Sunday, June 15, 2014

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#SpankA2Z Spanking Blog Challenge A to Z: "M" is for Masquerade Ball

I have always, always, ALWAYS wanted to go to a Masquerade Ball. I love the idea of dressing up in a gorgeous fairy-tale princess gown to dance around all night and wear a mask. There is so much mystery associated with it that the intrigue gets me every time. Much to my chagrin my character Devon from my work in progress, Supernatural 101, received a huge package and it contained a gorgeous purple and silver feathered mask! She is thrown and tries to act cool in front of her roomies but as soon as she gets upstairs she sends off a text to Donovan Matthews, her sexy professor who has been helping get her life back on track and who she is falling for. She is invited to the Masquerade Ball at her school and hopes her mystery admirer is Donovan.  Please enjoy the snippet! 


Devon peeked back into the box and saw an envelope. Her fingers slid under the flap and she tugged out an invitation. The card was embossed in silver colored ink and read: Your presence is requested at the Masquerade Ball. Find enclosed a gift to make the night one you will not forget.

Barbi poked around in the tissue paper. “There’s something silky- oh wow.” Her hand came up out of the box clutching a tiny pair of black panties.

“Hey!” Devon grabbed the lingerie and the mask and stomped away. “It’s obviously just a stupid prank.” 

She rushed up the stairs, ran into her room and slammed the door then flopped onto her bed and dumped out the contents of the box. A gift card stared up at her and upon further inspection she saw the amount of $300.00 written in the corner. “What the hell?”

“Did you send me panties?” She said out loud as she shot off a text to Donovan. Of course it had to be him. Who else would send her a gift card for so much money?

His answer came a minute later. Did you get anything else?

Devon flushed as she thought about him buying such an intimate gift. Something with feathers

Panties with feathers? His text came back quickly.

“No! Ugh!” Devon knew he knew how to lead her on. Silk panties 

Panties made you think of me? His reply questioned. She pictured him with a smirk on his face.

“You are such a bastard!”  Devon growled at her phone.  Only when wet

Like now? 

“Yeah? Two can play this game!” She pursed her lips. Why don't you come over and find out? Devon pressed send before she remembered the fight thing. She wanted to remain mad at him but the need to see him trumped everything else.

Come outside

Devon clutched at her chest. “What the hell?” She moved to the window and threw open her shade. She could not see anything against the darkness of the sky. Not in the mood for games

Who's playing? Get out here.

So pretty!

I hope you are enjoying the challenge so far! I am having a ton of fun. :)




  1. Very cute snippet Addy! And gorgeous pic! I too am having fun but I have zero posts ready for next week... :(

  2. I was so on top of the first few. LOL ;)


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