Saturday, May 17, 2014

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#SatSpanks WIP: Saturday Spankings Adaline Raine

 “Are we done playing now?” He titled his head to the side.

“You have no idea what I have been dealing with!” Devon yelled in frustration. She fought the urge to stomp her feet up and down as a full on tantrum would only further irritate him.

“You can tell me in fifteen minutes. “  Matthews took her hand and led her firmly to the couch. “Bend over.”

"Whatever." Devon tugged down her yoga pants and leaned down into the cushions. She wished she had worn her modest boy shorts instead of the lacy black thong in her drawer.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


“Supernatural 101”

Devon Dawson was in her junior year of college when she lost her father to a terminal disease and her mother in a car accident.

Though an adult by the world’s standards she has no one to help her break down the wall she has built around herself and has turned to alcohol to drown out the grief.

After her father passed from cancer her mother had been unable to fully function. A standard trip to the grocery store on a typical day had turned into her last drive when she had swerved to avoid a truck which crossed into her lane and tumbled the car over an embankment. 

On a whim she signs up for an elective about supernatural creatures with sexy Professor Matthews who has a no tolerance policy for disrespect. The handsome teacher is determined to bring back Devon’s motivation to excel even if he has to hold her accountable with physical consequences.

Will Devon allow Professor Matthews to push her to succeed or is she too numb to feel anything again?


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  1. Love the sexy professor, always makes learning easier or does it? Professor Matthews likes to get to the bottom of things.

  2. I have a strong feeling he can help her, whether she wants it or not.

    1. Yes, he believes so too. Thank you for stopping by. :D

  3. You can tell me in 15 minutes....Bend over! Oh, I love that line!

  4. I'm looking forward to this story and I'm glad you hadn't stopped writing it. Sexy little snippet to share, Addy.

  5. Who hasn't had a sexy professor at some point? Hope she makes good use of her luck lol.

  6. "Whatever," OMG - So not the right thing to say to someone who is about to make his point on your behind. Hope she gets extra firm swats for that!

  7. Can't wait for this story to come out!

  8. I can so picture her rolling her eyes, "Whatever."
    great excerpt, Addy!


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