you get so distracted around me you have to resort to sarcasm.” Matthews cocked his head to the side.

“You know what happens when you assume something?” Devon felt her brat go into high maintenance mode.

“If you had any idea what I would like to do to you right now-“

“Does it involve handcuffs and whipped cream?” She blinked up at him as he glowered down at her. Shit. Poking at him is not getting the usual response of a laugh and pat on the head.

“Your attitude is not cute. My concern is you will continue to go out, drown in alcohol and place yourself into dangerous situations. You need someone to guide you.” Matthews kept his eyes on her.

“You know the last time I checked I was an adult! I am perfectly capable of making my own decisions.” She finished the juice and slammed the glass onto the counter. It would have had more merit had the glass broken but the look he shot just from one action made her secretly glad it had not.

“Be respectful of the objects in my house. I let you stay here as a guest.” He picked the glass up and repeated his earlier actions as he had with the dish.

“I should go home and let my roommates know I am all right. I am sure they are worried about me.” She changed the subject because she hated to admit he was right. Her attitude sucked this morning.

“Did any of your friends check on you?”

“Of course they did!” Devon made a point to pull her phone out of her pocket. The screen showed not one missed call or text. Some of her anger faded at the realization she had spent too many nights away from the house.

“I guess being out all night is part of your routine?” Matthews locked those deep blue-violet eyes on her again.

“Why the hell do you care what my routine is?” Devon tried to bite back the attitude but part of her wanted to see just how hard she could poke him.

“Your antics caused me to cancel my own plans last night which is a complete show of disrespect. Do you know what I would normally do in this situation?”

“I don’t have time to stay here and listen to you lecture me.”She stood and turned towards the main room. Forget this, I am out of here.

“I do not intend to lecture you for this.”  He replied and made a shiver run through her.


Working Blurb:

Devon Dawson was in her junior year of college when she lost her father to a terminal disease and her mother in a car accident.

Devon though an adult by the world’s standards was orphaned in less than six month. She has no one to help her break down the wall she has built around herself and has turned to alcohol to drown out the grief.

After her father passed from cancer her mother had been unable to fully function. A standard trip to the grocery store on a typical day had turned into her last drive when she had swerved to avoid a truck which crossed into her lane and tumbled the car over an embankment. Devon had already been in school and the guilt of not being there physically for her mom crushed her. In less than six months, Devon is orphaned.

On a whim she signs up for an elective about supernatural creatures with sexy Professor Matthews who has a no tolerance policy for disrespect. The handsome teacher is determined to bring back Devon’s motivation to excel even if he has to hold her accountable with physical consequences.

Will Devon allow Professor Matthews to push her to succeed or is she too numb to feel anything again?


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Happy Spring!




P.S - I LOVE the comments and I have been reading them all. Just waiting to comment since it's easier to pick a winner. <3 Last day to win!


  1. Happy Spring hope you enjoy it hope it will be a good one thanks for the giveaway. josephhawkshaw at yahoo dot com

  2. Cannot wait to read this!

    1. Yey! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you had fun. :)

  3. Very tantalizing excerpt!


  4. Great excerpt, thanks for sharing!

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  5. Happy Spring! Wonderful except and blurb. Thanks for the hop and giveaway.
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  6. Thanks for the hop. I get introduced to a lot of authors I have yet to read.

  7. Great Excerpt! unfortunately the only thing in the air here is SNOW! faramena at gmail dot com

  8. Yah! *jumping up and down, clapping hands* I am so glad to see you on this blog and to know you are working on something. Sometimes I find an author I like and they just quietly disappear after a couple of books. The blurb and excerpt sound great. Happy Spring and happy writing!!

    1. You made my whole day! Thank you so much. :)
      I've got a bunch of burners going just need to wrap them up!

  9. Sounds like it will be a good book. Wish it was a little longer snippit to tantalize us with...

  10. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Janie McGaugh
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  11. Wow, that book sounds good. I'll try to remember the title!
    Marybeth Renn

  12. Happy Spring! Nice excerpt

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  13. Thanks for sharing!

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  14. I couldn't tell from the excerpt, is this a Y.A. book? I'm well over age but know a teenager who is always looking for new authors.

    1. No, it's a romance but it has consensual and non-consensual spanking as well as anal play, and sex scenes. I saw a new YA author, or new to me on FB. I will see if I can find the book and send the title.

  15. This books sounds hot, Addy! I'm not entering but wanted to stop by to say happy spring. :)

  16. The book sounds really good please count me in.......thank you

  17. This book sounds amazing! Definitely going to add to my list! Always looking for new authors! Thanks and have a great day!

  18. happy spring!
    thanks for the chance.
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  19. Wow! The blog post sounds interesting. I would definitely love to come back to your blog often. :)


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  21. Thanks for sharing your WIP,... cant wait to read it when it's finished! =)

    Thanks for having this giveaway! I hope you have a great weekend!

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  22. Thank you for the sneak peek and giveaway. Have a happy, spanking spring! :)

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  23. This little peek has definitely whet my appetite for more. Thanks so much for participating in the hop.

  24. Great excerpt, thanks!

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  25. Addy, your wip is really good! I am going to be anticipating this one!

  26. Loved the excerpt. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. Spring needs to actually get here soon, lol.


  27. Yes pollen is right!! Lol but at least it is not snow in the air well except here were its snow pollen and everything!! You no falling trees from wind!! Lol ok ok your book looks great!! And I no it will be warm soon☆★

  28. Thanks for the excerpt and the chance to win!
    Sounds really good!!
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  32. Happy Spring! Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Fingers crossed to win.

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