Sunday, June 8, 2014

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#SpankA2Z Spanking Blog Challenge A to Z: "G" is for Graphics

If you haven't stopped by Katherine Deane's Author Share post on graphics please check it out here: Me and Anthony, The Cover Artisan, stopped by to discuss tips and tricks and guidelines for graphics.

As you can see so far along the way I created a custom graphic for each post in the spanking challenge. It was not only a way to share what I can do but to also actually challenge myself to come up with something different and fresh for each letter/day.

I LOVE doing graphics especially when my characters - *ahem ahem poke poke poke* decide less than 15k away from the finish that they need a break.

I go to my happy place when I create banners, buttons, and headers. They are so much fun because I have creative license, it is all me. I will happily work out pricing and/or bartering for my art. I do this right now in my spare time so if you have something urgent please email me: Adaline Raine

I will be sure to check this email throughout the day so I do not miss any opportunities. I hope you are having fun with the challenge. Come back tomorrow!



  1. I did not realize you did graphics. Somehow that flew over my head. I have sometimes wanted a graphic. Now I know where to go. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Now I'm blushing. :) Thank you for stopping by. You always make me smile!

  3. Cara you make me grin. ;)

    Feel free to ask me anytime!

  4. Not only creative in writing, huh? Girl, I envy you so much. I tried to learn to do Photoshop kind of things a couple of times. And each time I thought I am not going to be beaten by a stupid computer program, am I?. So I spend hours and nights in frustration. Han, come to bed! Yes, dear.

    So I really admire your work, honestly! Well done.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and for the lovely compliments. :)

  5. I have loved the graphics you've done on some of the blog hops I've participated in. You are very creative! I've tried to mess with Photoshop, and a few other programs, I'm just not skilled in that way. I'd rather leave it to you all who have the aptitude. :)


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