Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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#SpankA2Z Spanking Blog Challenge: "J" is for Juniper Bridal Style

When I hear the word juniper I think of purple, but of course most things make me think of purple! Today I'm sharing an excerpt from Maddie Taylor's The Juniper Bride from The Sons of Johnny Hastings box set!

The Juniper Bride by Maddie Taylor

“Clint!” This felt much different without the padding of her clothes. It stung dreadfully.

“No matter your protests or tears, you are getting spanked for your impulsive behavior and disobedience. So hush, unless you want your fellow boarders to know.” He handed her a pillow. “Muffle the sound with this if you can’t help crying out.”

He swatted her again, the sound of skin against skin echoing throughout the room. She wanted to ask what he suggested to muffle that sound, but not being entirely foolish, she didn’t. Mortified, she bit her lip, determined to remain silent. He was relentless as smack after stinging smack bounced off her behind.


Emmalee Gray watches in frustration as her fiance boards a train west. Told to stay behind and prepare for their wedding, Em has other ideas. She doesn't want to remain home without him, especially with her witch of a step - mother and a papa, who barely knows she exists. She'd much rather risk Clint's wrath and follow him. Her plan, to stay hidden until she gets far enough away from Boston he wouldn't dare send her back alone. Then she can enjoy some private time and maybe a little adventure with her gorgeous fiance, in advance of their nuptials. Clinton Ryan boards a train for Denver to take care of some ugly business from his past. He'd rather keep the reason for his trip quiet, particularly from Emmalee, until he figures it all out. Content in the fact that his pretty, young bride-to-be is safe at home under the watchful eye of her papa, he boards his train west. When a near fatal accident occurs on the rails, he is surprised to find she has followed him. Now he is stuck with a city-bred debutante on the trail west. Unfortunately, for Emmalee, she is a magnet for trouble and finds herself in one scrape after another. To keep her safe, Clint lays down the law, obey his orders, or suffer the consequences over his knee.

Can they make it to Denver in one piece? When they do, and Clint's shocking past is revealed, how will Emmalee react? With danger and intrigue swirling around them at every turn, can their love survive?


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  1. This was my bedtime reading last night. Unfortunately, I feel asleep but I knew she was in for a good one.

  2. You talked me into it Adaline. It's going to look so pretty on my kindle ヅ

  3. Addy, you make me laugh! You're so much fun!

    Melody, Thanks for joining the tour, hope you enjoy the set. :)

    Leigh, you're a doll.

  4. I want to know why everyone's calling her the Juniper Bride , Guess I'm going to have to read it!.

  5. Can you all write anything that isn't so sizzling? Love, love, love

  6. The Juniper Bride, I'm glad I have you intrigued. Sorry Addy it has nothing to do with purple. When you read Rayanna, it will all become clear. Tease that I am, its not revealed until toward the end, however. Thanks for hosting, Addy and all of the great comments. Love 'em!


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